Lighty Talks About Trip To OSU

Five-star basketball prospect David Lighty stopped by Ohio State this weekend to see the Ohio State men's hoops team take on Delaware and then the OSU/Michigan football game. Kyle Lamb caught up with Lighty to find out his thoughts on the trip.

David Lighty, the talented 6-5 wing prospect from Cleveland Villa Angela - St. Joseph, returned today from a visit to Ohio State. Bucknuts spoke with Lighty and he gave us the scoop on how things went for him.

Lighty is considered nearly unanimously to be the second-best player in the state of Ohio in the class of 2006, if not the best. As of the most recent top 50 national rankings by, Lighty is ranked the 13th best overall prospect in the junior class.

As a sophomore, Lighty averaged 19.4 points per game and was named as the Northeast Lakes co-district player of the year.

Here is the interview we had with Lighty.

Bucknuts - "It's nice talking to you David. I understand you just got back from visiting Ohio State?"

David Lighty - "Yes, I just got back actually. Well, I got back late last night."

BN - "What did you think of the whole visit?"

DL - "It was real nice. They played real good games. That game yesterday was really fun."

BN - "Were you there Friday night for the Ohio State basketball game against Delaware as well?"

DL - "Yes, I got to see the basketball game also."

BN - "What were your impressions of the basketball game? Did you enjoy it?"

DL - "They (Ohio State) did real good. They kept working hard, playing hard, and playing good basketball and it really showed."

BN - "Playing style is something that's really important in where you play. What did you think about Ohio State's style of play?"

DL - "It was pretty nice. In fact, I think it was my style actually."

BN - "What was your favorite part of the entire visit?"

DL - "I would say the atmosphere of the Michigan game. It was awesome."

BN - "When does your season start, David?"

DL - "It starts on December 3rd."

BN - "Are you ready to get started finally?"

DL - "I definitely am."

BN - "What about recruiting, are you still listing the same teams?"

DL - "Yes, nothing has changed really."

BN - "Could you account for me the list of schools you're looking at once again, I believe there are six if I remember correctly?"

DL - "Yes, there are six. I'm listing Ohio State, Michigan, Syracuse, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona."

BN - "A while back you said Syracuse was your leader. Is that still the case?"

DL - "No, I don't think it is now. I would say the teams are almost even now."

BN - "You told me last time you were going to be rooting for Ohio State against Michigan, is that what happened?"

DL - "Yeah, most definitely."

BN - "You grew up a fan of Michigan, and think highly of them, was it hard for you to pull for Ohio State against them?"

DL - "(Laughing) No, not really. It wasn't hard."

BN - "How are people back home acting towards you. Are they pushing you to Ohio State, or Michigan, or both?"

DL - "They aren't really pushing me one way or another, but I guess they would probably like to see me at Ohio State for the most part. Some of them want me to go to Michigan."

BN - "What about your coach, isn't he a big Michigan fan?"

DL - "No, no. Coach is a big Ohio State guy actually! His brother is a Michigan fan, though."

BN - "So tell me, what were your overall impressions of the visit?"

DL - "It was really great. The whole thing was fun. The games, talking to the coaches, the atmosphere, I liked it."


Lighty has been to Ohio State two separate occasions this fall and visited Michigan back in October. He is still hoping to visit again during basketball season.

We will continue to keep you updated on Lighty's progress throughout the season.

*NOTES - Also in attendance for Saturday's game was high school freshman commitment B.J. Mullens of World Harvest Prep in Canal Winchester, Oh.

Mullens' friend, Rayshaun Goins of Cleveland Rhodes, was in town as his team scrimmaged on Friday night. It's not certain exactly when Goins was on campus, but we understand he did get to visit.

Yancey Gates, the 6-8 power forward from Cincinnati Hughes, the third of their close-knit freshmen trio, was also up this weekend. Gates was reportedly at the game Friday and spent some time with Mullens and Goins.

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