GlenOak at McKinley Photo Essay

In a Federal Confernence match-up, Canton McKinley beat GlenOak 10-0 behind six Golden Eagle turnovers in the game. Both teams have 2-2 records through the first four games of the season.

I'm sure you've heard the expression that some guys "wear their heart on their sleeve"...

While Mike Hartline certainly does. This is already the third game that his big brother Brain didn't get to play in because he broke his leg.

Since Brian was out, Mike was the main guy I went to see play. It was the first time I saw him play.

But I also wanted to see Brandon Long in action. He's one kid that is trying hard to get Ohio State's attention.

Of course Brian Hartline was there.

I thought Brad Jones had a presence in the game for McKinley. He deflected one Hartline pass that resulted in an interception for one of his mates.

Hartline threw five interceptions in the game, but I liked what I saw of him, for the most part. He's a leader, he moves well, he's tall and he sees the field well, he's got a really quick release and I saw him deliver a laser beam or two on the night.

Brandon Long is quite the physical specimen who plays down at end and up as a linebacker on defense. He played some at tight end as well.

Hartline remains a team captain.

Ryan Brinson (3) and Jones (11) are two of the McKinley team captains. I was surprised to learn that Antwon Hight is no longer on the team and I was told, in so many words, that he won't be coming back either.

There's nothing like watching a high school football game played at Fawcett Stadium. What a privilege it must be to play there.

Ryan Brinson ran well on the night but only for one half. He sat out the second half with a slight concussion I was informed.

GlenOak had a good size line in front of Hartline.

Hartline threw for 185 yards in the game but sorely missed having his older brother as an option.

I'm sure the two were discussing as much as the remaining time in the game ticked away.

I would have been remiss had I not gotten a shot of Brian Hartline in his game uniform! He has such a positive outlook about his situation!

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