Helwagen Chat: Sept. 9 Archive

Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen conducted his weekly Chat Thursday instead of Friday. Gary Housteau is scheduled to appear at 10 a.m. Friday for a Chat, while former OSU assistant coach Bill Conley will appear at 3 p.m. Monday. Click this free link for an archive of Thursday's Chat session.

browndawg (Sep 9, 2004 1:02:57 PM)
Sorry hit the wrong button. Do you think the offense will be the same or do you think Tressel used the spread to surprise Dantonio off a little.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:03:37 PM)
no idea, he is pretty tight lipped about what he's going to do. It worked so well I think they'll stick with it, if I had to guess.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:03:56 PM)
I'm going to set moderation now, send questions.

NY Buckeye (Sep 9, 2004 1:04:17 PM)
Do you believe that JT will ever let Troy Smith start ahead of Zwick ?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:05:18 PM)
If he earns it. This situation could last this year, it could last 2 it could last 3. I think this is the situation as they sit there today. If Justin falters, Troy is right there. I think they both played pretty well last week. That TD pass by Smith was pretty special.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:05:23 PM)
What do you think proved to be Ohio St's strengths and weaknesses?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:06:20 PM)
Lots of strengths ... showed they could make some big plays running and passing, defensive is pretty good (though UC's offense was pretty poor). Weaknesses ... youth and inexperience, they make mistakes out of that (i.e. the turnovers, etc.).

NY Buckeye (Sep 9, 2004 1:06:24 PM)
What is going on as far as recruiting goes? It seems to have cooled off or am I missing something

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:07:14 PM)
This is kind of a quiet time. College coaches are concerned with their seasons and so are the kids. Plus, OSU probably only has 10-11 spots left. They're in on the right kids. Just let the process play out. Not a trouble sign, by any means.

ZwickcanFlick (Sep 9, 2004 1:07:18 PM)
45-13 Ohio State over Marshall, what do you think steve?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:07:54 PM)
I said 34-17. I may need my head examined for thinking Marshall will score 17. They looked pretty feeble against Troy last week. But I think they'll put some things together.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:07:58 PM)
Eleven of Ross' 17 carries were for 3 yards or less. What needs to be done? Is the problem the OLine or Ross?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:09:03 PM)
You can't look at it like that. Bottom line was he got 141 yards, including the 68-yarder. If you looked at those 11 plays, I'm sure you'd fine 5-6 different reasons why each didn't go the distance. That's the nature of the running game. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't, but you can't abandon it.

Dragonknight (Sep 9, 2004 1:09:10 PM)
Ross still misses as many holes as he hits and that's a huge problem IMO

NY Buckeye (Sep 9, 2004 1:09:14 PM)
There were concerns on the Message Boards about the lack of sacks against UC. Is that just an anomaly ? or is that something we should come to expect ?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:10:44 PM)
No, UC rolled its pocket so Gino Guidugli would not be hit and knocked out for the year. Dantonio looked big picture. I imagine he'll stand in there much more the rest of the way. OSU exerted a lot of pressure and still got results-- 5 3-and-outs (counting the fourth-down hold at the end).

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:11:04 PM)
I'm hearing different views on Zwick vs. Smith. Some thougth Smith looked cool and collected and Zwick looked unsure. I thought Zwick looked poised and confident. Your thoughts?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:13:33 PM)
I thought Zwick looked like a sophomore QB in his first start. At times he looked brilliant and at times he made some horrible mistakes. Luckily, none of them cost them the game. Zwick played 55 plays andSmith played 21, so it's hard to make valid comparisons. The sample on Smith is so much smaller and he did not have the chance to make as many mistakes. They both looked like they belonged. Zwick, at times, seemed like he's done it many times. At others, he looked like he hadn't. That is to be expected. I don't think 1 mistake will swing this race one way or another. A pattern of mistakes that go uncorrected will, however.

redondo (Sep 9, 2004 1:13:44 PM)
Hi Steve - Relative to the QB derby, In the coaching staff's opinion did the gap between Zwick narrow or not based on Saturday's game? Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:14:16 PM)
No, not getting that sense. Tressel was asked that question and pretty much dodged it. He says they need to "grow through the process." You tell me.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:14:19 PM)
Ohio St needs Ross to gain 4+ yds most of the time in order to have a respected running game, don't you think?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:15:29 PM)
It would be nice, I agree. I'm not declaring the running game back after one game against Cincinnati. But there were some good signs. Plus, Pittman had 67 yards, too. You can't discount that.

