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If you are looking for holiday gift ideas for a Buckeye fan, you might want to give the book "Buckeye Glory Days" by Eric Kaelin a look. This new book/CD takes you back through OSU football's most memorable moments, with the interviews and radio broadcasts that came with them. Click on the link for more info.

The Bucknuts Media Network is proud to announce the availability of "Buckeye Glory Days," a book and compact disc combination, in our online store.

This one-of-a-kind product will be a perfect Christmas gift for the OSU fan on your list. Below is a review of the book which will appear in the upcoming December edition of Bucknuts The Magazine. Click the links below for ordering information.

Buckeye Glory Days Hits The Shelves

By Steve Helwagen

It was an ambitious undertaking but radio broadcaster Eric Kaelin pulled it off.

Kaelin, who spent the past 10 years at Columbus' WBNS-AM, has authored a book titled "Buckeye Glory Days: The Most Memorable Games of Ohio State Football."

The 147-page book contains a look at 25 of OSU's biggest and best games from the past 50 years. It is replete with color photographs from most of these OSU classics. But "Buckeye Glory Days" goes one step farther.

With his background in radio, Kaelin decided to do something a bit unique. He succeeded in producing a complementary compact disc that contains radio calls and interviews on each of these 25 classic games.

In the introduction for "Buckeye Glory Days," Kaelin said he got the inspiration to put the book together from talking with longtime OSU broadcaster Bert Charles as well as former sports information director Marv Homan, who also broadcasted OSU games on the radio and also with WOSU-TV.

Through his connections with those two as well as his work at WBNS-AM, Kaelin was afforded a treasure trove of great game calls as well as priceless interviews with coaches and players.

"Although they don't realize it, their love of talking about past Ohio State football games during Coach (John) Cooper's luncheons, along with the fact that Bert had recordings of some of the games, inspired me to write this book," Kaelin wrote.

Kaelin enlisted the help of a Columbus media panel to help him select his list of games to feature. He then went to work, researching old newspapers for details on the games and pulling audio broadcasts of them from wherever he could find them.

The final result is a CD, 72 minutes in length, that serves as an entertaining look at some of the best (and worst) moments in Ohio State football history over the last five decades.

The CD contains interviews with the likes of Howard "Hopalong" Cassady, Bo Schembechler, Earle Bruce, Cornelius Greene, John Cooper, John Brockington, Dave Leggett, Jack Park and, of course, Woody Hayes.

Kaelin got OSU play-by-play calls from Charles and Homan as well as Paul Keels (who emcees the CD), Terry Smith, Jack Kramer, Gary Hahn and others. He also adds in several Michigan broadcasts from the legendary Bob Ufer as well as calls from Iowa, Oklahoma and USC broadcasts of OSU games.

Obviously, Ohio State's 2003 Fiesta Bowl victory over Miami (Fla.) tops Kaelin's list of the top 25 games over the past 50 years. Many other longtime favorites – the 1969 Rose Bowl with USC, 1968 Purdue, 1997 Rose Bowl with Arizona State and the 1968 and 2002 Michigan games, among others – dot the list. So, too, do some of the program's most bitter defeats, including 1969 Michigan, 1998 Michigan State and 1977 Oklahoma.

Perhaps the highlight of the CD are snippets of the only known audio archives of OSU's 1950 Snow Bowl loss to Michigan. That game is provided as a bonus game with audio from Homan's radio broadcast of that 9-3 OSU loss, which was played in a blizzard.

Homan: "I have been asked to make an announcement. If you are listening and are from the Youngstown area, you are asked to not try to drive home. The trains are not running in northeast Ohio. I'm just wondering if I'll be able to get out of this stadium."

If you are a true Ohio State fan, you will revel in the desperation of Michigan's excitable announcer Ufer. Here is a snippet from the 1974 OSU-Michigan game, won by the Buckeyes 12-10 after Mike Lantry misfired on this late kick.

Ufer: "Seventy million people on TV, 88,000 here and you and I. It's snapped, it's spotted, it's kicked … end over end … and it's going to be … it's good … NO GOOD! NO GOOD! Oh, no, no, no!"

Even better was Ufer's call on the famed goal line stand in the 1972 game, won by OSU 14-11.

