McCauley Down to Four

Power forward Ben McCauley of Herminie (Pa.) Yough has narrowed his recruiting list to four schools. What are the four schools, and where do the Buckeyes stand? Kyle Lamb got the scoop from McCauley a short time ago.

The wait for Pennsylvania star Ben McCauley appears to be a much shorter one now, as McCauley has now trimmed his list.

Bucknuts spoke with McCauley on Monday evening, and he told us that his list -- which just a couple of weeks ago stood at eight teams, has now been trimmed to four.

"Ohio State, N.C. State, Xavier and Cincinnati," he said. "I don't yet know when I'm taking the Cincinnati visit because they don't start school until late September, but the others are finalized."

McCauley will begin his visits on September 24th when he heads off to the Queen City to look around Xavier's campus.

He will then visit Ohio State officially just two weeks later on October 8th before rounding out the three visits on October 22nd to N.C. State.

"I think I'm going to watch the Indiana football game (on his Ohio State visit)," McCauley said. "We'll watch the game and then probably watch the team practice after that."

The four-star power forward from Herminie, Pa. has made a lot of progress recently. The task at hand now for McCauley is going to be treating each school with a fresh start.

"I think they are all pretty even," McCauley said of the four schools. "I want to keep them all on an even keel until I see every place thoroughly."

Of course, on paper that is a nice objective, but realistically, even McCauley realizes it's kind of tough to do since he's been to a few of the places already.

The longevity in which some schools have recruited him doesn't hurt, either. Although, he says it won't become too much a priority.

"Xavier and N.C. State both started recruiting me before my junior year," McCauley said. "Ohio State and Cincinnati both started pretty early as well, actually. No one really has an advantage, however."

McCauley has already been to Ohio State this past May on an unofficial visit when Jim O'Brien was the head coach. He is looking forward to seeing things again more closely with Thad Matta -- who was at Xavier at the time -- now the head coach.

Speaking of Xavier, the newest commitment from Derrick Brown, the 6-7 power forward from Dayton will not have too much an impact on his decision whether or not to attend the Muskateers.

"That doesn't really bother me too much," he said of the Brown commitment. "I know these teams have to recruit a lot of players, and not just me. I can't expect them to only take on person each class, so that doesn't have too much impact."

One glaring omission from McCauley's final four is that of his hometown favorite, the Pittsburgh Panthers.

That wasn't McCauley's choice, necessarily.

"They stopped talking to me actually," McCauley said of Pittsburgh. "I was a little disappointed. I don't really know what happened, but they just stopped calling me or writing me. That's the reason I'm not considering them any longer."

With Pittsburgh out of the picture, Ohio State becomes the closest school to home by way of proximity, although it's unlikely that will play too much a factor.

Bucknuts will continue to monitor this recruitment.

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