Practice Photo Gallery

We have some new photos to show you now of yesterday's practice as well as a couple more from before Saturday's jersey scrimmage. Click on the free link to check it out.

E.J. Underwood (2) drills against Albert Dukes (5) before Saturday's scrimmage

Mike D'Andrea gets intense in drills

New RBs coach Dick Tressel and the RBs (25 - Antonio Pittman, 30 - Lydell Ross, 20 - Roshawn Parker)

OL Drew Parry (76), OL Steve Winner (73), TE Rory Nicol (86), RB Antonio Pittman (25)

Josh Huston practices his punting

Long snapper Kyle Andrews

OL Kyle Mitchum

DB Nate Salley

DT Quinn Pitcock

QBs Troy Smith and Justin Zwick with coach Joe Daniels looking on

DB Ted Ginn

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