Helwagen Chat: Jan. 7 Archive

Here are excerpts of Friday's Chat session with Bucknuts.com managing editor Steve Helwagen. He conducts these Chat sessions each week for Bucknuts.com subscribers.

NYCBuck (Jan 7, 2005 1:05:43 PM)
Do you see anyone else pulling a "Bemoll"

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:06:05 PM)
There are always rumblings around Worthington. But he continues to tell us, at least, that he is solid.

hulk52 (Jan 7, 2005 1:06:10 PM)
Hi Steve, what are the realistic chances of us getting Maurice Wells, Rico McCoy, Walker Ashley, Lawrence Wilson, and possible Jason Gwaltney? And why did Alex Daniels go to Minnesota? Thanks!

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:07:00 PM)
Wells probably 80 or 90 percent or better, McCoy probably 50-50, Ashley probably 75 with Penn State maybe the top competition, Wilson probably 75 percent. Gwaltney probably 40 or 50 percent ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:09:09 PM)
Daniels, I always felt, was uneasy about Ohio State being so close to home. Plus, he sees those 3 seniors and knows he would not play in 2005. The competition will be much less at Minnesota, where spots should be wide open with that crappy defense (although you can ask Alabama about that). Plus the other Haven guys going there probably cinched it.

NevadaBuck (Jan 7, 2005 1:09:26 PM)
Steve..I have long contended that there is nothing remotely approaching "lack of institutional control" or even as severe as Arkansas' or LSU's recent transgressions....do you agree?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:10:08 PM)
From what I've seen, I agree. No lack of institutional control in football. I think basketball will get one year probation, which they are trying to serve this year. Now if more stuff pops up ...

NYCBuck (Jan 7, 2005 1:10:14 PM)
Steve, if you were a recruit, would you appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night (see Gwaltney)?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:10:47 PM)
Probably not, but let's face it, Pete Carroll is the hottest thing in football now. You'd take his call at 3 in the morning if he called (ha ha).

twice (Jan 7, 2005 1:10:51 PM)
Any news on E.J. Underwood?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:11:54 PM)
No, haven't heard a thing about E.J.'s status. We're trying to find out what we can. As I've said, unless this is a total break, don't expect that scholarship to be reissued in Feb.

twice (Jan 7, 2005 1:11:58 PM)
What are the problems with Eric Haw? I keep seeing taht the staff needs him to work harder or show more of a committment.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:13:31 PM)
I think Haw just had some normal issues in Aug.-Sept. regarding moving from high school to college. Pittman did as well, we understand. At this level, they expect total commitment -- punctuality, respect, everything. Some young guys who come from a "looser" environment where they could almost come and go as they pleased (that's how it appears at some city schools), struggle with that. Fred Davis would be another obvious example of that.

bucks79 (Jan 7, 2005 1:13:39 PM)
Hi Steve - We have failed miserably down the recruiting home stretch during JT's tenure. Looks liek here we go again. I am concerned with worthington and Williams. I feel Ashley will go to PSU, Gwaltney to USC, Thomas will stay south, McCoy to TN,and the longer Wilson holds out, ND could be back in. ONly locks are Wells and Lenix. We now apperar to be grasping for straws, i.e McCarthy who was a MAC recruit. Thoughts as to why we can't close? I am not a pessimist. I read into what the recruits actually say.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:15:55 PM)
It's hard work. I don't want to say they're getting outworked, because I can't say or prove that. But you have to outwork the competition. The "this place sells itself" theme doesn't cut it with, say, Darius Walker who has his choice of 4-5 great schools. I'm not saying the staff is dogging it. But there aren't too many places to look, are there? This year they have the "crutch" of all the ESPN turmoil. But they have not had that in recent years. And yet, they still get top-10 classes almost every year.

scribeohio (Jan 7, 2005 1:16:16 PM)
Steve, your summary thoughts on AG and the athletic dept (damage control, future, direction)?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:16:20 PM)
Wow ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:16:31 PM)
I could talk for days about this one ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:17:52 PM)
I've been following OSU athletics closely since the late-1970s and covering it closely since the late-1980s. He brought Ohio State out of the dark ages. He finished the things Rick Bay would have gotten to do had he not resigned over Earle Bruce. The building upgrades were long overdo. Some of the coaches were here on seniority, Geiger came in and shook it up and he got good people and they held their jobs on merit. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:18:39 PM)
Other than the debt (which I think they have a strong plan to pay off on time), Ohio State is set up for the next 40-50 years in terms of facilities, particularly when WHAC is done. The man had vision and ability. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:19:24 PM)
Now did he handle Reecie-Gate correctly? Obviously not. He/they pooped on the kid and drove him into ESPN's arms. Then they shot the messenger with ESPN, only to be completely embarrased with Troy-Gate.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:19:59 PM)
We spoke to him in San Antonio and he seemed to be on his last legs. We knew he would be on his way out within a matter of months, but nobody expected it within a week.

