Daniels Gives The Latest

Brookhaven standout Alex Daniels has been the talk of much discussion lately. He attended OSU's jersey scrimmage on Saturday, but not much else has changed regarding his situation.

ATH Alex Daniels of Columbus Brookhaven was one of the few lucky people who got a chance to see the OSU jersey scrimmage this Saturday.

"Yes, I was over at the scrimmage," Daniels said last night. "Afterwards, I spent time with Coach Tucker, Coach Fickell and Coach Tressel."

There's been plenty of talk that Daniels is looking harder and harder at going out of state, but he says that things remain the same as far as his status with Ohio State.

"Everything is fine with Ohio State," he said. "I just have never been anywhere, and I just have this thing lurking in my mind that I need something to compare it to."

Daniels previously told us he would be heading to Oklahoma during the weekend of OU/Texas, but that may not happen.

"I think the plans are going to change with Oklahoma," he said. "The Texas game is at a neutral site, so it can't be an official visit. It looks like the Baylor game for an official visit now, but it's still not for sure yet."

Daniels is for sure interested in other schools besides OU and OSU, but since the schools he likes aren't interested, he seems to think the decision could come down to Ohio State and Oklahoma.

"Nobody else that I'm really interested in is contacting me," he said. "If LSU, USC or any of the Florida schools call, I could still visit them. But unless that happens, this is it."

Daniels' season will be beginning this week, and he appears to be ready to live up to his billing as a versatile player. 

"I'm playing everything," he said. "I'm playing tight end, running back, strong safety, and linebacker."

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