Douglas-Roberts Ready To Move Faster

Chris Douglas-Roberts is ready to begin taking some visits. With just one in-home remaining, Douglas-Roberts have begun formulating his final list.

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The No. 30 ranked prospect in America, Chris Douglas-Roberts of Detroit Northwestern, is winding down his in-home visit process. The plan for Douglas-Roberts was to conduct his in-homes and then set his official visit dates. So far, all of his in-homes have taken places except for one with Ohio State on Thursday.

Douglas-Roberts seems ready to get on with his recruitment and speed up the process.

"I'm ready to start visiting and commit to a school," Douglas-Roberts said. "I'm with who likes me. Some of the schools that I was talking to worry about how high you're ranked. I like the ones who like my game."

Currently, his list reads Memphis, Miami, Arizona, Oklahoma and Ohio State. However, don't expect him to take all five visits.

"I'm not taking five visits anymore. I'll take two or three and then narrow my list down from there and get it done."

On Tuesday, Douglas-Roberts could only guarantee that one school receives an official visit. Memphis has been impressive to him. "They did the best job as far as the in-homes so far. They sold Memphis and Coach Cal did the best job."

Douglas-Roberts said that nothing has been set in stone but a visit this coming weekend to Memphis is a possibility. "As of now we're just discussing it."

The Detroit product was impressed by the schools that knew his game and were straight up with him.

"You impress me with telling me what my weaknesses are and how you're going to improve them. Not just ‘well, you need to get stronger.' Anybody can say that. When a coach comes in and can tell me what that is then I feel like you've done a real good job then."

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