hulk52 (Jan 7, 2005 1:20:04 PM)
Steve, Despite everything that has been going on, I heard that Mission Viejo's coach said that Bremoll is still committed to OSU, is this true?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:20:19 PM)
The Bemoll story is giving me a freaking headache (ha ha) ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:21:24 PM)
For starters, Gary Housteau spent hours assembling a great mag article on these 2 friends (Bemoll and Williams). And at the deadline hour we had to rip it up. The week began with Bemoll decommitting because of the ESPN treatment, then it was a girl, then it was Oregon this weekend, then it was his mom and on and on and on. ...

trolley (Jan 7, 2005 1:21:31 PM)
What is the real story on Bemoil -- is he 100% gone? If so, where is he going?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:22:02 PM)
By my understanding, it is 50-50 whether he flies here or Oregon this weekend. Maybe we will know later today. Nothing is ever final until signing day.

buckeyenole (Jan 7, 2005 1:22:30 PM)
Hi Steve! Have you heard anything on the Mo Wells front? Does Gwaltney = Jonathan Wells in terms or talent, ability, speed?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:23:16 PM)
I think Wells continues to favor Ohio State. We should next Sat at the A-A Game. I think Gwaltney/J-Dub is a good comparison. That would be great if he plays like Wells Circa 2001, huh?

hulk52 (Jan 7, 2005 1:23:24 PM)
Steve, with that said about E.J. what do you think the chances are of O'neal coming in and playing right away or having Ginn Jr. go both ways? thanks!

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:23:27 PM)

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:24:55 PM)
O'Neal has a great chance to come in early and play. He'll be in the running just like everybody else in fall camp and the best players will play. Other candidates would be Brandon Underwood, Shaun Lane and maybe Tyler Everett or Donte Whitner sliding over from safety (they have Brandon Mitchell all set to step in as nickel if they do that, anyway) or Ginn playing at least part time. I think they do it by committee until somebody wins the job.

buckeyedan (Jan 7, 2005 1:25:05 PM)
sorry, late! has anyone asked if Holmes, Hawk or anyone is going to turn pro early?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:25:28 PM)
There were rumors and rumblings that Holmes was thinking about it. But nothing confirmed. No news is good news (ha ha).

mjmiller (Jan 7, 2005 1:25:34 PM)
Steve, Do you believe OSU coaches monitor your website or others to obtain information regarding where certain recruits stand in the recruiting process?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:26:07 PM)
Yes, somebody prints out pertinent details and hands them to the coaches regarding kids they are recruiting. The coaches need to know what these kids are saying and thinking. It helps them do their job.

DaHawg (Jan 7, 2005 1:26:25 PM)
Two sophs and a frosh as our "Pair and a spare" next year. That is not good for this team. I don't see Pittman as a "Stud" RB and Haw, who I like, has yet to play has shown nothing. What if we don't get Wells or he turns out as a bust? How does a school with a reputation as a running team get into such a dire situation as OSU is in right now? Does it all go back to MoC?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:27:21 PM)
Clarett's presence hurt them because guys weren't sure if they could come here and play. I think a backfield with Pittman, Haw and Wells would be adequate. They were all regarded as good or better than Michael Hart. They just need to put the time in and become good college players.

daytonbuckeye (Jan 7, 2005 1:27:33 PM)
Steve, Good afternoon from Dayton! I see the possible candidates for AD who in your opinion is Ohio State truly after? I would have to think this is/was one of the best AD jobs in America. Also, why does ESPN have it out so much for Ohio State? Also, I agree with most everyone here, I see us losing possible recruits because of ESPN's reporting. First, Bemoll and now McCoy stated he was concerned. How do you think this is all going to play out. In my honest opinion with all the talen/experience coming back and the schedule we are going to be playing for a Big Ten Championship and possibly the National Championship game. Why on earth are recruits not seeing this? Thank you!

