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We have a transcript from today's chat with Gary Housteau now posted.

buckmark (Oct 1, 2004 11:09:44 AM)
Gary, were you surprised by the whole Smith tirade this week?

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:13:17 AM)
Hi buckmark, way to come out of the gate firing! If you can remember two weeks ago after I went to Glenville-Buchtel game I said that all things weren't happy in Glenville-ville! The first one being the situation with Lenix where I hinted of a school interested in Lenix and three other of his Tarblooder mates and the second was the Smith situation. I didn't say as much at the time but now that it has come to light....and you're I wasn't surprised. I was surprised two weeks ago when I first heard their side of it because Zwick had just thrown for 324 yards the week before....but I'll find out today how the boys at Glenville are feeling today. Hopefully there is a better understanding after the bye week.

bucknut13 (Oct 1, 2004 11:13:23 AM)
Gary - It seems frustrating that people keep blaming the O-Line for the lack of running game and Ross seems to get the benefit of doubt most of the time. Is this the week that people finally give the O-Line some respect with Pittman showing what kind of runner he is?

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:17:17 AM)
Hi bucnut13...I've said from the beginning that we will see a distinct difference in the performance of the offensive line once Pittman has 15 touches with the ball or more. I believe the line can't be consistently as impotent as it's been when a good back like Reecie made them a lot better. No offense to Ross, but he can't get started for whatever reason. Once he has some open room he can do it but Pittman will find the open room from the beginning. Pittman's a player! He's got it all and he needs the ball! The line will look 100 times better, IMHO.

bucks4fun (Oct 1, 2004 11:17:22 AM)
Hi Gary, our offense obviously isn't where it needs to be when you have a team like NW calling you mediocre (true by the way). Do the bucks come out and look to put the hammer down or do we "save it for another"

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:21:02 AM)
I'm certain we will see flashes of the Marshall game in the air, especially early on, to open up the running game. I'm sure that JT is confident enough this week against NW that he can allow JZ to take it to the air early on and make things happen. I hope this is the new playmaker week with Pittman and Teddy Ballgame a big part of the offense. Let's use our young talent to the fullest. So yeah I see the pass opening up the run game...Ross could even have a good game running the ball! But Tony Pittman needs to touch the football.

bucks4fun (Oct 1, 2004 11:21:04 AM)
Any speculation on the next verbal commitment to tOSU

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:26:54 AM)
The next verbal commitment...I can't really speculate right now...I'd like it to Javon Ringer but I think we have to wait a little longer. I'd like for it to be Lawrence Wilson but he's still looking very hard at Notre Dame right now. I'd like for it to be Alex Daniels but he's still curious about Oklahoma. I'd like for it to Brian Robiskie but we haven't offered him yet. I'd like for it to be Rico McCoy but he has to at least come to campus first. I'd like for it to Ronnie Wilson but I'm happy he's just coming back for another unofficial visit right now. I'm interested big time in Ed Collington right now but that's not going to happen any time soon. I'm interested even more in Justin King but that likely will never happen so I don't know to be honest. Sorry! I'd like for Mario Manningham to decommit from Michigan...did I say that? I can dream can't I? I don't really know right now.

redondo (Oct 1, 2004 11:27:12 AM)
Hi Gary - There are those who would say that Lydell is getting the PT he's getting primarily because he's a Senior and Coach Tressel weighs that fact disproportionately in allocating PT. Drawing on your experience of watching JT in action over the years, is this a valid observation? Phrased differently, do you think that if Lydell and AP were both in the same recruiting class that we would still be seeing the same proportion of playing time and carries that we've seen so far? thank you.

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:31:00 AM)
Hi redondo...All things being relatively equal or unproven...JT will always go with the senior. It's a part of his coaching philosophy, one of his most important tenets. And that really is a good thing about JT because there is always consistency with his most important of principles. But in a new freshman class together, how could anyone not see the more big-play potential in Pittman than in Ross. We've already seen it in a spring game and one or two real games.

