Wells Thrilled With OSU Visit

Running back Maurice Wells of Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood has always been high on Ohio State. He took an official visit to OSU this weekend and came away very happy with what he saw. Bucknuts contributor Jesse Herman caught up with Wells a short time ago to find out about the trip.

One of the best running backs in the nation, Maurice Wells, was at the Ohio State game Saturday on an official visit. He had many glowing comments on how his visit went and his upcoming plans. He also was proud about predicting an OSU victory Saturday.

"I told you they would win," Wells said. "I was wrong on the score (He predicted a 28-0 OSU victory Friday night), but hey, I still told you they would win. They really came out on fire and played well."

Wells (5-9, 185, 4.4) was not the only Florida prospect in attendance. Elijah Hodge and Ronnie Wilson also accompanied Wells on the visit.

"Oh yeah, Me, Elijah, Ronnie, we were all at the game," Wells said. "Donte (Whitner) was my host. He is a safety that had the sack against Michigan. He had a good game. He is from the same school as Ted Ginn and Troy Smith."

Following the game, the prospects were able to hang out with the team and enjoy the visit.

"After the game we went to a really nice restaurant. Then we all went to a skating rink," Wells said. "A lot of the team was there and we just all hung out. It was a good time. Ronnie kept talking like he already committed. I don't know if he always talks like that or what because I never talked to him before. But he seems to love Ohio State."

The coaches for Ohio State talked to Maurice about how they potentially see him fitting in.

"They told me they really needed a feature back for next year," Wells said. "They are losing a bunch of senior backs to graduation so they will be taking two backs this year. You know, I think I could come in and be that guy, for sure. I mean, it seems to be a great opportunity. Plus, I was told they already have the best offensive lineman committed for next year. But I was not able to meet him. Thing are definitely looking pretty positive."

I asked Wells what he would rate his visit and if he would take any more.

"A 10 out of 10," Wells said. "Most definitely a 10 out of 10. The whole atmosphere was great and I can see how I could really fit in. I'm still going to take my visit to Georgia Tech (December 17th). But, you know, I'm really high on Ohio State right now. Everything was just really nice. The people, the game, the atmosphere. It just went really well. As well as I could have expected."

Wells holds a 3.5 GPA and scored an 890 on his SAT. His season ended in a loss to Apopka Friday night and he can now solely concentrate on recruiting.

"I'm just going to finish with my visits and make my decision," Wells said.

Wells is ranked as the nation's No. 41 overall prospect, No. 8 overall in Florida and as the country's seventh-best running back prospect by Scout.com.

He went over the 5,000-yard mark for his career late in the year. Before the loss to Apopka -- where he had just 35 yards on 20 carries -- Wells had 245 yards and three TDs against Sanford Seminole and 242 yards against Ribault. His Sandalwood team ended the year 8-3.

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