osubucks22 (Sep 9, 2004 1:15:33 PM)
Any new recruiting news to report Steve?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:17:27 PM)
Nothing earthshaking. I answered that above. It was good to see Myers-White, Daniels and others there Saturday. They are also working on some juniors like Mark Hartline and Ross Homan. Again, the focus for the coaches and kids are now on their respective seasons.

redondo (Sep 9, 2004 1:17:32 PM)
Hi Steve - What are some of the things the staff can do to help the Buckeyes generate some turnovers? Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:18:47 PM)
They will probably blitz more than they did against UC. They didn't do a lot of that to force the QB's hand. Plus, Guidugli was a veteran. He didn't throw any balls that I recall were that close to being picked, maybe one. Hall is a veteran RB and he held on to the ball. The defense will be fine as long as it keeps the TD-less streak alive (ha ha).

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:18:53 PM)
Ohio St is downplaying the Arden situation. I've gotta believe the players have a little payback in mind....

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:19:39 PM)
Yes, I agree. You don't let somebody do that to one of your guys and get away with it. They have said all the right things publicly. But you know they want to lay one on Marshall and let them know they're in with the varsity.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 1:19:43 PM)
Steve, Does Javon Ringer get offered

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:20:49 PM)
Yes, provided his grades look good after the first 9 or 18 weeks. I think that's the litmus test. Now, in 5 weeks, please don't ask me how Javon did with his first 9 weeks of grades and were they good enough to get an offer. Some things don't have to be made public. We'll monitor the situation,but, as I understand it, that's where it's at.

rbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:20:52 PM)
Hi Steve, Any word on Pittman's leg, or was that just a cramp?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:21:36 PM)
He practiced with a blue jersey yesterday, meaning limited contact. Haw repped at TB as well quite a bit. Maybe that means he gets some carries this week instead of Pittman. We'll have to see on Sat. But I don't think Pittman is serious.

browndawg (Sep 9, 2004 1:21:45 PM)
Your pick for Mr. Football in Ohio this year. Also, we seem to be in on a lot of out-of-state recruits. I don't ever remember having more OS recruits than ohio recruits in a class. Do you think that may change this year or do you see some Ohio recruits rising to the top and filling more spots(excluding White, Lenix, Ringer and Danials).

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:23:21 PM)
My Mr. Football, I was thinking about that today. My choices after 2 weeks would be either Manningham, Ringer, Sutton or maybe Boone(no hope as an OL). I'm sure there are a lot of guys I'm missing. Doubt they'll end up with more OOS than in-state. They have 7 Ohio and 3 OOS now. Still should get 4-5 more from Ohio, at least, as more guys will emerge. That leaves around 10 OOS. Probably will be close.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:23:29 PM)
Last Saturday's game was a good debut. The Buckeyes seemed very business like, and continued to improve throughout the game. Do you think they were low key emotionally for UC, and do you expect them to be "jacked up" against the Herd?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:24:13 PM)
No, I thought they were definitely up for UC. But the way the game played out -- slow start for both sides -- that was kind of diffused. They'll be up, no doubt, to prove a point against Marshall.

Dragonknight (Sep 9, 2004 1:24:17 PM)
Pittman had a pretty good game against Cincy. Do you think he passes Hall as our #2?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:25:04 PM)
I think he's No. 2 now in the sense that he's part of the overall plan. Hall will get occasional carries to stay sharp in the offense in case he is needed. Ross is the bellcow, though,right now. Great to see him start like that.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:25:55 PM)
OSUbucks22 asked if I expect Haw to play and if they expect to redshirt him.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:26:00 PM)
My answer is ...

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:27:06 PM)
yes, I expect Haw to play at some point. They have definitely not made a final decision on a RS for him. Now, if they're 5 games into an 11-game season and they haven't used or needed him yet, then, yes, he'll stand a great chance of being redshirted. There are probably some guys on the team they are 90-100 percent sure will redshirt. He is not one of them, though.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:27:10 PM)
Bam was awesome. Isn't it cool seeing him get it going? Did you think his TD should have counted? It looked like a marginal call, but it was hard to tell on TV, and of course Coop didn't shed a lot of light on it.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:29:16 PM)
Bam was awesome, I agree. And if you ever met the kid, you'd hug him and root for him. His attitude is awesome. His teammates love him and Coach Tressel seems to have a lot of respect for him. My brother-in-law TiVo'd the game and ran back the TD several times. The penalty was on Roy Hall for allegedly holding a receiver. He could not see where Roy did anything. I'd have to see an overhead coach's tape to know for sure, I guess. Bam never touched anybody. He just went long and nobody covered him.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 1:29:21 PM)
I loved the way the Bucks looked last Saturday but I keep feeling apprehension about what they would do against an Iowa or Wisconsin

