'There's no way I'm changing my mind, ever'

While speaking with Alex Boone tonight, he told me what his thoughts were in regards to this current Maurice Clarett episode.

In light of the current situation now, I asked Alex Boone if any of this stuff about Maurice Clarett and his new round of accusations against Jim Tressel concerns him in any way.

"It bothers me because I think it's all false," Boone said. "I think that Coach Tressel has way too much integrity to do that and I could never see him doing that. When I first heard it, the first thing that came to my mind was BS. Some people say it is (true) and some people say it isn't but we'll never know. But the fact that he would call somebody out like Coach Tressel and say that, I think that's very disrespectful. I think Coach Tressel is probably one of the best guys that I know and I think he has way too much integrity to do something like that."

Is there any scenario surrounding the Clarett allegations that would make him rethink his decision to attend Ohio State at all?

"Nothing would make me rethink my decision," he said. "I'm 100 percent and I'll always be no matter what happens. Some people are saying, ‘Well what happens if they have to forfeit a year?' Whatever, then they do that. There's no way I'm changing my mind, ever."

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