Brian Hartline Talks Visit, Rehab

Wide receiver Brian Hartline of Canton GlenOak was down on his official visit to OSU this weekend. Dave Biddle caught up with Hartline a short time ago and got an update on the trip and also gave an update on his rehab. Read on for more.

Wide receiver Brian Hartline of Canton GlenOak returned from his Ohio State visit Sunday.

"It went awesome," he said. "Tony Gonzalez was my host. I had met him before, but didn't really know him that well. He's a cool guy."

Hartline is this year's Justin Zwick. He's trying to get as many top recruits to join him at OSU as possible.

"As far as the recent commits, we got to be pretty tight," Hartline said. "It was awesome. We hung out a lot and got to know each other. And I think we pulled a few more. We had three linebackers in and I think all of them loved it. I kept talking right in their ear, you know, 'This is a great place to be. We have a great class,' Stuff like that. They were like, 'Oh, I know it.' I talked to a lot of the parents and was saying those same kinds of things to their parents and their parents were feeling it too. So, I don't know. We'll have to see."

So, who were these linebackers that Hartline was recruiting?

"Andre Mathis was there, Rico McCoy, and there was another guy," he said. "It's not ringing a bell. But I have a feeling that we're going to get at least one of those."

Hartline is impressed with OSU's coaching staff.

"It's a great group of coaches," he said. "And I mean everyone. They were always there. Every coach. Coach (Mel) Tucker was everywhere. Doc (Tressel) was everywhere. Obviously Coach (Darrell) Hazell talked with me a lot. We saw the coaches 24/7."

Hartline will come to OSU as a receiver, but could switch to defensive back at some point.

"Receiver is the plan," he said. "That's what I'm going in at. Coach Hazell told me to stay away from Coach Tucker. He said, 'I stole Teddy (Ginn) from him, so he's going to try and steal one back.'"

Hartline suffered a broken left leg this year, but is coming along well.

"It was about as bad a break as you can get," he said. "It was bent to about a 45-degree angle. But now, it's awesome. I can jog now with a slight limp, which is awesome. I'm like a month and a half ahead of schedule. I was due to get the rod out at the end of January, but now I'm getting it out Dec. 22. There's no sign of anything holding me back. A lot of times with broken bones you come back even stronger, so I'm looking forward to that."

Hartline will compete in track this spring and will report to OSU in the summer.

"I'm coming down this spring and will stay a couple days," he said. "Watch practice, go through some meetings and hear the language and all that stuff. Me and the coaches feel that the best rehab would be a year of track. I'm going to do track, and then I'll get to OSU in July, instead of August. They want me a month early."

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