Dayton Daily News OSU-Michigan Challenge

The folks at the Dayton Daily News think the greatest of all sports rivalries deserves more attention than one week a year. Now, you can find out just how that is going to happen as the DDN is about to begin the OSU-Michigan Tournament Challenge.

Who would win between the 2002 Ohio State national champions and 1997 Michigan national champions? What about the 1998 Buckeyes and the 1947 Wolverines? 

We'll never find out for sure, but that doesn't mean we can't ask, "What if?"

In the Dayton Daily News OSU - Michigan Tournament Challenge, that's exactly what is going to happen. The DDN has selected 16 of the greatest teams over the past 100 years of college football and placed them into a simulated tournament. You can fill out the bracket online (just like a March Madness office pool) as to which teams you think will win each matchup. You'll not only get to see which team would win, but we'll also be posting complete box scores including play by play and audio for each game!

After it has been narrowed it down to the all time best OSU and Michigan teams, they'll go head to head to determine the all time champions! The Best part is that it's all FREE - you simply follow along or fill out a bracket and see how well you know OSU - Michigan Football.

Go to now and start filling out your bracket today! If you've already registered, then you can view/edit your picks.

Tournament play begins 9/29/2004.

How Does This Work?
Using statistical analysis, the Daily News is able to accurately predict sporting event outcomes much in the same way a meteorologist can predict the weather.

Games are played out on a second by second basis, which allows them to produce not only statistics for the game but the corresponding play by play as well.

Who's Playing?
1954 OSU (10-0)
1961 OSU (8-0-1)
1968 OSU (10-0)
1969 OSU (8-1)
1973 OSU (10-0-1)
1996 OSU (11-1)
1998 OSU (11-1)
2002 OSU (14-0)

1947 U of M (10-0)
1948 U of M (9-0)
1964 U of M (9-1)
1971 U of M (11-1)
1973 U of M (10-0-1)
1974 U of M (10-1)
1985 U of M (10-1-1)
1997 U of M (12-0)

For more information, go to today!

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