Chat Transcript - Gary Housteau

Today in a club chat, Gary Housteau gave plenty of thoughts on the Clarett situation as well as how it will affect recruiting. For that and more, check out the transcript below.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:08:32 PM)
Tonight I'll be in Steubenville to see QB Nate Davis of Bellaire take on Martins Ferry. This is a arch-rival battle and Martins Ferry beat Bellaire during the regular season. Tomorrow I'll be in Parma to take in the Glenville-Ed's encounter.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:06:55 PM)
I wonder what will be the hot topic of the day???

tbdbitldrummer (Nov 12, 2004 1:08:02 PM)
hopefully not clarett

Kirk (Nov 12, 2004 1:08:09 PM)

homesickbuck (Nov 12, 2004 1:08:13 PM)
How will the Clarett situation affect current commits and potential commits? Whether these allegations are true or not, we are getting an awful perception around the Country.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:10:59 PM)
Hi homesickbuck...unless there is another to drop I can't believe how lame this hatchet job on Jim Tressel is. I personally know this investigation has been steered from the very beginning and it's shameful with all the malcontents they've brought in to back their side of the story. This is a complete hatchet piece by ESPN and it was steered from the very beginning out of now where else but my town, which is Y-town. Shameful is all I can say.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:11:44 PM)
I met another shoe to drop in that last question.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:12:44 PM)
And no I don't think it will hurt recruiting over all if this is all there is to it. It will help JT actually. Sympathy wise! Sorry for getting off on a tangent there.

buckeyenole (Nov 12, 2004 1:11:14 PM)
Hi Gary! Thanks for coming on today. Two recruiting questions today. I'm ignoring ESPN. #1 Who do we end up with in this class. Your guess at the last 8-10 based on the guys you've talked to and your gut with them.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:19:08 PM)
Hi buckeyenole...that's hard for me to say because I really don't do the thorough job with recruiting that Duane and Steve do. From the people that I talk to... I think we have a good chance with Gwaltney and someone who knows told me he and Wells are at the top of the RB list right now. I'm not happy with the treatment Ringer is getting right now but again if the grades are okay after this semester, they have to find a way to get him on board and a grayshirt is an insult. I also like Collington. I like Rico McCoy, I'm not as high on Mathis after seeing him play. I was told they were high on Beckum but I don't even know if he's committed anywhere yet. I think Taz will be in the fold and maybe CJ as well from Ely. I would still consider Brandon Long because he's so versatile and his measureables are outstanding. We need more corners so maybe Smalls could be the guy they go after hard although Amos could play corner no doubt. They they would need another receiver so Robiskie is the best left from who I'

AnotherBuck (Nov 12, 2004 1:19:17 PM)
Gary, do you see Geiger fighting back anytime soon?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:22:11 PM)
Hi another I see Geiger just holding his breath waiting for all of this to blow over. I have to say, after watching Outside the Lines last night and seeing bits and pieces of the article, I can't believe ESPN the Mag would run with this garbage. Tressel will easily survive this no doubt, if there's nothing else to it, but Geiger just might want to call it a career soon because of this.

redondo (Nov 12, 2004 1:22:29 PM)
Hi Gary - Tom Lemming in his "chat" on this past Tuesday said "it's a weak year for recruiting in the state of Ohio. For the Buckeyes to land in the Top 10 they will have to be effective out of state... which they are are very capable of doing." Your thoughts, please. Is Ohio "weak" this year and do the Buckeyes need to do well OOS more so than other years for a top ten ranking? Thank you.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:28:15 PM)
Hi redondo...I would say it's top heavy but overall it can be considered weak in depth. Any state with Boone and O'Neal and Manningham to top the list can't be considered weak in any way. I think Ohio State got the pick of the litter other than Manningham of course but I think there are still some gems left like Robiskie for instance and Sutton and Ringer still. There was a great volume of big timers in this class but a lot of solid players and some are still out there. The linebacker class was weak this year but Lenix is still a consideration...he can play running back. There's a big back with speed and power that likes collisions. Curtis Smith will give Boone and Ed's a headache tomorrow night. Alex Allen is still out there with no takers. He's a 2,000 yard regular season running back from Ursuline. Derrick Stewart from Ursuline has grade issues or he's a big 10 caliber player. Ohio is always solid. Mike Chambers might still go Big Ten.

