Krebs Praises Geiger For His Service

Bowling Green athletic director Paul Krebs, who served as Andy Geiger's right-hand man at Ohio State for four years, talks about Geiger's retirement and also the challenges that might be ahead for OSU's next athletic director. Click this free link for more.

When it was announced Wednesday that Andy Geiger would be retiring as Ohio State's athletic director, one of the names that immediately popped to the forefront regarding this job was Bowling Green athletic director Paul Krebs.

Krebs worked in various capacities at Ohio State for 14 years, leaving as the senior associate athletic director – Geiger's right-hand man – to become the AD at Bowling Green six years ago.

"I have tremendous respect for Andy," Krebs said by telephone from the annual NCAA Convention outside Dallas. "He has been a great influence and a great mentor for me. He was an outstanding guy to work for. He is one of the giants in collegiate athletic administration. He did a wonderful job and I'm happy for him.

"I know the last couple of years have been a challenge for him. If this is what he wants to do know, I say good for him."

Although Krebs and Geiger remained in contact, Krebs said Geiger rarely discussed the various problems he was dealing with as OSU's AD.

"I would mainly call him for advice," Krebs said. "I would see him at the (CCHA) hockey meetings and at various national meetings. It was more social and me picking his brain as opposed to talking about some of the things he was dealing with."

At BGSU, Krebs leads one of only 13 programs which sponsor Division I-A football, men's and women's basketball and men's ice hockey. Many have praised his hirings in football, which have included Urban Meyer and current coach Gregg Brandon.

"I've got a great job," Krebs said. "We have a new $7 million student-athlete center we are opening. I like what we are doing here, turning things around. We have a great program, but we're not done yet. We have a lot of goals to meet and I love the people I work with and for."

Krebs was spotted in San Antonio as Ohio State took on Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl. Would he be interested in returning to Columbus?

"Well, (OSU President Karen) Holbrook said there would be hundreds of applicants for that job," Krebs said. "In my mind, that is the top job in college athletics. I'm sure practically every athletic director in the country will be interested and would want to know more about it."

Krebs began his OSU career in 1985 as the ticket director. He rose through the ranks and became the senior associate AD in 1993, shortly before Geiger's arrival a year later. In that role, Krebs was the athletic department's main liaison with engineers, architects and financial planners during OSU's building boom of the late-1990s. He helped shepherd such projects as the $110 million Schottenstein Center and $5 million Bill Davis Stadium to their completion and started the $200 million Ohio Stadium renovation and construction of the Jesse Owens Stadium down their respective paths.

In addition to the various off-the-field issues OSU's new athletic director will deal with, whoever gets that job will have to also aggressively manage the debt built up with those construction projects.

"It would be hard for me to comment on that," Krebs said. "I have been gone six years now and I am sure a lot of things have changed. I know they have good people there and have outstanding leadership.

"I am sure that would be a challenge, just like anything else in college athletics."

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