Game Photos - AP & Getty Images

We have some game photos now from the Associated Press and Getty Images. Click here for some views from the game and some unique shots of the final field goal.

Saluting the flag before the game


Bobby Carpenter wraps up Marshall RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Carpenter and Donte Whitner bring down Emanuel Spann

What a day for Santonio Holmes -- 10 catches, 218 yards, 2 TD

Lydell Ross hits the hole

A terrific halftime show as the OSU and Marshall bands combine to spell out USA with Lady Liberty in the middle

Holmes watches as Chris Royal intercepts a Justin Zwick pass

Brad Bates loses a shoe but gets the ball in the end zone for Marshall

Coach Tressel looks up at the scoreboard in the fourth quarter with a "Here we go again" look

Mike Nugent's final field goal is up...

It's on its way


Kyle Turano (86) and Simon Fraser (75) know the kick is good


Nugent is greeted by his mom after the game

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