Wilson Could Be OSU-Bound

The world of defensive end Lawrence Wilson of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary was rocked when the school he previously committed to, Notre Dame, fired head coach Tyrone Willingham. Now, Wilson is looking around once again, and it sounds like Ohio State could be the team to beat. Dave Biddle caught up with Wilson's father Eugene a short time ago and got some comments.

Defensive end Lawrence Wilson of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary was a Notre Dame commitment, until the Fighting Irish fired coach Tyrone Willingham.

Now, Wilson's father - Eugene Wilson - says his son is an Ohio State lean.

"If he doesn't go to Ohio State, it will be something real crazy," Eugene Wilson said.

The Wilsons enjoyed visiting Ohio State Friday. They watched the Buckeyes practice and met with the coaching staff.

"It went very well - we like the fact that we got a second look," Eugene Wilson said. "Nothing has changed, it's just that we kind of got caught up in the Notre Dame hype. Coming from St. V - and I also graduated from St. V - when I was a kid, Notre Dame was it. You know, if a kid had a chance to go to Notre Dame, come on man. That was the place to go.

"There was nothing that we didn't like before about Ohio State. But after what happened to Notre Dame, they showed that they're no better than anybody else and the hype is a myth."

Eugene Wilson is still upset about the way the Willingham situation was handled at ND.

"You know, they get what they deserve," he said. "They told me they wouldn't (fire Willingham). I specifically asked them, before we went, because my other son (Eugene III) is a sophomore student at Ohio State. And so, it's not what didn't we like about Ohio State then. Not liking Ohio State was never an issue. Like I said, my oldest son is down there. So, how can you say I don't like it, but it's good enough for my oldest son? It was just us getting caught up in the Notre Dame hype."

Wilson expects his son Lawrence to make a final decision somewhat soon. He needs some time to think, but he likely won't wait until signing day.

"I know he wants to get it over with, but right now, he's hurt," Wilson said. "He's confused and he's frustrated, to be honest. He's disappointed. Once you make a verbal commitment, that's as good as signing as far as we're concerned. It was a tough decision to make anyway. And so, once we finally made it, we thought, ‘OK, we're done.' We thought we were done. We were a part of Notre Dame and we were going to go to Notre Dame and that was it. Nothing was going to change it, except Willingham getting fired."

But now, Wilson is on the verge of joining OSU's recruiting class.

"Ohio State is so high, I don't know if another school could get any higher than Ohio State," Eugene Wilson said. "I don't know what else to say. Lawrence had a great time."

Wilson was offered a scholarship by the Buckeyes months ago, but the staff didn't make it clear that an offer was still on the table.

"I'll be honest, they didn't say that, but it was kind of implied," Eugene Wilson said. "Coach (Jim) Tressel made it clear they wanted him. He said, ‘We want you, we always wanted you.' He said, ‘In fact, I never took your file out of my folder.' And Lawrence had been talking to Coach (Jim) Bollman anyway. Even though we committed to Notre Dame, we still kept those lines of communication open. I don't know why. I told Lawrence a while back to call Ohio State and tell them that he appreciates everything, but that Notre Dame was the better fit. He was respectful and we kept those lines open. And now that they decided to fire Willingham, Ohio State is where we want to be. For us not to go to Ohio State, something major is going to happen."

Wilson met with a few of OSU's standout players on his visit. He is a defensive end at heart, but could also play a little tight end, much in the Marcel Frost mold.

"He kind of hung around Troy Smith and Teddy Ginn and they basically implied don't forget about the tight end position," Eugene Wilson said. "He can catch. He is a former catcher in baseball and he can catch. He had a good year at tight end this year and wherever they want to play him in college, that's where he's going to play."

Lawrence Wilson is an independent young man - he wanted to take a different path than his older brother - but now he has a different view on the situation.

"That was one of the things," Eugene Wilson said. "Your brother is there (at OSU), so you do your own thing. But now, he's thinking, ‘You know, having my brother around won't be all that bad.' Things happen for a reason and Lawrence is happy that he might be with his brother."

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