Semrau A Busy Man

Forward Richard Semrau of Rocky River, Ohio is a very busy man these days as he is trying to check out as many schools as possible. Where to the Buckeyes stand? Kyle Lamb has an update.

Richard Semrau has been a busy man these days. As the 6-10 forward from Rocky River, Ohio is set to leave for a trip down tobacco road, Bucknuts spoke with his high school coach.

Thursday evening, Phil Argento, head coach of Lutheran West High School in Rocky River, brought Bucknuts up to date on Semrau's recruitment.

"He's been real busy lately and he's just trying to sort things out right now," Argento noted. "I think he just wants to learn more about each and every program he can and go from there."

Semrau, the talented four-star recruit, has been recruited by most of the prominent programs nationally already, and others continue to file in every day.

Argento didn't want to give any formal list of schools because he said it was too early to leave anyone off.

However, just some of the schools he mentioned were Kentucky, Illinois, Connecticut, Iowa, Saint Louis, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida, Indiana, UCLA, Michigan, Purdue, and Michigan State amongst many.

Two other schools that Semrau is obviously involved in are Wake Forest and North Carolina, whom he is visiting this weekend unofficially.

Already, Semrau has visited Kentucky, Louisville, and N.C. State. Argento said that Semrau has been able to eliminate Louisville and N.C. State from consideration.

Semrau has been on the record many times professing Kentucky as his leader. While Argento might not disagree, he takes issue with calling the Wildcats obvious favorites.

"I wouldn't say I get that impression," Argento said. "He likes them, most definitely, but there's a lot of schools out there he likes."

But Argento didn't deny having a personal favorite.

"Of course I want him (Semrau) to go to Kentucky," he acknowledged. "I am really pushing for him to go there, and I hope that he does. But there's a lot of things under consideration and when it comes down to it, that might not be where he goes."

Even recently, several schools have begun to get involved. Just this past week, Wake Forest offered Semrau.

Other schools like Michigan, Florida, Notre Dame have tried to get involved as well. But Argento seems to have a message for some of those schools.

"If Richard decides he wants to go to a football school, he will just go right down the road to Ohio State," Argento said.

Ohio State remains an outside possibility for Semrau even despite the perception of being a football school.
In fact, Semrau hopes to check out a little of the football in action.

"I think he really wants to go down and visit Ohio State the week of the Michigan game, "Argento said. "He was going to go down before that, but it didn't work. He told me that he would like to go down to check out Ohio State that weekend."

The Buckeyes tried to get Semrau on campus the same weekend that Daequan Cook, Greg Oden, and Mike Conley were on board, but he didn't make it down.

Semrau will most definitely be taking quite a few more visits before the year is over with. We will be busy just trying to keep up.

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