Boone: Will He Or Won't He?

Alex Boone will be in Columbus during spring drills at Ohio State but does that mean that he'll be on the football roster at that time or not? Gary Housteau tried to find out what the game plan looks like after the Boone family met with the adminstration at St. Edward today.

Reportedly a final decision on whether Alex Boone would be enrolling early at Ohio State was to be determined at a meeting with the Boone family and the principal's office at St. Edward High School this morning.

Out of respect for the process and all the parties involved, neither the school nor the Boone family would comment publicly about what transpired earlier today.

However, Bucknuts media was able to put together details that paint a fairly clear picture about what is likely to transpire in regards to Boone's future relationship with St. Edward and with Ohio State.

Because it would be a precedent that the administrators of St. Edward would obviously prefer not to establish, and because it is something that they feel would not ultimately be in the best interest of St. Edward, it looks as if Boone will be able to enroll at Ohio State for the spring quarter but he will not be a participant in spring football or the spring game.

At St. Edward, they have 5 terms instead of 4 quarters in an academic year. Boone will complete his fourth term three weeks after the spring quarter at Ohio State begins, but that's not the hang up. It's already been determined that Boone will have all the academic requirements met in time and he will be able to enroll at Ohio State in time for the spring quarter. And he will do that.

But this is where the picture begins to get somewhat blurry. And it's a secular problem that is primarily behind the dilemma and not anything to do with any religious requirements

In order to graduate at St. Edward you need to complete your 5th term senior project, similar to a thesis paper or internship report. Therefore, in a nutshell, Boone's senior project will have something to do with working under the football department at Ohio State of which he will immerse himself him in this spring but will not be a participant in.

In the mean time, Boone's best interest academically will be sated as he will begin his education at Ohio State in the spring quarter with the thoughts of obtaining his bachelors degree in 3 ½ years and his masters, if he's still at OSU, in five years. That is the well-thought-out educational road map that has already been developed for Boone at Ohio State.

When Boone eventually becomes a complete student-athlete at Ohio State and a member of the football team in the summer, it is likely that the Buckeye fans will see him donning the number 61. Although 75 has become available with the graduation of Simon Fraser, Boone has asked to wear 61 in the honor of Jamie McManamon, a former St. Edward student and teammate of Boone, who was killed in a car accident this past spring. McManamon, a student-athlete at Cornell, was driving home in May for a First Communion party when his car veered off the road and flipped over. McManamon died of a severe head injury.

The door for Boone to participate in the spring is still open ajar but for now it seems that an amicable and mutually respected agreement has been reached that sincerely considered the best interests of St. Edward, The Ohio State University and Boone himself.

And if you'd like to contribute to the Jamie McManamon Scholarship Fund in his memory, you can send a donation in c/o Smith-Barney, 2035 Crocker Rd., Suite 201, West Lake, Ohio 44145

EDITOR'S NOTE -- As this story has been breaking, our Kyle Lamb got in touch with Alex Boone.

Click the link below for comments from Boone.

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