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GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:06:26 PM)
Hello everyone...week number eight of the high school football season and things are starting to take shape for the playoffs. I'll be watching Lawrence Wilson tonight and the Holy War in Cleveland tomorrow. And also the Buckeyes on some big screen TV somewhere in Parma...join me???

bucknut13 (Oct 15, 2004 1:07:48 PM)
Anything new with the Glenville boys?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:10:50 PM)
Hi bucknut13 I just talked with Jamario O'Neal last night and the Tarblooders are in the midst of their Senate league schedule right now. After another patsy today at 3 p.m., they have Cleveland JFK on their schedule (6-1 this year so far) but I think Warren G. Harding will pound JFK this week. JFK is the only real game left on their schedule until the playoffs start. But nothing new to report with Lenix or Smith or any of the guys.

buckmark (Oct 15, 2004 1:10:55 PM)
Gary, what are you seeing or sensing about how recruits are reacting to OSU's losses and continued offensive struggles? Also, what the word on how recruits view the supposed "quarterback controversy?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:15:31 PM)
Hi Buckmark, when you consider that I've spoken to Ed Collington, Lawrence Wilson, Dan Doering, Alex Boone and JO this week among others, and not one of them was concerned about OSU losing the game this week, I think that tells you that these aren't really concerned with that type of stuff when it comes to making their own personal decision. In fact Boone told me that he wishes the Buckeyes well every week but he's so wrapped up in his own team that he doesn't have much time to worry about OSU's wins and losses. I don't think it's a big issue at all. And I also don't think that they don't even have any inkling at all of a QB controversy... they might have an opinion possibly if you ask them but they have no idea which QB should be in or not.

buckmark (Oct 15, 2004 1:15:45 PM)
Damn shame about Ringer's injury!! Have you talked to anyone the last couple of days about prognosis, affect on offers, etc?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:21:06 PM)
It's a terrible thing to hear about what happened to Ringer...such a classy young individual no doubt. But I know he will recover stronger than ever from this. I also believe, that if OSU was indeed with him as much as it has been believed to be...that Jim Tressel will honor that and stick with him as if the injury never happened. They said that to Brian Hartline in so many words that even if he hadn't been offered before his injury...he was their guy and they would have stuck with him. So if Ringer was indeed their guy and OSU was waiting on something such as academics...then they will take him if the academics are up to muster. Jim Tressel has to after the three snafu's academically last year. It would be to brutal of a reaction if they passed on Ringer if they led him to believe something different. There's too much credibility for JT to lose here. So I still feel good about a bad situation for Ringer...and plus I was waiting to see him in the post season. It's sad.

C'ville Buck (Oct 15, 2004 1:21:14 PM)
Wilson, your best guess on his choice OSU vs ND?

buckmark (Oct 15, 2004 1:21:22 PM)
Sounds like Wilson is really torn between ND and OSU. What is your opinion about where he ends up? Why does The Insiders have him rated as a 1 star recruit? Will they update at the end of the season based on new film?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:25:10 PM)
Hi C'ville best guess...and that's what it is, a OSU. There are too many positive reasons to choose OSU over ND from where I see it. I'll see if I can find anything new tonight at his game. I also have never been a real big believer in rankings and I really have nothing to do with the way Insiders rates players or even Ohio High magazine for that matter. I personally just try to see as many quality players as I can in person so I can determine in my mind if they're a player or not.

redondo (Oct 15, 2004 1:25:31 PM)
Hi Gary - While at YSU, did JT ever have to step back from a situation (such as the current Buckeye offensive woes), take stock, and make some "big picture" direction changes? Is he capable of doing that, or will it always be a missed block here and an over thrown ball there?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:33:29 PM)
Hi redondo, during the brutal 3-8 season in 1995, the year after back-to-back national championship...I distinctly remember him talking every week about "Improving" and do what they needed to do to play better every week as the loses continued to mount. The philosophy never really's just whether or not the team gets better each week at pounding that square peg into a round hole. I've been chastised here by many in the past for my negative interpretations of JT's offense, something I've been known for even during his time at YSU when he was leading YSU to four titles, but I've only been as consistent as his offensive philosophy. His individual control of the outcome of the game rests in his ability to have his offense play not to lose...and when the defense can't stop anybody...look's ugly time. Nothing will ever change. He will never delegate control of the offense to anyone. It's not in his coaching being. But you'll never see JT sweat! As the loses continue this season....he'll continue to talk about his boys improving in one aspect or another each week.