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:30:00 PM)
That's a good point. Those teams as well as Purdue, Penn State and Michigan all opened strong. Jury still out on NW and Indiana. MSU laid an egg.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:30:39 PM)
Somebody asked about Branden Joe. There are gremlins in my admin today. Please repost the question.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:30:43 PM)
Its clear that Ohio St wanted to get Ginn involved. Pittman, Smith and Ginn all in at the same time could be exciting. I was surprised that Ohio St did not let Ginn have a try at a punt return. Also, it looks like Mo Hall may have found a home and Bam Childress finally made some noise!

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:31:43 PM)
It was obvious they think they need Ginn to help the offense. Ginn will get chances on punt return. I assume they just didn't want his first one to be in a tight game, which that was until they went up 24-6 with 5:51 left.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 1:31:49 PM)
Is Haw a definite redshirt, or too early to say?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:31:56 PM)
Too early to say.

osubucks22 (Sep 9, 2004 1:32:00 PM)
What's your take on Walker Ashley? He obviously likes tOSU very much. Do you think he'll be a Buckeye?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:32:55 PM)
As of today, he will be. But he comes in for a visit in Dec. He likes the way Coach Tressel is recruiting him. He sees the value in what Tressel is trying to do here. He sounds like a Tressel recruit. Let's check back after he's made 2-3 visits, though, and see what he says then.

mcorf (Sep 9, 2004 1:32:59 PM)
I have heard from some people that the staff is higher on Boekman than Zwick or Smith. Can you comment on this?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:33:46 PM)
They really like Boeckman. Let's start there ...

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:35:01 PM)
...but they recognize that today he is a true freshman and probably isn't ready on a mental level to compete on Saturdays ... at least not as well as Troy and Justin are. The plan remains for him to RS this year and set him up to potentially start 2 years after they leave. Could he steal the job next year? yes, if he lights them up. No question.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:35:19 PM)
Todd is a nice player. He has a great feel for the position. Great attitude.

osubucks22 (Sep 9, 2004 1:35:27 PM)
Do you think we'll be able to get some sacks this week? Troy had 8 against Marshall, I have to believe we'll get some.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:36:04 PM)
Yeah, Guidgli was a moving target. Hill was mostly stationary. Marshall was so feeble. I watched the second half at Rush Creek and I can't stress how feeble the Herd looked offensively.

browndawg (Sep 9, 2004 1:36:10 PM)
With the problems that Marshalls line had last week do you see them running a lot of misdirection plays and having a moving pocket like Cincy.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:36:47 PM)
Marshall will go back to the drawing board and try and throw the kitchen sink at OSU. They'll want to establish some kind of run with Charles and also get the ball to the receiver, Davis.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:36:52 PM)
It was awesome watching so many great players on the field for the Buckeye D. How good are these guys going to be over the next two years?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:37:39 PM)
It is something, isn't it. They only lose 2 starters with Fraser and Fox (unless somebody turns pro), and they already have their replacements lined up with Richardson and Youboty. This is a nice situation to be in.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:38:11 PM)
Again, I'm losing questions. I apologize if yours doesn't pop up.

buckmark (Sep 9, 2004 1:38:15 PM)
Do you see Matta's accepting of the Lewis transfer as a sign that we may not get some of the higer profile recruits we are in on?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:40:45 PM)
They are certainly recruiting some top-name players, no doubt. Lewis fits in. He joins Harris as the only "sophomores" in that class that will be seniors in 2006-07. That was important to achieve better balance. I think this was also a concession to the fact they aren't going to sign 4 high school seniors this year at this late date. Two or 3 seems much more likely. Plus, Lewis can play (17 last year at BG). He fits in well after Stockman's departure at 2-guard.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:40:50 PM)
Did you get to meet Ronnie Wilson? He seems like a nice guy.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:41:28 PM)
Ronnie and I, our karma is working in opposite directions. I missed him during the OSU camp and I missed him Saturday. I think I did call him and I agree, he's a nice kid from what I recall.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:41:43 PM)
anyone think haw will play this year?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:42:03 PM)
I do think he plays this year. However, if he hasn't played by week 5 or 6, I doubt you will see him.

