Douglas-Roberts Down to Six

Five-star point guard Chris Douglas-Roberts of Detroit Cass Tech is down to six schools. Has Ohio State made the cut? Kyle Lamb caught up with CDR to find out.

Although there's still a long way to go for prep sensation Chris Douglas-Roberts, he has already come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.

The 6-5 point guard from Detroit Northwestern was sitting on a list of about 15 possible destinations for college just a few weeks ago. Bucknuts spoke with him Wednesday night, and he's made quite a bit of progress.

"I've got Arizona, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Miami all coming for in-home visits," Douglas-Roberts said. "I'm not really considering anyone else, so I guess it's down to those six."

He did say that Washington was trying to get involved, as many other schools have done, but unless something radically changes, the Huskies or anyone else, for that matter, won't get anywhere.

Of the six schools, Douglas-Roberts plans to take all five official visits, meaning someone is likely to be left in the cold.

He did make a couple of concessions, however.

"I've scheduled my first official visit to Arizona," Douglas-Roberts explained. "I don't have a date set up yet, but they will definitely get one."

He also was pretty sure Ohio State and Oklahoma would get visits because of how well the two have gotten involved lately with him.

"With Oklahoma and Ohio State, the coaches have done a great job and really impressed me," Douglas-Roberts said. "I love their attitude and how hard they want to work me once they get me in here. Coach Sampson and Coach Matta have stressed working hard and improving the most, and that's a real big factor with me."

That is far from the only thing Douglas-Roberts is looking at. The fact those two teams, as well as the other four, can push the floor is a big thing.

"They both (Oklahoma and Ohio State) have up-tempo playing styles that suit me the best," he said. "Playing style is real important to me. All the teams are to my liking."

Just last week, Douglas-Roberts noted that Georgia Tech was his leader. That has already has changed noting that everyone is now "pretty equal".

It wasn't anything against the Yellow Jackets, as much as a few teams closing the gap.

"Last week I did say they probably were a slight favorite of mine," Douglas-Roberts recalled. "Since then, I've just started thinking more about some of the other teams, and now I've just got a few more schools I need to look at more closely."

Many kids often would like to stay close to home for college. As evidenced by the fact the Buckeyes are the only team even in his region of the six he's considering, that's not the case with Douglas-Roberts.

"I look at it that being away from home is how you mature the most," he explained. "You've got to learn maturity, discipline, and if you play basketball for a living, you're going to need to travel. So I think I need to get away from home to experience life and mature."

Teams are allowed to come to see Douglas-Roberts beginning September 9th, so it will be after those visits conclude when he begins to schedule his official visits.

For Kansas and Ohio State fans especially, it might be refreshing to note that unlike the last Detroit player their schools went after, Malik Hairston, Douglas-Roberts seems adamant about cutting his list rather than adding on.

Douglas-Roberts is a guard in the mold of Shaun Livingston. Douglas-Roberts averaged 32 points a game last year at Cass Tech as a slender but quick and smooth guard.

He also continues to insist he plans to have a decision by November, another relief for Jayhawk and Buckeye fans after waiting what seemed like an eternity for Hairston to ultimately attend Oregon.

This might not be over in the next month or even two, but rest easy, someone should be having a Happy Thanksgiving instead of a happy Cinco De Mayo.

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