osufan25 (Nov 12, 2004 1:28:30 PM)
Hey Gary! Is big Doug Worthington really rethinking his committment? I think OSU really needs a stud DE and he fits that mold.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:33:10 PM)
Hi osufan25...I interviewed Doug and his head coach personally and even wrote a story on him for one of our magazines and I will be totally surprised and shocked if he doesn't go to OSU. Sure he's entitled to his visits but I think he's pretty sold on Ohio State. His coaching staff at St. Francis has solid ties with Jim Tressel from years back and I got nothing but solid vibes about Worthington wanting to be a Buckeye. He also has extended family in, I think the Steubenville area, so that's another positive Doug told me. He's a Buckeye. I'll be completely shocked if he isn't. He has been on my call list this week to no avail yet. I like this guy a lot.

witter15 (Nov 12, 2004 1:33:45 PM)
who is the biggest name nationally we have the best chance of committing to become a Buckeye?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:36:59 PM)
Hi witter15...I'm sure we will find that out during the week of the Army All-American game in January. I think Gwaltney has to be considered a national name now if USC is involved. Like Byers last year, Doering just jerked us around but I knew that was a pipe dream. I actually thought we made a good enough impression on him to warrant a visit that proved to be wrong. I guess Maurice Wells is another strong national name. I'm sure we will hear a couple more of them in weeks to come. I think we have a real good shot with Gwaltney.

buckeyenole (Nov 12, 2004 1:37:13 PM)
#2 I really liked your piece with Boone. Do you think there is any damage control that the staff needs to do with other verbals?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:41:52 PM)
Short and sweet. Folks I've been in contact with Boone and O'Neal for the longest time and both of those are solid OSU guys period. And by the way, I'm more and more impressed with Jamario every time I see him. I first met him and spent some time with him before the incident in Mansfield happened and he just continues to mature more and more every time I speak with him. Ginn is a terrific influence on him no doubt. And he's proud being Teddy's younger brother. The two are very, very close. That said. No I don't think there will be any more damage control needed especially considering this was a hatchet piece in the making for over a year now. I have it traced back to it's very origin. It's shameful. Again unless they have more than they've brought out's shameful.

BuckeyePavs (Nov 12, 2004 1:42:14 PM)
Hello Gary. I know that you tight with the Clarett family. Just wondering if you have the chance to speak with Clarett's mom about any of this situation. You seem to be in the know when it has come to this. Do you think anything new will come to light? Is the last we've heard or will there be new allegations or stories that come out...

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:48:12 PM)
Hi BuckeyePavs...longtime no hear or see as you and I go back a ways...I wouldn't say I'm tight with the Clarett family but I do know a lot of the players. I use to be able to call Reecie and his mom on the problem. Now...forget about it. I thought Reecie was the best thing going as a running back at one time and I really believe that he cares about Jim Tressel as a person a lot. I know he still keeps in regular contact with his junior high coach to this day because he never really had a father figure in his life...or an influential one. My original message back a year and half or so ago was brace for the worse and hope for the best with this debacle. I have not commented publicly at all what I do know in fairness to both sides but if there is a time for me to speak up...I will. I've been so close all week but it's best I stay out of the fray and I will continue to do. Please accept my stance for now anyway.

