Game Photos From Associated Press

Check out some photos from today's game. Click on a photo below to see a larger version.

Photos -- click on a photo to see the larger version:

  Tony Gonzalez and Troy Smith celebrate Gonzalez's first quarter touchdown catch

  Gonzalez reacts to his TD

  Santonio Holmes dives for a touchdown to put OSU up 34-14

  Michigan's Jason Avant makes a catch falling out of bounds

  The Buckeyes stuffed star freshman running back Michael Hart, limiting him to just 61 yards rushing

  Troy Smith dives for a TD to tie the game at 14

  Troy Smith had a breakout game, throwing for 241 yards and rushing for 145

  Smith and Jim Tressel

  Troy Smith finds running room

  Ted Ginn dodges a tackle and takes off down the sidelines on his punt return TD

  Gonzalez had two catches for 77 yards and a touchdown

  Michigan's Braylon Edwards dejected

  On the sidelines, Michigan players had a hard time with the loss

  Chad Henne on the sidelines

  UM head coach Lloyd Carr

  Troy Smith holds up a finger

  Jim Tressel and Dustin Fox after the game

  Jim Tressel celebrates the win

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