Boone `Overwhelmed' By Michigan Game

Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward offensive lineman Alex Boone reflects on Ohio State's season-ending win over Michigan. He also discusses his quest to enroll early at OSU. Click here for more.

Ohio State didn't need any further convincing to Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward offensive lineman Alex Boone. However, if there was any doubt, Boone found himself falling in love all over again with the Buckeyes.

This weekend, the 6-8, 300-pound Boone visited Ohio State for the second time, as the Buckeye commitment got to spend a lot of time talking to other commitments, other recruits, as well as the coaching staff.

The atmosphere, first and foremost, blew him away.

"The crowd overwhelmed me the most," an excited Boone told Bucknuts on Sunday evening. "I'm used to playing in front of 10,000 people and here are 100,000 screaming fans yelling at the band, yelling as the team came out, yelling at them scoring a touchdown, just yelling for everything.

"This is the second game I've been to, and I just can't wait to play in front of a crowd like that," Boone added.

Boone took the atmosphere to heart with a couple of his fellow Ohio State recruits. He specifically mentioned verbals Kevin Bemoll and Ryan Williams as the guys he hung out with the most.

"Yeah I finally got to meet that kid from California (Bemoll) and his friend (Williams)," he said. "We got to eat dinner together, we got to talk about a lot of things, and just get to know one another. It was real nice."

He spent a lot of time with not just Bemoll and Williams, who are from Mission Viejo, Ca., but all of the other recruits as well.

For instance, Boone is well aware of the need for a running back, and he wasn't afraid to give his opinions on where Maurice Wells, the big time running back from Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood, should go.

"He was real nice to talk to and seemed like a real good kid," Boone said. "We talked some, and he seemed excited. I told him he needed to come here (to Ohio State) and I've got an idea of what he's thinking."

Boone verbaled to Ohio State last spring. He is rated as Ohio's No. 1 prospect by Ohio High magazine. lists him as the nation's sixth-best offensive lineman and No. 29 prospect overall.

He helped St. Ed post a 10-2 record on the field, although the school had to forfeit four games for using an ineligible player.

Boone has scheduled a Dec. 10 official visit to OSU. In the meantime, he is just waiting to see when he's able to get enrolled at Ohio State.

Boone met last week with his guidance counselor and principal to discuss the possibility of enrolling in January to Ohio State, so he can participate in spring practice.

He discussed how that meeting went.

"They (Boone's principal and counselor) said they really didn't know yet, and they probably wouldn't know if it would happen for a while longer," Boone explained. "I told the Ohio State coaches what they said, and we are just going to press on and play it by ear."

The coaches haven't really discussed specifically Boone's role for next season.

"I haven't really talked to them, but I think we will just see how it goes," Boone said.

But, make no mistake about it -- Boone would like to start next year at Ohio State.

"Oh no question that's probably one of my main goals," Boone added. "I'm skeptical that it will happen, but I'm just going to go down there and work hard do the best that I can."

For now, he will continue to remember the motivation in getting there -- the atmosphere like he saw on Saturday.

"Oh yeah, it was a lot of fun," Boone concluded. "It was just simply really exciting."

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