buckmark (Sep 9, 2004 1:42:06 PM)
I got kicked off and wasn't sure you got this question...what were ticket prices around the stadium?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:42:58 PM)
I heard there were more buyers than sellers and the prices were $100-$150 for the first game. Not sure about this week. Have to think the Herd will ride in and buy up every available ticket -- at least the ones who did not jump off the bandwagon after the loss.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:43:01 PM)
What ever happened to Delbert Ferguson?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:44:19 PM)
Delbert was on the UC roster Saturday, but did not play. Another freshman, Malik Hairston's buddy Butler Benton, did play some at RB behind Richard Hall. Not sure if Delbert will RS or not or if he was even there Sat.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 1:44:22 PM)
Do you think the 8 sacks by Troy St. was an anomaly or is the Herd's OL that porous?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:45:02 PM)
The sacks were bad sacks too. Just unabated to the QB. Have to think they'll work out some of those mentalmistakes.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 1:45:10 PM)
Steve, How would you grade the OL's performance against Cinci and who stood out, good and bad, to you the most?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:46:39 PM)
OL was probably a B-plus. OSU gave up only one sack and averaged 5.1 yards per carry. I thought Schafer did a nice job in his first start. After they got comfortable, they moved guys around a lot. I thought I saw Downing play some at guard. Looked like UC's Enzor beat Mangold on the sack where he forced the fumble.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:46:42 PM)
Do you think Notre Dame has any chance against Michigan this week?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:46:51 PM)
No, none at all. Could get real ugly.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:46:55 PM)
Do you think coop still has some hard feelings?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:46:59 PM)
Deep down?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:47:01 PM)

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:47:18 PM)
My sources here in dayton says greg orten is going to tennesse, why couldn't we ever make an impression on this guy especially since thier are so many wayne guys starring at OSU?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:48:05 PM)
No idea. OSU never offered him. It's clear they rated Hartline and Amos higher priorities than Orton. Lymon must be higher priority than Orton and Robiskie and also Stross as well.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:48:16 PM)
Simple evaluation and coaching decisions, I'd say.

BuckInIL (Sep 9, 2004 1:48:22 PM)
Forgive me since I just got on if this was asked earlier. What are Marshall's weaknesses and do they have an advantage on OSU in any phase of the game?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:49:18 PM)
Marshall's weakness appears to be the offensive line. They rushed for a net 23 yards and allowed 8 sacks in the first game. Kind of plays right to OSU's strength, I would say. Not sure where they would have any advantage over OSU. This may be the worst Marshall team in recent memory, potentially.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:49:40 PM)
Their standards have been set so high, an 8-4 season like last year and possibly this year is a bitter, bitter disappointment.

AZbucknut (Sep 9, 2004 1:49:46 PM)
HI Steve, Will we play B. Joe to give him the game reps or save him for NC State? I heard on the other site that he has full range of motion back and is ready.....

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:50:29 PM)
Coach Tressel, on his show, did not seem to indicate that Branden would play. They noted the important things he will bring to the offense. Maybe they want to just unleash him on N.C. State like they did on Kansas State. Hmmm.

browndawg (Sep 9, 2004 1:50:36 PM)
Their seems to be a lot of talk on the boards about Jonathan Stewart. Do you think that one of the Bucknuts staff will be able to contact him and get the real story. Does the kid only get mail from us or are we recruiting him hard. Just haven't got a clear picture from all the articles on him. Also, Alaeze still has us in the top 5 . Any shot?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:51:41 PM)
Probably better shot at Stewart than Alaeze. Stewart always mentions OSU. I think OSU has initiated some contact with Stewart, but where it stands I'm not sure. We'll check on it. Alaeze seems to enjoy having so many schools after him.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:51:46 PM)
What is the problem with smith it seems like he has all the tools footspeed, a gun, and a leader did you see the reaction after his td to santonio?, much more celebration?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:53:22 PM)
Smith said that TD was an unreal moment. That showing has only helped his momentum and confidence. His problem is he's at Ohio State and there is another pretty good player at QB who also does a lot of things the coach likes.