Ufer: "Aren't they going to raise their hands? He was into the end zone. This is just like 1954. These officials are so intimidated by Woody Hayes. Every official looked at each other and none of them had the guts to call it. You watch this play.

"It's fourth down, Dennis Franklin, quarterback sneak. By golly, they aren't calling it yet. Oh, I can't believe it! That's the rottenest deal I've seen in football. Twice they were over that glass plane (of the goal line). No one will ever forget the infamous game played at Ohio Stadium Nov. 25, 1972."

There is a priceless Hayes interview, presumably taped days after the OSU faculty council voted to turn down the football team's bid to the Rose Bowl after the Buckeyes crushed Michigan 50-20 in the 1961 season finale. That vote touched off demonstrations on the OSU campus.

Hayes: "What an explosive situation to have on your campus. One of the coaches called us up in Cleveland and said the students were demonstrating on campus. That's the first time that's happened in nine years. I knew what I had to say had to be completely without any malice or it could have been a bad situation.

"To their eternal credit, the students of the university did not get destructive. But if you get a few hoodlums in there or a few Communists planted in there – that's their trick, that's the way they like to play ball – they will throw a few rocks or turn over a police car. Then the police will retaliate. Demonstrations are no good under any circumstances. It must not be.

"I don't agree with those who voted against us. But I would give them their chance to vote. I don't think they should be intimidated in any way. For 400 years on this continent, we have built up the way do these things. I don't want to see any more demonstrations on this campus."

Of course, it would be seven years later in 1968 when the Buckeyes would earn the Rose Bowl berth and be permitted to represent the Big Ten in Pasadena. Perhaps the key game in that season was the 13-0 win over top-ranked Purdue.

The game was a scoreless tie until the third quarter, when Ted Provost intercepted a pass from Mike Phipps and returned it 35 yards for the game's first touchdown.

Charles: "(Leroy) Keyes wide left … Phipps goes back to throw, has time and it's INTERCEPTED BY PROVOST! And he is going in for a touchdown. Touchdown, Ohio! Provost scores and they are mobbing Provost down there!"

Naturally, the book and CD chronicle three of the memorable games on OSU's 2002 national championship run, including the 10-6 win at Purdue, 14-9 win over Michigan at Ohio Stadium and 31-24 double overtime triumph over Miami at the Fiesta Bowl.

On the Purdue game, Keels and color man Jim Lachey commented on Craig Krenzel's fourth-down bomb to Michael Jenkins for the winning touchdown.

Keels: "Fourth-and-1, Krenzel under center, Purdue blitzing. He's back to throw … in trouble … throws it long down the left sideline for Michael Jenkins … GOT IT!"

Lachey: "YEAHHHH!"

Keels: "Six points for Michael Jenkins as Krenzel hit him on the fly … and somehow Ohio State found some of the magic that has eluded them all day."

Lachey: "What a call on fourth-and-1!"

Moving ahead to the win over Michigan, Keels and Lachey call the final play of that memorable OSU win.

Keels: "This is the final play. (John) Navarre will throw from the 32 into the end zone … INTERCEPTED AT THE 5-YARD LINE! And the Buckeyes are headed to the desert!"

Lachey: "Paul, what a season for the Buckeyes. 13-0 and it goes down to the final play of the regular season!"

The CD wraps up with no fewer than five cuts from the Fiesta Bowl win over Miami, culminating in the final play as well as postgame comments from OSU head coach Jim Tressel. The final play saw Miami's Ken Dorsey throw incomplete under duress from blitzing linebacker Cie Grant.

Lachey: "Defense, defense!"

Keels: "Back to throw is Dorsey. He's getting grabbed and throws into the end zone … and IT'S INCOMPLETE!"

Lachey: "Yeahhhh! Yeahhhh!"

Keels: "The Buckeyes win the national championship as defensive pressure got to Ken Dorsey and forced the incompletion. Cie Grant was right on the spot and, in two overtimes, Ohio State grabs the national championship and snaps Miami's 34-game winning streak."

Lachey: "Wow!"

Wow, indeed. This book-and-CD combo would make a great Christmas gift for the OSU fan on your list. The CD alone is perfect for long road trips to OSU road games. You'll find the book in most major bookstores throughout the state of Ohio. Check out the web site as well for details on how to obtain this special book.

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