Daniels Back From Oklahoma

Linebacker Alex Daniels of Columbus Brookhaven was on a big official visit this weekend as he took a trip to Oklahoma. What did he think of the trip? Duane Long got a quick update from Daniels this evening.

Linebacker Alex Daniels of Columbus Brookhaven took a big official visit this weekend as he traveled to Oklahoma. He had been home about ten minutes when we were able to get in contact with him.

"It was all right," Daniels said of the trip. "Kind of quiet. Everybody's going home for the holidays. There wasn't a lot to do.

"Larry Burdine was my host. He's a defensive end. He's a good guy."

Daniels is not quite sure what he will do with the rest of his visits.

"I still will be going to Ohio State on Jan. 7th," Daniels said. "After that, I'm just going to wait and see if anybody else I really like is going to offer me a visit.

"LSU has been in touch, but now that's up in the air. So I'm just going to go to Ohio State and after that, I'll wait and see."

Daniels does not plan on doing anything else over the winter other than conditioning.

"I'm going to concentrate on working out over the winter," Daniels said. "Work on my speed and conditioning, so I won't be playing a winter sport."

Click here for a look at Daniels in the state championship game from Ohio News Network (premium link)

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