browndawg (Nov 12, 2004 1:49:00 PM)
Gary how do you feel about our offense with teams now having to worry about Ginn and Holmes. They both have to be pretty intimidating with man to man coverage and should probably keep the safeties back a little. Do you think it will open up the running game a little and give the offense the spark they need. Also, prediction on HSD1 champion.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 1:55:04 PM)
Hi Browndown...up until about three minutes remaining in the game against MSU when I'm in the endzone wondering to myself why isn't Teddy back here returning the kickoff at this very moment. I don't care about seniors or whoever else is doing a good job, I want Teddy to have the chance to win the game with a big return. Luckily Teddy still saved the pathetic offense that we had to endure during the game. If anybody can objectively look at our offense and say that we have some semblance of one than you're a way smarter man than I. I'll back JT to the hilt on any character issue going, like Thom McDaniels said: Clarett vs JT in character ...JT wins 100 out of 100 times. But as far as his offense goes... just think how ugly it would have been this week if Teddy Ballgame didn't save this offense, this team and this head coach. It's reality. We have no competent offense and we barely know how to use the talent we do have. Look at the numbers. Sorry.

BuckeyeDave (Nov 12, 2004 1:55:46 PM)
Some of the chat rooms are predicting anything from an NCAA death penalty to a 5 year ban for the Bucks. I keep telling them that there is nothing new in these allegations and that these charges have already been investigated and Ohio St has been cleared. In your mind, is that pretty accurate or is there a something in the wings that we don't know about yet?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:00:39 PM)
Hi close sources here in Youngstown have been cut off. I do know through third parties that there are people that are happy and even proud to be putting JT through this. They're all vindictive malcontents, every one of them. I will continue to say, from what I was told before that there is one thing about this whole thing, just one thing, that still makes me uncomfortable. But nothing remotely close to what I was told at one time has came to fruition. Geiger obviously isn't worried about any other improprieties, JT obviously isn't worried about anything else, so I'm not worried either. I've spoken to too many people this week here in Y-town, people in the know about JT, and most all continue to speak highly of his character. And that's the only JT that I know as well other than the rumors from the malcontents and the "I got ya" people that are out there.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:00:49 PM)
But I see nothing with the NCAA coming out over what we have now.

yooperbuck (Nov 12, 2004 2:01:48 PM)
Hi Gary. Now that we are bowl eligible, how many additional practices does that give us to get ready for wherever we are bowling? I know this is really helpful for bringing along the young guys.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:04:43 PM)
Hi yooperbuck...I'm noticing a lot of new names to the chat and I would like to thank you all for joining in...This particular question is a Steve Helwagen question because the guy flat out knows everything...but I would say we're talking 10 additional practices maybe a couple before they leave for the Bowl and maybe a week or so at the site. It might not even be 10. I agree every extra practice is helpful and we have a relatively young team and younger offense.

KCBUCK (Nov 12, 2004 2:04:52 PM)
Gary, how has Jamario played this year and where do you see him fitting in at OSU?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:09:31 PM)
HI KCBUCK...I've seen Jamario play four times this year and this weekend will be five. I think he's really rounding into shape as a defensive back right now. He's a huge hitter first of all, he never lost that but I see him being more of a leader on the field and on the sideline. I purpose check guys like Jamario out on the sideline to see how they use their time when they're not in the game and he's talking to players and encouraging players so he's a leader in that aspect as well. And his work ethic is incredible. It's always a debate over where he will play at OSU and I say he will excel wherever he does play. If he does play corner as some project he has all the tools to excel there. I see him more of a safety because he's almost too aggressive to waist running around chasing receivers and not being in on as many tackles as possible. I like him as a safety others like him at corner. I'm just glad he's a Buckeye.