Dragonknight (Sep 9, 2004 1:53:29 PM)
What do you think about the play of the safeties? How would you compare the performances of Salley, Whitner, and Everett?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:55:13 PM)
They all played well enough. Salley had another real good game with 7 tackles and a pass broken up. Whitner and Everett were each on the hook for some long pass plays. That may be the knock on Whitner, his coverage skills. But they both did fine, overall. Have to be glad you have that luxury.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 1:55:18 PM)
Do you think what we saw in the passing game on Saturday will continue? It was great to see it open up some. I hope the turnovers don't cause Tress to button things up

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:55:39 PM)
No reason to back off the throttle. Would be great if Roy Hall could join the party.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:55:43 PM)
Do you think Notre Dame has any chance against Michigan this week?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:55:58 PM)
No, none at all. I think I picked Um 31-10 or something like that.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 1:56:03 PM)
I read where Nick Patterson got in the game Sat. Is that true, and was it on D or special teams?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:57:09 PM)
Nick patterson is on the participation report. I don't recall seeing him. But it's possible he got in late. Guys like Terry and Welch were definitely in on return coverage.

osubucks22 (Sep 9, 2004 1:57:18 PM)
I thought the defense looked faster and more around the ball so far this year. they were swarming! I also like the fact that they didn't give up big chunks of yardage late with a lead. Do you think this is Snyder's plan for the defense?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:58:08 PM)
Yes, those were all good points. Snyder seems to be wired to force the issue more than Dantonio did.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 1:58:11 PM)
Do you think we'll see Lyons or Jordan this week?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:58:40 PM)
Jordan is out for the year with a leg injury. Lyons did play at least on special teams.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 1:58:46 PM)
where was ja ja riley for unlv this past weekend i had read where he was a heisman candidate?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 1:59:53 PM)
No idea. I know UNLV got rolled by Tennessee 42-14.

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 2:00:02 PM)
Are you afraid to punt anymore, or did KT's bomb take those fears away?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:00:18 PM)
Good to get that first one out of the way. Turano seems to be solid.

hamiltuckbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:00:35 PM)
What happened on the message boards? I thought for sure we would be over run with Marshall fan's predicting a big win. After their opening game butt kicking over Troy St they have to feel good about.....that's right, never mind.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:01:00 PM)
Yes, I have to agree. Marshall people were here for 9 months running their yap ... and then, silence.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:01:07 PM)
Well they are dead wrong on orten he is a monster, too bad, we need a guy with his size, i guess he just looks better to me, geez this staff took chattams, and orten is way higher on the skill level than him.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:01:36 PM)
I've never seen Orton play, just run track. If you say so, I'd believe it.

BuckInIL (Sep 9, 2004 2:01:41 PM)
Looking at Marshall's team rankings nationally last year, offense is high (#18), defensive is high (#24). However is looks like their downfall was turnover margin (#114). Do we get 3 or 4 picks this week? Who gets them? Do we capitalize? What happens if we don't?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:04:23 PM)
Hill threw one pick last week against Troy. Just one pick would be an improvement over last week. Turnovers are an emphasis this week, Snyder said. Fox, Underwood, Everett and Youboty and maybe an LB are my choices for potential INTs. Turnovers would make this game much easier, certainly. Without them, the offense must sustain drives. Last week, OSU had 7 drives of 43 yards or more. They need that kind of showing each week.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:04:27 PM)
do you see either qb transferring if they "loose out" on the starting job?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:05:07 PM)
That is a definite possibility, although Smith maintains he plans to stay put. You can never tell the future. Their options would also be limited at this point. They'd have to sit out another year to go I-A,

osufan25 (Sep 9, 2004 2:05:17 PM)
Hey Steve, Sorry I'm late but how did Ronnie Wilson's visit to OSU go? What about the other recruits that were at the game? Did they have positive things to say about OSU?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:06:17 PM)
The storm has wreaked havoc with trying to get a hold of Wilson. He has been busy helping his family get through that. Duane talked to Myers-White, I believe, and I think he was pleased with he saw. Ditto for Daniels. Those 2 guys are key right now.

osufan25 (Sep 9, 2004 2:06:28 PM)
What is the latest word on John Stewart from WA? I think Mo Wells might be backing away from OSU so we need another back to go with Mr. Ringer.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:08:57 PM)
Not sure if much has changed for Stewart. It's unclear to me whether he has been offered.Both Oregon schools and both Washington schools as well as Cal have offered. He's built like Haw, 5-11, 212, something like that. Haw may be taller, actually. I think they definitely need 2 backs this year. Ringer, if he's patient and gets his grades where OSU wants to see them, should be one.

Guest (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:10 PM)
add Dukes and take Jordan out of that question

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:23 PM)
Not sure about Dukes. We'll have to see I guess.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:25 PM)
I thought Riley was 3rd string at UNLV???

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:29 PM)
No idea.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:33 PM)
will we ever get another back like moc?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:45 PM)
I doubt it. Only one Reecie (thank God).

