Tressel Discusses Arden Situation

OSU coach Jim Tressel met with the media after Monday's practice to discuss the Saturday incident where tight end Redgie Arden was allegedly assaulted by a group of Marshall football players in Huntington, W.Va. Plus, we have observations on Monday's practice. Click here for more.

OSU coach Jim Tressel met briefly with the media after Monday's practice at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. He answered questions regarding the incident involving tight end Redgie Arden this past Saturday night in Huntington, W.Va.

Arden was hospitalized after a number of Marshall football players allegedly assaulted him outside a Huntington bar.

Although the Buckeyes wrap up 17 days of preseason camp -- where they stay together in a hotel near the university -- Tressel said the players were given 24 hours off. That time was from the end of Saturday's scrimmage at Ohio Stadium until late Sunday afternoon, when they were to report to review the scrimmage. Tressel said the players were told they had a 1 a.m. curfew.

"I don't know exactly what the situation is," Tressel said. "I am aware there is a problem. We are trying to get some information. As soon as we do, we'll respond."

Tressel was asked if Arden, a native of Ironton, Ohio, just across the Ohio River from Huntington, was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Without question, wrong time," he said.

Arden had been cited twice previously for drunken driving. Tressel was asked if Arden was on any kind of probation within the school or athletic department.

"We have departmental policy for every student-athlete," Tressel said. "Then we have good common sense policy for every guy to make good decisions, especially if they‘ve made some less than good ones before. So I guess the answer is yes.

"I don't have any accurate information as to when it was, other than I know it wasn't at 8 o'clock. I don't really know a total picture, so it would be premature to respond."

Tressel was asked if he had spoken to Arden, who reportedly suffered a broken nose and injuries to his head and upper body.

"I have spoken to him," Tressel said. "I think he will be fine."

However, the coach said he had no idea how long it might before Arden -- who was definitely in the mix at defensive end -- would be well enough physically to return to the team.

Practice Observations

* The bumps and the bruises from Saturday's jersey scrimmage were apparent today as the Buckeyes held their last two-a-day practice. A number of players were on the sidelines, including FB Branden Joe, TE Marcel Frost, WR Devin Jordan, LB Bobby Carpenter, DE Curtis Terry and DE Mike Kudla. Frost and Carpenter were each wearing blue jerseys, which apparently means they can be involved in certain drills.

* It was a hot day and the team was dragging a bit. But they got plenty of work done. WRs coach Darrell Hazell, for one, never stopped moving and teaching. He even hit the tackling dummy a time or two to show his receivers how to cut block.

* The first-team defense featured Simon Fraser and Jay Richardson at the ends, Joel Penton and Quinn Pitcock at the tackles, Anthony Schlegel, A.J. Hawk and Marcus Freeman at the LBs, E.J. Underwood and Dustin Fox at the corners and Nate Salley and Tyler Everett at the safeties.

The second unit featured Vernon Gholston and Jason Caldwell at the ends, David Patterson and Sian Cotton at the tackles, Thomas Matthews, Mike D'Andrea and walk-on Trever Robinson at the LBs, Harlen Jacobs and Ashton Youboty at the corners and Donte Whitner and Brandon Mitchell at the safeties (if anybody has a better collection of safeties anywhere, we'd like to see it).

* SE Roy Hall was nearly decapitated by Mitchell on a catch during the seven-on-seven drill, which is usually a light contact and timing drill. To his credit, Hall held on for the 20-yard grab, and was congratulated by Tony Gonzalez and others.

* It looked like OSU added a new wrinkle on offense today: Troy Smith and the other quarterbacks each took time working on the option for a play or two.

* The offense went head to head with the defense from the 11-yard line. On the first play, going in, Lydell Ross took a handoff and followed Nick Mangold and Doug Datish up the middle for the touchdown.

The defense stiffened after that and did not allow another TD in that drill. One of the best plays was Smith's dump off to freshman FB Dionte Johnson. Whitner came up and made the touchdown saving tackle in perfect form at the 1-yard line.

* The offense also worked on quick kicks. Zwick used to double as a punter at Massillon. On one such play, freshman Ted Ginn Jr. took the punt at his own 10. He was hemmed in by the coverage unit and ran right into Mangold, who pancaked him, eliciting some hoots and hollers.

* The offense had the advantage during a drill inside the 5. The defense won the first series, though, as Smith and Ross mistimed a handoff, Fraser then sacked Smith and Smith's third-down pass was tipped incomplete.

On the next series, Tony Pittman plowed in from 2 yards out behind left guard. Then, the third team scored as Colby Staubs plowed in from 3 yards out. Todd Boeckman then tallied as well on a 3-yard option keeper.

* The drill moved to two-point conversions. Smith is dangerous here. He spread the field, then scored easily on a quarterback draw. Finally, Zwick threw over Whitner to John Hollins for a two-point play to end the day.

* The Buckeyes will have one practice Tuesday, the kick scrimmage Wednesday (closed), one practice Thursday and the rehearsal scrimmage on Friday.

A team spokesman said one or more walk-ons will be introduced as scholarship players on Friday.

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