Nothing new for Lenix with OSU

Freddie Lenix has four official visits set to Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State and North Carolina but he's keeping the last one open for Ohio State in case they come through with an offer. As of now Lenix is content to be patient while he waits to see what OSU's plans are.

Although he was determined as anyone to make it to week 15 of the high school football season, Freddie Lenix graciously accepted reality not long after Canton McKinley defeated Glenville 20-17 in the state semifinal round of the playoffs.

"We came a long way," he said, "but it just shows that mistakes will get you."

Personally Lenix had another solid game at linebacker as representatives from the Ohio State coaching staff looked on. The versatile senior also had a couple of carries with the football at running back. Recently rumors of an imminent offer to Lenix from OSU have been circulating but it's nothing that Lenix is aware of at this time.

"There's nothing new on the recruiting stuff," said Lenix not long after losing to McKinley Saturday night. "I'm just going to keep my head up because I knew all along there would eventually come a time when I have to go to the next level and today was the end of my high school career. So I'm looking forward to it."

He's just not certain yet where he will be at when he's playing at the next level.

"I have four official visits set up for now," said Lenix, who named Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State and North Carolina as the schools he intends to visit. All of them have offered. "As far as my status with Ohio State goes, I'm just being patient while I'm waiting on an offer and I left one visit open for them."

However it's been about two weeks since Lenix last talked with someone on the staff at Ohio State. Mel Tucker is handling the recruitment of Lenix for the Buckeyes.

"They told me to just be patient so that tells me that they're thinking about me," he said. "I'm willing to be patient because I'd love to represent my state. That's why every time they tell me to be patient, I just do it because that will be the best feeling in the world to represent where you're from and represent the Buckeyes. So I'm willing to be patient."

Does he have a good feeling at all about his chances to get an offer from the Buckeyes?

"I got a good feeling it's going to come just by me being patient," Lenix said. "We'll see."

Eventually he'll have to make a decision with or without an offer from Ohio State.

"The other schools are willing to take me so if it comes down to making a decision without Ohio State, then that's a decision that I'm going to have to face," he said. "So until that time, I'm just going to be patient and just hopefully they'll come talk to me."

With lightening fast speed and an insatiable desire to get to the football, Lenix is projected by some at linebacker and others have him pegged as a safety on defense.

"I'll play anywhere on the field, it don't matter to me," Lenix said. "I can be an outside linebacker, I see myself as that. And I can also see myself as a safety or a running back. But to me I can play in the middle (at linebacker). Down the road I'll gain a couple of pounds and with my speed and my strength and my heart, I can play in the middle."

Lenix isn't exactly your ordinary high school senior, in addition to his superlative exploits on the gridiron and those during track season, he's trying to be the best father that he can possibly be. Freddie Jr. turned one during the season.

"My little boy is doing real good. He's walking, running and talking. He's doing real good," said Lenix with a big smile on his face. "My son was in the stands watching me tonight and I gave him a great show. He didn't know what was going on but my sister just told me he knew his daddy was out there so it was fun. It's really special having him watch me in my high school career."

Despite the loss to McKinley, it's been a great season and career overall for Lenix who's been a mainstay on defense for the Tarblooders over the recent years and he's ready for the next phase now.

"My career went real good. I'm really happy," he said. "Throughout the years we were in the first round (of the playoffs), one year we didn't make it, and this year we went against all odds to make it to the semifinals. I'm not disappointed at all because this season was so much fun. It was real fun."

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