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 2:09:52 PM)
Have you ever seen the Buckeyes throw to Stan White out of the H-back position?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:10:17 PM)
Yes, a ton, in the jersey scrimmage. Didn't see him used that much last Sat., though.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:11:02 PM)
stan white is being saved for mich

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:11:06 PM)
ha ha

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:11:24 PM)
our secret weapon

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:11:33 PM)
any last blasts?

edbuck51 (Sep 9, 2004 2:11:59 PM)
If B.Joe does get back healthy, what do you expect from him?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:12:40 PM)
He'll fit right in at fullback. I don't think the fullback play was that strong last week. And he'll get some carries at tailback and also in one-back sets.

bradbuck (Sep 9, 2004 2:12:46 PM)
thanks for doing what you do

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:13:02 PM)
Hey, thanks for stopping by. We're growing every day thanks to you folks.

osufan25 (Sep 9, 2004 2:13:07 PM)
Steve, I saw a recent interview with Derrick Williams out of VA. Seem's to me like he is warming up to OSU. What are your thought's on that?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:14:58 PM)
That's great. I know he has a visit to Florida set. FSU, Oklahoma, Penn State, USC and Texas are also in there. He's going to be a hard one to land.

ZORRO (Sep 9, 2004 2:15:06 PM)
does this look like a top 3 recruiting class so far?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:15:28 PM)
I think so with Boone and O'Neal in the fold. They need to finish strong and get some good to great OOS players.

scribeohio (Sep 9, 2004 2:15:34 PM)
Steve, just that JT seems to be doing controlled development/growth of the team especially the O due to youth/inexperience. I do like what I see so far and we may catch some teams by surprise all the way thru the season.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:16:39 PM)
I agree. If you weren't impressed by that game last week -- even Zwick despite the Tos -- then you obviously can't be impressed.

osufan25 (Sep 9, 2004 2:16:50 PM)
I think there is 8 scholies left for this next year. Who do you think rounds out the class. I think it winds up being a top five if we get R.Wilson, Jackson, Ashley, Worthington, Ringer, Daniels,Myers-White and Wells/Stewart/Lymon/L.Wilson.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:17:58 PM)
That's a great group. My list would be something like AMW, Lawrence Wilson, Ringer, Worthington, Ashley, Daniels and maybe Ronnie Wilson, Carlton Jackson and 2-3 others the coaches deem as worthy. I think I had them with 10 or 11 spots left.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 2:18:04 PM)
F$U - Miami. Your prediction?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:19:29 PM)
I have sided with Miami in recent years since FSU has been down and Miami has been up. But Miami was decimated by graduation losses. Rix is better than Berlin, hands down. Game is at Miami, which hurts. But FSU is due and with the storm and the losses the Bowden family has sustained -- the funeral is today -- wow, I think the Noles pull it out. Should be quite a spectacle all the way around.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 2:20:31 PM)
I think we'll hear the "Over-Rated" chant quite a bit this year and I think that actually is beneficial to Ohio State.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:20:53 PM)
That's not a good chant. Usually you hear that when you're getting beaten on the road in the last minute.

osufan25 (Sep 9, 2004 2:22:03 PM)
Your right Steve. There are 10-11 left. Thanks for taking my questions.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 2:22:27 PM)
What I mean is that if the world thinks we're over-rated, then I think we're underestimated.

osufan25 (Sep 9, 2004 2:22:30 PM)
I have one other question. Can you give us an idea of the RB and WR situation for 2006. I know the WR position has been decimated by the tragic loss of L.Hunter and D. Lighty to basketball.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:24:21 PM)
Chris Wells of Akron Garfield and Ray Smalls of Glenville are probably 2 of the better junior RBs. Devin Jones of Cleveland Glenville is maybe the top junior WR.

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:24:39 PM)
Anything else?

redondo (Sep 9, 2004 2:26:43 PM)
thanks Steve!!

BuckInIL (Sep 9, 2004 2:26:52 PM)
Missouri/Troy pick tonight>

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:27:20 PM)
Missouri to win and probably cover whatever the line is.

BuckeyeDave (Sep 9, 2004 2:27:24 PM)
Will Gary be hosting a chat tomorrow? When is Conley's next chat?

SteveHelwagen (Sep 9, 2004 2:27:42 PM)
Gary will be here at 10 a.m. Friday and Bill Conley back Monday at 3p.m. Gotta go.

BuckInIL (Sep 9, 2004 2:27:56 PM)
Yeah Steve Thanks. You guys have a great thing going at Bucknuts.

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