buckeyenole (Nov 12, 2004 2:09:40 PM)
Is there any chance we offer Carlton Jackson from Ely with Ronnie. We seem to be recruiting all these stereotypical "drop-back passers" to play QB, but JT doesn't seem to utilize them properly, evidence Troy and Justin. Troy is obviously the better type of QB for this system. Now CJ comes along and he's just like Troy but faster and with better stats against at least as good if not better competition. Why not offer him? At the worst he plays WR and he was "uncoverable" from the reports at camp this summer. At best he's the PERFECT QB in JT's system, no?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:16:01 PM)
I like CJ because he can be versatile enough to play receiver if he doesn't pan out at QB. From what I've heard he does want to play QB though and I'm sure we would have to bring him in as one. I've seen him in person and he has good size and I like his overall athletic ability and I'm interested very much in him becoming a Buckeye. I'm not sure he fits if he's adament about playing QB only. I know he does like OSU a lot.

tbdbitldrummer (Nov 12, 2004 2:12:22 PM)
who starts first for the bucks, mitchum or boone? (or both?)

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:18:33 PM)
I think Mitchum makes a strong push at a starting spot next season as a four-year guy on the line and if Boone comes in he like could be numer two on the depth chart going into the season ready to take over at any time. Like them both for the long term. I put Mitchum ahead as an early starter.

rbuck (Nov 12, 2004 2:16:13 PM)
Hi Gary, First of all is Alex Boone going to enroll early? and second do you see him playing next year? Thanks.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:20:44 PM)
From what I know, Boone will enroll by the spring quarter and he'll have a shot at earning a spot in the fall by playing spring ball. I think he will play a lot as a true freshman. He has too. I really like the young offensive lineman a lot. The sooner they take over the better.

HunterDonBuck (Nov 12, 2004 2:16:26 PM)
Gary, Please give us some good news on Chris Wells. With Hart and Grady at UofM whyn would he go there knowing the Bucks would need him deseperately at RB?

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:30:45 PM)
I like Chris Wells a lot. I enjoyed him watching him last week against Copley even though Garfield got beat. He had a really good ball game and he's such a nice young and big kid. He's still a kid with a big smile. He'll be one player that will really bother me if he goes up north. Manningham irks me a lot me a lot too but I've gotten over it. Manningham's a huge talent incase anyone hasn't heard me say that 1,000 times or so before. Wells can play ball and he made a really nice defensive play last week and he hardly played defense. And he made a circus catch 15 yards down the field out of the backfield. It's Ohio State or the school up north. I really don't think he knows the answer right now. OSU has to stay on him hard because the other school is. His mom loves OSU but the rest of his family favors the maize and blue. We shall see how it plays out. He will like not commit early and take all of his visits.

redondo (Nov 12, 2004 2:16:53 PM)
Hi Gary - Last week I asked about Coach Rios allegedly appearing on the USC board discussing his talks with Fred Davis, namely that Fred did not volunteer to move to tight end; Fred's not particularly happy at USC; and, in coach Rios's view they should not have burned his red shirt season for the few and mostly meaningless plays he's played. You asked me to check back this week with the same question. So, here I am. Do these comments reflect Coach Rios' viewpoint? Thank you.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:25:42 PM)
For redondo...I never called Rios this week, I knew I forgot something. But his viewpoint on what Fred Davis does at USC is irrelavent to Fred's situation. Fred is a big boy that made his bed and now has to sleep in it. Davis handled the whole thing poorly and now has to live with it. I'm sure it bothers Rios a lot and he's entitled to his opinion about it's being handled by USC but there's nothing he can do or say about it that will change it now. Sorry for not following up on that question from last week. I got sidetracked this week you might say. No excuse though.

GaryHousteau (Nov 12, 2004 2:33:52 PM)
Thanks to Kirk and everyone for chatting today. I pick Martins Ferry over Bellaire tonight although I'm excited to see Nate Davis play quarterback. Tomorrow is very difficult for me picking between Eds and Glenville. I like both teams a whole lot. I've been wrong with Ed's the past two games I picked with them so I'm going to go with Glenville tomorrow and if I'm wrong again then good for Ed's. If Glenville can avoid mistakes, they have the talent to beat Ed's. I see Teddy Ginn beating Purdue on Saturday as well. Join me at Quotes before the Ed's Glenville game to watch the Buckeyes. Go Bucks!

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