BuckeyeJoe (Oct 15, 2004 1:34:39 PM)
It seems to me that our receivers are not often open and that opponents are sacking the line and blitzing. Seems that they should be more open. Any thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:39:36 PM)
Hi BuckeyeJoe...I could be dead wrong on this but I've always believed that JT's offense is so simplistic be it in running or even throwing the ball that it's hard to be prolific in either aspect. You just have to remember, YSU was so good for so long because we had better talent than everybody and we can punish opponents into submission. There isn't any where near close of a talent gap like there was in I-AA football in the '90's. If I've said it once over the years I've said it 1,000 times...the words prolific and JT's offense are oxymorons. I'm not being negative and I'm not piling on just is what it is.

ToledoBucknutty (Oct 15, 2004 1:39:47 PM)
Good afternoon guys! Do you think that a substantial number of the guys between Skinner, Person, Rehring, Mitchum, Cordle, Bemoll, and Boone will see significant pt next year since this unit does not appear to have "it"?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:44:26 PM)
Hi ToledoBucknutty...I'm going to say it here not that I believe that Mitchum and Boone will be starters next season. Kne is gone so there is one opening and I believe that Boone, will establish himself in spring ball and be a starter next fall at left tackle. I'll put Mitchum next to Barton on the right side and let Sims, Datish and Mangold fight for the other two positions. I can confidently say that our line play will get better over the next coming seasons. It has to. There's way too much talent in the pipeline. And one comment that I would like to make about Bollman since he does seem to be the whipping that he has a great rapport with the linemen that he is recruiting...they almost all speak highly of him in that aspect. I think it would be hard for any line to execute when everybody and their brother knows how to stop our offense before the play is even run.

edbuck51 (Oct 15, 2004 1:44:41 PM)
Who are you picking in the St.Ed vs. Iggy game?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:49:12 PM)
Hi edbuck51...I am so freaking excited about this game after talking to Alex Boone the other night...he had me ready to suit up and it's been almost 20 years since I put the pads on. I really like Iggy's young talent and I was disappointed that they played so badly against St. Francis in the game I saw, but I don't think they will be able to stop Ed's offense enough to beat the Eagles. Can Kirbus and Parris keep the Wildcats in the game...sure they can but I think this is Ed's storybook season for sure and I'm expecting them to get the victory. Ed's quarterback, Anthony Gardner, is just the perfect guy to run that offense and I think Boone and his offensive mates will wear Iggy down and win the game. I will say this...Ignatius wins in a rout next year! Smile!

AJ (Oct 15, 2004 1:49:37 PM)
HI everbody Do you think we will see anything different from the Buckeyes on Saturday?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 1:55:17 PM)
Hi AJ...I think we're back to the point in the cycle where we will see a long pass completion early in the game like the ones against Wisconsin and Penn State on the road to Michael Jenkins and then we will go back to no-turnovers-on-the-road mode. There are just certain precepts that JT lives by in coaching and the turnover margin, especially on the road is one big one. When I was over at the other organization before I came to Bucknuts, I used to tell those guys that I affectionately called JT ...Hargrove because of Grover's predictability with the bullpen, going by the book, when he was the skipper in Cleveland. No difference. JT is JT. If the talent is next season...he wins championships better than anybody. Obviously the talent this season isn't there.

Seabus (Oct 15, 2004 1:55:47 PM)
Gary, please skip if this has been asked, but do you have any update on Ringer's injury? It is very sad to hear, he was putting up some ridiculous numbers.

osufan35 (Oct 15, 2004 1:55:59 PM)
Hey Gary! I just joined the chat. What's the story with Javon Ringer. Steve said yesterday that he might be on the back burner now. I don't understand that at all because the injury wasn't as serious as it could have been. I sure hope he still gets an offer.

osufan35 (Oct 15, 2004 1:56:03 PM)
If we don't offer Ringer. Do you think we land Collington or Stewart?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:00:45 PM)
Hi Seabus...I'm willing to bet that Kirk being in Dayton is much more familiar with Ringer's injury situation than I am. I don't want pass along any unsubstaniated information so I'll just say that he may be done for the year unless Kirk would like to update us all. I've already spoken about my thoughts concerning his scholarship status with OSU so feel free to scroll up or look at the chat after it's posted. I think Joe Daniels is quietly doing some nice work with Collington over in Pa. like he did with Devon Lyons last year. We're in on Collington and I like Collington but I think we want to an ACT score before we pursue him further. Remember we never really even heard of Lyons or Nicol at this time last year. I'd like to see us get Ringer and Collington to go with M. Wells.

