Felder Gets Visits Started

Many prospects across the country have either made a college decision already or are coming close to making one. But some are still quite far away from making a decision, and linebacker Anthony Felder of Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea seems to be in that category. Felder took his first official visit this weekend (LSU) and talked with Kyle Lamb about the trip as well as where things stand with recruiting.

Anthony Felder, a 6-3 225-pounder from Seattle, Wash. (O'Dea) is one of the Nation's more highly sought after linebackers. Ohio State is one of many teams trying to land him, but one of their competitors had him on campus this weekend.

Returning Sunday afternoon from Baton Rouge, Felder exhausted a three-day trip that lasted all day Friday and Saturday.

Late Sunday evening, Bucknuts spoke with the four-star linebacker, ranked 12th nationally at his position by Scout.com, and talked to him about several issues regarding his recruitment.

Bucknuts: "So I understand you just got back from visiting LSU this weekend, how was that?"

Anthony Felder: "It was a lot of fun. It was a long flight, however."

BN: "How long were you there for?"

AF: "We left here around 11:30 (PT) on Thursday night. I got back here late this afternoon."

BN: "How long was your flight exactly?"

AF: "It was really long. It took about an hour to get from Baton Rouge to our layover in Memphis. It was another four hours before I got back to Seattle."

BN: "What did you think about the visit itself?"

AF: "I liked it a lot. It was nice to meet some of the players and see the campus."

BN: "What visits do you have now? Ohio State is coming up soon, correct?"

AF: "Yes, Ohio State is on January the 7th actually. I have Oregon State coming up this weekend instead of going to Notre Dame."

BN: "About that situation, are you still going to take a visit to Notre Dame or are you waiting to see who the new coach is?"

AF: "I'm just waiting to see how everything plays itself out actually. I don't really want to say one way or another because I'm not sure. I'll still consider them but I wouldn't visit until I find out who the coach is."

BN: "Speaking of Coach Willingham, he, along with Coach Tedford of Cal are two guys that have been mentioned as possible replacements for the University of Washington. Being close to home, if either one of those guys were to land at Washington, Coach Willingham especially, does that put Washington back in the picture a little bit with you personally?"

AF: "You can't overlook Willingham or Tedford. Those are two great coaches right there. I'm just keeping my options open with the University of Washington. They don't have a coach right now so I'm just going to wait and see. It's just like with Notre Dame. I'm not saying no, but I would also have to take another look depending on how things play out."

BN: "You have had a lot of interest in Ohio State for a while now, what is it about them specifically that interests you?"

AF: "Well for starters, you can't ignore that 2002 National Championship when they beat Miami. That was a fantastic game and a wonderful performance. They play an aggressive style of defense that suits me best and I definitely have to look at. Plus, they really have to get some linebackers in this class because most of them are going to graduate next year."

BN: "Your mother talked a few weeks ago about the Maurice Clarett allegations with ESPN, and how, if any, that may affect your decision or what you think of the reports. What do you feel personally about it, and have you dealt with it with Coach Tressel?"

AF: "It honestly doesn't bother me a bit. I don't agree with Clarett's whole thing, really. He was off doing his own thing, and I don't hold that against Ohio State or the university itself. I really don't believe anything could possibly come of it, and I don't see why I should think there are any sanctions coming."

BN: "What schools are you looking at now?"

AF: "LSU and Ohio State, obviously. Oregon State, Penn State, Notre Dame, Miami (Fla.), Cal, Arizona State, and Washington."

BN: "Are you looking to make your decision right after your last visits, or wait until signing day?"

AF: "You know, I don't really have a time specified right now. I just want to take all of my visits and go from there. It's going to be a really tough process for me."

BN: "Have you had any leaders or do you have a leader now, or do you consider this a toss-up?"

AF: "It's a toss-up really. Honestly I have never been off of the West coast and I'm seeing all of these places for the first time. It's all going to come down to how the visits go and how I feel when I'm on those visits. I couldn't possibly name a favorite at the moment."

BN: "When it comes time to decide, what factor will weight most heavily on your mind when you make your decision?"

AF: "I would say the feeling I get and how I fit in with the players and the coaches. The most important thing with college football is getting along and trusting your coaching staff and enjoying school."

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