Lenix Close to Committing to OSU?

Cleveland Glenville's Freddie Lenix still has his poker face on, saying Iowa is the team to beat. But is he close to picking Ohio State? We caught up with Lenix for the latest on his situation.

Cleveland Glenville's Freddie Lenix continues to say that Iowa is the team to beat for his services. However, there have been rumblings that he recently committed to Ohio State.

"I didn't commit, but I was giving some thought about committing," Lenix said.

The 5-11, 195-pound Lenix will visit Ohio State Jan. 7-8, along with Glenville teammate and OSU verbal Jamario O'Neal. There is a very good chance the Buckeyes will pick up their next verbal commitment on the visit.

"I can tell you this: there's a strong possibility that I'll commit when I go down there," Lenix said.

Lenix is the father of a 1-year-old boy, Freddie Jr. Although he's been trying to keep everyone guessing – even after Ohio State offered him a scholarship – he makes it no secret that he wants to stay close to his son.

"The big thing about me is my distance," Lenix said.

So, is Ohio State now out in front, or is Iowa still the team to beat?

"I mean, Iowa is still out in front, but Ohio State is my home school and… you know, I'll know more after I visit," Lenix said.

Lenix has unofficially visited OSU several times, but he is still looking forward to his official visit beginning Friday.

"What I'm looking forward to is just to see how the coaches is," Lenix said. "I've never really had a chance to talk to them because at the games I would be with like half the team. So, I know how the players is, but it will give me a chance to see what the coaches talking about and how they is face to face."

Lenix watched Ohio State's 33-7 romp over Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl. He was pleased to see his friend Ted Ginn Jr. steal the show, again.

"I mean, it was real fun to watch him because it showed a person I played with go to the next level and make it look easy. He's from our program," Lenix said.

Ginn wasn't playing very much earlier in the season, but Lenix always felt Ginn would make an impact for the Buckeyes at some point this year.

"He took advantage of the opportunities he did get, and that was real good," Lenix said. "And I guess he showed them what he is capable of doing."

Seeing Ginn line up at quarterback for a few snaps in the Alamo Bowl brought back some Glenville memories for Lenix.

"Yeah, that was cool," he said.

It is well known that Lenix is a two-way star that could play any of three positions in college. But will he have to specialize in offense or defense, or could he play both ways?

"I would love to do that, play both sides of the ball," Lenix said.

When he talks to the coaches from Iowa and Ohio State, do they tell him he can play both ways?

"When I talk to them, I mean, we talk about what is the possibilities I can play," he said. "They'll name all three positions: safety, linebacker, running back."

What is Lenix's best position, according to Lenix himself?

"I would say linebacker and tailback," he said. "I can't just pick one, and they both help me play the other one. Because when I play linebacker, it helps me think of a move he (the opposition's running back) might make while I'm on defense.

"And if I think about playing linebacker when I'm on offense, I can visualize myself on the other side of the ball, like, ‘What would I do?' So, it helps me get away easier when I'm the running back."

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