Kirk (Oct 15, 2004 2:01:50 PM)
I don't really have anything 100% definite to add but the general vibe (even though Javon hasn't given up) is that he won't be back on the field this year

bucks4fun (Oct 15, 2004 2:02:14 PM)
I was in offensive envy watching the Miami-Louisville game last night. Defense wins championships, but why can't our offense under JT be as strong as he wants the defense to be. Kind of like a two headed monster?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:08:01 PM)
hi bucks4fun...people think I'm just a line-up in four or five wide guy and throw it every down guy but I'm so not that. I like to line up in an I formation, two-wides, a tightend and play football. Run, pass, go two-tight sets like Miami uses so wonderfully. And use an entire playbook. I don't even need to see a shot-gun unless it will help the QB see the field better and quicker. I'm rather conservative in my approach. Give me balance and the potential use the entire array of plays in my arsenal and I'm happy. Be good at run and pass. Boy what a wonderful game to watch offensively last night with both teams. I'm sorry my friend...we will never see such a display. We will see big plays made like against Marshall for instance, but our offense, conceptually, is light years behind any of that type of action. I love Miami's two tight ends. We don't even have one cause he has to block every down obviously. So it will never happen in this lifetime.

browndawg (Oct 15, 2004 2:08:42 PM)
Gary do you think JT preaching to Zwick about turnovers have left him uncomfortable. He always seemed to be a QB that aired it out and now JT seems to have put the claps on him. Now he seems to be eating the ball and losing a lot of yards with the sack. It just seems that Tressel is not letting him do his thing. Even with the turnovers zwick seemed to be more comfortable in the cincy and marshall games than when we started big ten play.

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:14:51 PM)
Hi browndawg...boy I almost bought into an offense change after watching the first two games and I was even called out on our message board about it and I agreed that I liked what I saw. But thinking back to JT's first couple of spring games when he was airing it out everywhere, the guys in the Ytown media that were there were near laughter because it was something we never saw with any type of regularity ever. That said...yeah JT might have JZ on some type of mental leash but Zwick himself throws off his back foot too much, and he's showing signs of being more like Krenzel now then how I remember seeing him in his two seasons at Massillon. I like how he can run like Krenzel...did you see Brohm pull it down for some big runs last nigh?...but that's only a safety valve and that's good. But maybe Zwick is too worried about making turnovers and is hampered by that in a way. For whatever reason, he took a step back last week and you're kidding yourself if you didn't see it that way.

edbuck51 (Oct 15, 2004 2:14:59 PM)
You mention the talent gap at YSU and the competition. Obviously it's not the same here. Don't you think JT is smart enough to realize that? A little more flexibility with the offense would make things easier, not harder. If he doesn't adjust, it will eventually lead to his undoing. Don't you think he is smart enough to realize that? In my mind he really has no choice. I like him a lot, and will remain patient, be he will never experience the talent gap at OSU he had at YSU.

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:19:50 PM)
I don't know what to tell you about that edbuck51...I've been waiting on a change for a long time and haven't seen signs of it. I've been consistent as the day is long talking about the same stuff since JT has come to OSU and he hasn't really proved me wrong yet. People used to say....wait until he has his own recruits...well these are his own recruits. I'm afraid to say that if JT didn't have a superior talent like Reecie two years ago...then...what? I'm no genius when comes to offense...I played defense in high school and college...but I've seen enough good offenses to know that JT hasn't presided over very many of them over the years.

skeelo (Oct 15, 2004 2:20:14 PM)
is jamario making plays at glenville, i rarely hear about his impact on games this season

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:25:30 PM)
Hi skeelo...about Jamario...I've been to I think four Glenville games this year and the last two I've seen him make big plays including interceptions from his safety position and even a couple of nice punt returns, one long one 80 yards plus for a TD was called back on a penalty. I've also seen him crunch a few players coming up hard from his safety position. So he is settling in nicely on defense for the Tarblooders. He hardly plays no offense if any, which I believe is a shame. One of the best athletes on the field every game is on the sidelines with Glenville on offense. Their QB got hurt against Buchtel and was out for a few weeks and may still be out...but the backup was solid in the game I saw him play. So JO is doing fine.

murfinatl (Oct 15, 2004 2:20:20 PM)
Gary - how much time to you see Freeman getting on the field this week?

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:27:34 PM)
Hi murfanitl...about Freeman...I'd love to see him making plays out there somewhere on the field. Not only is he a big time talent but he's a wonderful individual. A great person and role model. I'm very excited about his future as a Buckeye and I hope he gets to start making plays sooner rather than later.

GaryHousteau (Oct 15, 2004 2:30:51 PM)
Thanks to Kirk and to everyone for chatting time is up...I'm picking Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary-St. James tonight to knock off Cardinal Mooney and St. Ed's tomorrow. BTW...Cleveland Benediction as a solid unit and a ton of young talent on that roster. I look for them to go long into the postseason and possibly defend their state title this year again. Go Bucks!

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