Mulder (Oct 1, 2004 11:31:04 AM)
Do you think rescinding the offer to AMW opens the door for Lenix?

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:34:42 AM)
Hi Mulder...I don't see the connection there but it obviously could. To me Freddie Lenix has shown nothing in his game about being a safety to this point. He's an all-full speed ahead linebacker. I think it could open the door more for Oatis if they were deciding between the two. Maybe they have a silent-verbal from Oatis but JT was burned by Jarret last year so I can't see having much faith in silent verbals at all. I'll have a better feel about Lenix today I'm sure.

buckmark (Oct 1, 2004 11:34:53 AM)
Any word on how Ringer's grade situation is progressing? I really think he is the last top priority for in-state in this class given our RB situation

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:38:14 AM)
As far as I know his overall grade situation can't change until after a grading period is complete or the trend for that grading period is well established. Ringer told me this summer he is shooting for straight A's in his senior year. He didn't know if he could get it but that's his priority. I think everyone from Place to Ringer to JT and his staff are on the same page with Ringer. I just think or shall I say hope that it's just a matter of time.

DCBuckeye! (Oct 1, 2004 11:38:32 AM)
hey.. just joining, so sorry if this was asked. but will Smith's unhappiness effect future recruits from his area? thanks

bucks4fun (Oct 1, 2004 11:38:35 AM)
Gary, you eluded to things not being happy in Gville over the TS situation. Could this damage the pipeline of players from there?

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:42:41 AM)
About I don't think it will have any damaging effects other than some hurt feelings right now because I know all of these guys at Glenville now want to go to Ohio State first and foremost. Ginn Sr wants to get his kids into any school even though he would like to see many of them go to Ohio State...and many of them have. With Whitner, Ginn Jr. and O'Neal over the next few seasons...Glenville will always be regarded as a big-time feeder school to the program. When their other talented kids make an impact at other Big Ten schools... that will speak volumes for the program and everything will be fine in the long run.

riverwatchbucknut (Oct 1, 2004 11:42:51 AM)
Any contact with beckum i think he would be a big time de

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:47:20 AM)
Your name is too long to type riverwatchbucknut and it took me a tremendous amount of time and effort to type that that your name riverwatchbucknut is too long to type...anway what was the question?...oh Beckum....I'm happy with Worthington, Williams and Wilson. After being so seemingly close with the Wisconsin kid last year, I'm not about to count on having any luck with either kid up there again this year. I'm happy with it looks like we could potentially have. I wouldn't say I'm not interested but I think that he's probably not really interested in us when it comes down to it. Were nice to have on a resume though during recruiting season in his defense.

redondo (Oct 1, 2004 11:47:26 AM)
Hi Gary - There seems to be a lot of discussion about big play receivers, which is great. But, I'm developing a concern that the Buckeyes lack a possession receiver. I thought i noticed JZ going to Bam in what looked to me to be a "safety Valve" pass more than once in the NCSU game short of the sticks on third and long. Your thoughts and comments please on this situation.

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:53:41 AM)
I would be comfortable with Ryan Hamby being a possession receiver but for whatever reason our tight end over the last two seasons now seems to be missing in action as far as being a receiver in games is concerned. It has to be the blocking assignments in a particular game that does that because our tight end shouldn't just disappear. I'll be happy with Holmes being a possession receiver right now but he's also our big play receiver. We need to establish a solid identity on offense starting tomorrow night. Bam will always scare me with the football but I would look to him more for a big play than a possession guy. I'm happy we're using our tight end more in the receiving game the past two years but JT will obviously never be a proponent of the Jeremy Shockey, Kellen Winslow and of most top NFL passing systems that look to the tight end as an integral part of the passing game. Did I answer that?

buckmark (Oct 1, 2004 11:53:53 AM)
what is your take on OL coaching. It seems the talent is there as almost all of our starters from the last few years are playing on Sundays.

