Princeton's Brown A Junior To Watch

We always have our eyes out looking for Ohio's top prospects, and one who has recently emerged is defensive lineman Aaron Brown of Cincinnati Princeton. Duane Long has more on this fine prospect.

During the high school football season, prospects always emerge that we hadn't heard much about before. One such prospect is DE/DT Aaron Brown of Cincinnati Princeton.

Brown is just a junior, but he already stands at 6-6, 255. He will likely rank as one of the top 20 prospects in the state in his class, and he was out showing why this summer at camps.

"He camped at Ohio State for the last three years," Brown's father said. "He had a 4.5 shuttle. He won two or three awards; I can't remember which. He went down to the Tennessee camp and got an MVP award."

Brown plays defensive end, but at that size, defensive tackle could be in his future.

"He's fine with that," his father said. "This isn't a kid with a bunch of attitude. He's not going to come in demanding to play a certain position. Wherever they ask him to play, he's just going to go over and line up."

Brown, who has a 3.5 GPA, is already a big guy, and much of the reason is because he comes from a big family. His father is 6-4 and his mother is 6-0. 

"He just really started lifting weights," his dad said. "His uncle was a Tennessee commit, he was 6-7."

Brown and his family will be taking a look around when it comes to schools -- one place he already plans on being is in Pittsburgh for the Pitt-West Virginia game in December, but his father said that the Buckeyes are the team to beat.

"Ohio State is where we want to be," he said. "He's an Ohio boy."

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