McCoy Will Soon Set Visits

Linebacker Rico McCoy of Washington, D.C. St. Johns College has some unique connections to OSU. One of them is his ties to ex-Buckeye offensive coordinator Elliot Uzelac. To find out more about McCoy's connection to Uzelac as well as what he was thinking while watching the OSU/NC State game, read on!

These days, Rico McCoy, the standout linebacker from the nation's capital, has been a busy man. If it's not school or football practice, it's dodging reporters and coaches.

Sometimes, it's all of the above.

McCoy managed to find time for Bucknuts on Tuesday evening in between talking to Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr and running his errands to the grocery store. He gave the latest on where his recruitment currently stands.

"I'm hoping to set my visits here in a couple of weeks," McCoy said. "Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, Miami, and Pittsburgh -- those are about the five schools I'm looking at."

All five of those schools have offered the 6-2 213 pound linebacker from Washington St. John's College Prep who runs a 4.52 40-yard dash, which might be even quicker as he hasn't been timed since last summer.

Following a junior season that saw McCoy record over 120 tackles and five sacks, he currently is averaging over 10 tackles a game as his team has gotten off to a 2-1 start.

McCoy, the nation's 13th ranked linebacker by the Insiders Network and 81st prospect overall, has already begun to pile up the awards and recognitions. McCoy has been named to the Army High School All-American game this January in San Antonio.

He will have a distinguished guest list as far as Buckeye fans are concerned. Last season, his high school coach was former Buckeye offensive coordinator, Elliott Uzelac who served under John Cooper at Ohio State in the early 90's.

Uzelac's offense ranked as high as 8th in the nation under Cooper in 1991, and he has told McCoy he would go watch him in San Antonio.

"He said he would make the trip out there to watch me play, so that was really cool," McCoy said.

Apparently, Uzelac hasn't lost his admiration for the Buckeyes.

"Oh yeah, he's still a real big fan (of Ohio State)," McCoy said. "He definitely pays attention."

In fact, it was Uzelac who recruited former Ohio State defensive lineman Luke Fickell to come to Ohio State. Fickell is now the man in charge of recruiting McCoy.

"We get along real good," McCoy said of his relationship with Fickell. "We have a great relationship. In fact, I'd say he's probably my favorite coach I've talked to."

McCoy will probably begin to take his visits in December, meaning he doesn't expect to have a decision made until January. However, he hopes to have his visits set up within a couple of weeks.

He's hoping, one of them to Ohio State will be for the Michigan game.

"Well, I would absolutely love to go for that game," McCoy said ecstatically. "We've discussed that actually, but if our team plays the way it should play, I'm hoping to have a game that weekend, which means I will have to miss it."

That doesn't stop McCoy from watching Ohio State when he gets the chance.

For instance, this past weekend he found himself submersed in the exciting game against N.C. State on television. What were his thoughts?

"That was a real nice game, they really came through with a big victory," McCoy exclaimed. "I actually got mad watching McLendon run against Ohio State. For a quick second there, I pictured myself as a Buckeye helping them in that game. It was real nice to see."

When he's not watching football, McCoy is working on his academics.

McCoy will take the SAT on October 9th, and any time after that he will be able to begin his visits.

He mentioned what it was he liked most about the Buckeyes.

"Everyone that I've talked to who has been there or known someone who has been there has said it's very nice," McCoy said. "They always talk about all of the tradition, the stadium, the facilities, and the crowd. It really sounds like a cool place to be."

There are so many things that stand out about McCoy that have sent major programs flocking to the capital to see him.

He talks about just a few of those things coaches see in him.

"I'm intense, I'm emotional, I'm really aggressive, and I'm a leader," McCoy said confidently. "I think players love to follow my lead. Most of all, I think I'm a smart player."

Above all else, he's a busy player.

Coaches have been busy trying to get in on the action.

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