Cook Gives An Update

The Springboro Scrimmage Fest was filled with top prospects, the best of which was likely Dayton Dunbar's Daequan Cook. At the event, Kyle Lamb caught up with Cook for some Q&A.

Saturday at Springboro High School, 16 teams participated in the Springboro Scrimmage Fest, a chance for many of the state's top teams and top players to be showcased.

One of those teams, Dayton Dunbar, showcased one of the top stars not only in the state of Ohio, but the entire nation.

Junior Daequan Cook, a 6-5 guard, is considered the sixth-best prospect in the class of 2006 by Scout Hoops. We spoke with Cook on Saturday to catch up on what he felt about his team and the recruiting process.

Here is the transcript.

Bucknuts: "So how do you feel about the season so far and your performance today?"

Daequan Cook: "Everything is going good. We need some work though as far as defense and learning the plays. We will get that taken care of though, we just have to keep working."

BN: "Is it a little bit different this year with a different coach? Has there been an adjustment?"

DC: "No, not really. The coaches don't make the team. The coaches make the plays but we still play the game. As far as the coaching, sure it's a little different but everything's still pretty much the same."

BN: "As practice has started, do you feel there's anything in your game you still need to work on personally?"

DC: "I've been working on everything and all parts of my game. I still need to continue to work on my defense, and I feel like my shot was a little flat today. But I'll keep working hard."

BN: "As far as the recruiting process goes, I understand that your boys Mike (Conley) and Greg (Oden) are trying to come over to watch same games with you at Wake Forest and Ohio State. Are you looking forward to that?"

DC. "Yeah definitely. We're going to do that in December. I think December or January we're going to try to see Wake Forest and Ohio State play. We're trying to get it to where we can definitely all be there. We're working on that now."

BN: "How often do you guys get to talk?"

DC: "We talk a lot, almost daily here lately. We try to keep up."

BN: "A lot of people are thinking that Mike will end up at Wake Forest. Do you get that impression as well?"

DC: "Mike still has his options open, but sure, he has a big, big interest in Wake Forest. We've been talking about our choices, but I don't think we have a decision yet. We're going to keep working on it and make our decisions together."

BN: "Is it still the same schools with you? Who are the schools you've got the most interest in?"

DC: "Ohio State and North Carolina, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Miami (Fla.). There's some good schools in there, so I'm just trying to keep my options open, you know?"

BN: "If someone were to press you out of those schools and ask for a leader, putting you on the spot, do you think you could say you have a leader?"

DC: "Yeah I think I could a little bit, actually."

BN: "Would you like to give us some insight? You know I'm a reporter Daequan, you know I have to ask that question!

DC: (Cook pauses to shed a few chuckles giving a big grin) "Yeah, I know how it is. Not really though, I have it in mind but I'm just trying to make a good decision."

BN: "What's next for you in the decision? I assume it's to start catching some games?"

DC: "Yeah a little bit. I'm definitely wanting to go up and watch some Ohio State practices. I also want to go up and watch some games too. Other than that, I'll just keep working on my game."

BN: "Well thanks Daequan, good luck to you and I'm sure I'll talk to you again soon!"

DC: "Thanks man, you too."

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