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 11:58:32 AM)
Oh geez that's a loaded question. I just think the system, for the most part, that wins many games and many national championships isn't conducive to having any type of prolific offense whether it be on the ground or in the air...consistently. When you play not to lose on offense...and that's a good thing obviously...offense sort of gets in the way! Did I say that nice enough?

homesickbuck (Oct 1, 2004 11:58:40 AM)
Sorry, I'm a little late! Hope this hasn't been covered yet. I know the problems with the running game aren't all Lydell's fault, but it's no coincidence that Pittman is able to find some holes and gain some yardage with the SAME O-line. I'm sure they don't block any differently when Pittman is in the game. Your thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:02:13 PM)
Better late than never homesickbuck...Give Pittman a legitimate chance to perform and I think over the long run we will see a tremendous difference in the run game. Maybe Ross just doesn't have the vision that good backs have because he often is stopped before he ever gets started. Pittman can find the crease, hit it hard, bounce it outside and run like a #$%^&*&^%$#@! It's no coincidence.

Mulder (Oct 1, 2004 12:02:19 PM)
Are you going to do a report on Collington? Sure would be nice to have a big back in this class.

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:04:49 PM)
Yes I will do a report on Collington...I'm going to see if big Wesley Lyons will hook me up for a VIP tour of the Pittsburgh area when Penn Hills plays Woodland Hills. I don't know if I can pull that off yet with OSU's schedule but I know that game is out there and I could kill two birds with one stone. I've talked to a couple different people about Collington and I'm getting rave reviews. So yeah I hope to do a feature on Collington this season.

Seabus (Oct 1, 2004 12:04:56 PM)
Gary, love your work buddy, keep it up. Hey, do you really think Brandon Long could be offered? If not the Bucks, where does he end up?

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:09:13 PM)
Hi Seabus...thanks for the props...much appreciate. I'm not certain about Long yet because he didn't play well I didn't think in the GlenOak game I saw this year. But he looks terrific on the field and all the measureables are there. Maybe my expectations were too high going in. But I like him and his work ethic and OSU needs to bring in a TE or two or and he can double as a fullback or H-back type. If he doesn't get an OSU offer I can see him going to MSU if I had to guess at this stage.

buckmark (Oct 1, 2004 12:09:19 PM)
Do you see the next group of linebackers (freeman, hoobler, etc) on the same level as what will be leaving after next year (Hawk, Carpenter, D'Andrea, Schlegal)

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:13:11 PM)
Great question and yes I do...very much. Obviously it will be nearly impossible to outperform this current group but guys like Freeman and Hoobler and Lukens and Curtis Terry, etc., are pretty freakish in their own right. Were talking athletes galore that will be just as effective when they get playing time in two years. And I think these younger guys all have high football IQ's as well so my expectations for them are just as great in the future. We need a Rico McCoy in the mix this year to keep it fresh.

ccfb31 (Oct 1, 2004 12:13:16 PM)
Gary, what position will Wesley Lyons play in college

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:15:08 PM)
Hi ccfb31...I don't even think their will be an option...wide receiver!

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:16:29 PM)
At Ohio State I might add!! Smile!

bucks4fun (Oct 1, 2004 12:16:22 PM)
I really enjoy the coverage that Bucknuts provides. When is the annual members picnic? Maybe you could have a tailgate party for the UM game. Just a thought.

Kirk (Oct 1, 2004 12:16:22 PM)
We have discussed in the past having a tailgate party, but nothing concrete ever materialized. However, you might want to check out the Friday Night Lights event on the front page. That should be neat.

GaryHousteau (Oct 1, 2004 12:19:30 PM)
Thanks Kirk and thanks everyone for chatting today. My picks for today are Glenville over Cleveland South and Avon Lake over North Olmstead for the games I'll be attending today. That should be a great one and I'll go with the home Shoremen in the second game. My special pick tonight is Fitch over the Falcons even though they too are hard on the eyes offensively. Have a great Buckeye weekend. Go Bucks.

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