Herrera Taking Things One Step At A Time

Four-star center Abdul Herrera of South Miami, Florida previously mentioned Ohio State as a big favorite. Right now though, he is focusing on high school before looking ahead to college. Where do the Buckeyes stand?

Abdul Herrera would like to figure out very soon where he's going to school next season, but first, he's concentrating on the one he's already attending.

Bucknuts spoke with the 6-10 senior center from Miami, Fla. on Wednesday evening, and Herrera is focusing on the academic side of things before narrowing his recruitment down a little.

"I think I'm going to take the SAT's before I take my visits," Herrera said.

Initially, Herrera had tentatively planned to take his official visits in September and early October and make a decision upon completing them. However, since he's decided to try taking the test first, that might get pushed back a little.

In the meantime, Herrera continues to hear from a lot of schools, some of them have been after him relentlessly.

Recently, Herrera had told Bucknuts that he was about "90 percent sure" he would end up at Ohio State.

Although he is trying to keep an open mind, he did acknowledge that Ohio State is still in the driver's seat to land him for next season ahead of Miami, Fla., Illinois, and Georgetown.

Those schools aren't the only ones in the picture. Herrera reeled off the list of programs he's hearing a lot from.

"Ohio State, Florida State, Miami, UTEP, Illinois, Alabama, South Florida, Florida International, Georgetown, Clemson, St. Joe's, Villanova, Boston College," Herrera said after taking several deep breaths.

Herrera said that most of those, if not all of the schools he mentioned, had offered him a scholarship already.

He also is looking to his high school coach at South Miami Senior for added guidance.

"I've talked to him a little bit (since going back to school)," Herrera said. "He said we're going to talk about it seriously tomorrow (Thursday)."

One factor that has concerned programs is trying to lure Herrera, a native of Panama, away from the city of Miami which is notorious for being very culturally diverse as a Spanish-speaking city.

Herrera seems very lightly influenced by it, if any.

"I love Florida, Miami especially," Herrera said. "I love the city a lot, especially because of my culture, but I just want to go play basketball somewhere."

"I don't care if it's inside Florida or outside, I just want to play. Anywhere I go, I'm going to have to play hard."

He did say Ohio State has discussed the issue with him about Columbus being a pretty culturally diverse city as well. He even acknowledged it could play a small role in his decision.

"Yes, they (Ohio State) have talked about it," he said. "I like that it's like that up there, but I'm still going to have to go visit and see it for myself."

As Herrera is still in the process of learning English better by the day, some of the adjustments of the United States have still been a work in progress.

He did say that he has been passing all of his classes with no worse than a 'C' grade, but still is determined to raise his grade point average even higher.

The biggest adjustment of all seems to be mathematics. Herrera spoke very plain English emphasizing that very fact.

"I really hate Algebra 2," he joked. "I hate it a lot."

While Herrera continues to reason why x plus y equals z, schools will continue telling him that Herrera plus their school equals big things.

The next step for Herrera will be to get an idea of who he's going to visit. Ohio State seems to be one place he will definitely see.

Just don't ask him to factor in distance or velocity for those visits. After all, it's one step at a time for him.

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