Wilson Taking His Time

Defensive end Lawrence Wilson of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary thought he had recruiting over with before the basketball season, but the firing of Tyrone Willingham made him back away from his commitment to Notre Dame and open things back up. Now, however, basketball is underway and Wilson is focusing on that as well as recruiting and does not seem to be in a hurry to make a choice. Dave Biddle caught up with Wilson for the latest.

Defensive end Lawrence Wilson did not take any visits this weekend, and won't take any until January.

"I'm just busy with basketball right now and just kind of getting back into the recruiting process," Wilson said.

Wilson - the former Notre Dame commitment - is now leaning towards signing with Ohio State.

"They're definitely at the top," he said of the Buckeyes.

Wilson will visit Michigan sometime next month.

"I'm not sure when," he said. "I'm not going to take any visits until January. Already visited Ohio State. I might also visit Pittsburgh."

Wilson knows all about the OSU-UM rivalry on the field, and now he is caught in the cross fires of a recruiting battle between the two schools.

"Yeah, I am," he said. "It's kind of tough. I'm trying to do what's best for me. But I've got people saying, 'Oh, don't go here, don't go there.' It's tough."

Wilson's older brother - Eugene Wilson III - is on an academic scholarship at OSU.

"It's definitely a big advantage having your brother around if I do go to Ohio State," Lawrence Wilson said. "If I ever get homesick, I can call my brother up and go see him, or he can come see me."

Wilson says his parents are being supportive through the recruiting process.

"They definitely have an opinion of where I should go, but they say it's up to me," he said. "Wherever I feel comfortable at."

Wilson is still upset about the Tyrone Willingham firing at Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish hired a good coach in Charlie Weis, but Wilson de-committed when Willingham was canned.

"It's still kind of tough to swallow," Wilson said. "I'm trying to get over it. I'm still trying… I didn't appreciate how they handled the whole matter."

So, is Notre Dame out of the picture completely? Or will Wilson give Weis a look?

"I mean, I could still possibly go there, but they're not at the top of the list," he said.

Wilson reiterated that he's leaning towards OSU, but a lot can happen before signing day.

"Hopefully I will decide before signing day, but I'm just not sure," he said. "I like Ohio State, but I'm just going to take my time and pick the best school."

Ohio State coaches were in contact with Wilson last week in person and over the phone. He thinks they will be visiting his school sometime this week.

"I think they're coming up to visit this week, I'm not sure," he said.

Wilson is a starter on the St. Vincent-St. Mary basketball team. If memory serves, someone famous played there a couple years ago.

Wilson is averaging 17 points a game for the undefeated Irish, and says he once considered playing basketball in college.

"Actually, I was going to do that at Notre Dame," he said.

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