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:28:01 PM)
Wow that's a lot of stuff ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:30:30 PM)
The job just came open 2 days ago, so I doubt Ohio State has done anything drastic yet. My top choices would be Archie Griffin, Paul Krebs and Jim Smith. They are all OSU guys ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:32:30 PM)
Rex Kern's name came up when Geiger was hired. I'm certain President Holbrook and her advisors will have some names to consider from other schools. Archie already pretty much said he wasn't interested. At the least -- the very least -- they need to use his experience to help them find the right man (or woman). This is still a plum job, obviously ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:33:31 PM)
ESPN doesn't "have it out" for OSU. They simply used OSU's troubles to drive viewers to the game coverage, SportsCenter and Outside The Lines. When you look at it that their business side made that call, you'll sleep better. Doesn't say much about their journalistic integrity. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:33:58 PM)
It's my goal to get a copy of the game and SportsCenter and do a story on their "treatment" and discuss what I felt was and was not fair comment.

volbuck (Jan 7, 2005 1:34:08 PM)
Steve, With the recent developments with OSU, I can't possibly think McCoy is coming to OSU even though the coaches are apparently convincing him nothing is going to happen to the program. Given the history with UT and OSU for recruits I think he is a Vol in the end.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:34:30 PM)
I guess you can think that. Tressel made a good in-home earlier this week. Ohio State still has a fighting chance.

BuckeyeBill (Jan 7, 2005 1:34:34 PM)
Steve, Do we know for sure tat NCAA will go along with Troy S. suspension for bowl and 1st game next year?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:35:31 PM)
No, we do not know that. It is up in the air and may be several months before we know. OSU is hoping Troy missing "the bowl experience" will be counted for 2 games. But Troy has to make restitution and jump through some hoops before OSU files the application.

daytonbuckeye (Jan 7, 2005 1:35:38 PM)
I must not be reading enough, but what is currently going on with Underwood?

Steve (Jan 7, 2005 1:35:40 PM)
Steve, Any chance we get Bemoll back?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:35:53 PM)
Those 2 questions were asked and answered at the top ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:36:09 PM)
I know those who arrive late can't see what was discussed earlier ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:36:57 PM)
No definitive word on Underwood. Somebody at OSU tried to tell me he was on the sideline, but I didn't see him. The Bemoll story changes by the hour. We need to see if he boards the plane with Williams to come here today. That will be an indicator, certainly.

hulk52 (Jan 7, 2005 1:38:22 PM)
steve, with all the players we have coming back, realisticly where do you see us ranked for the preseason next year?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:39:06 PM)
One guy from ESPN said OSU would be No. 12, Herbie and Corso had them in the top 3 with USC and Texas. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:40:34 PM)
My feeling is if Troy Smith is cleared and there from the start, it helps a great deal. He would have a game under his belt before they play Texas. Can they beat Texas without him? Probably. But I'd feel better if he was there from the start. Probably put them in my top five ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:41:23 PM)
But Ken Roda, my buddy at WKNR in Cleveland, made a GREAT point. He does not want Troy Smith's suspension lessened one bit. He said the other players need to see there will be consequences for this type of (repeated) transgressions. If you look past wins and losses, you'd agree.

bukweat (Jan 7, 2005 1:41:28 PM)
Steve,what are your thoughts of the McCarthy kid?I,for one hope he comes here.He seems like a refreshing young lad.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:42:58 PM)
I have a DVD of ONN's coverage of the Division IV title game and I'll watch it when we're done here. I think he is a promising prospect. The word is BC, ND and NW are all now inquiring as well. My guess is he verbals in Cols. or after he goes home. I want to see this game and see what this kid has to offer. It is rare that I will bag on anybody they offer a scholarship to. They have about 200 years of coaching experience on that stuff. Me, I have none (ha ha).

scribeohio (Jan 7, 2005 1:43:17 PM)
Steve, great answer on AG/atheletic dept and C. Babb just kid a great front page on AG too. 2nd ?. All OSU FB offenders have been punished usually with a 2nd (3rd?) chance per JT. Do you think OSU has more offenders than average, is JT consistent in punishment/foregiveness, should he be tougher (certainly not a 0 tolerance guy)? Thanks

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:46:02 PM)
Thanks. I have not seen Charles' article (it was just posted), but I want to check it out. Each case needs to be handled separately and I think they've done that. You want zero tolerance? You got it with Irizarry and Guilford. Seems to be a reverse on Dukes. After Tressel told me in SA, Dukes would be here for winter quarter, Geiger told The Dispatch Tuesday that they've sent him home. Those are serious allegations. If he gets cleared, obviously, he can come back. If not, see you. There are minor dust-ups and things like DUIs, etc. everywhere. OSU is clearly way ahead of the curve, and I don't say that simply because I work here. Everything they do by this point will be magnified and the players don't seem to get it (yet).

osufan25 (Jan 7, 2005 1:46:26 PM)
With the situation at running back do our chances of landing C. Wells increase?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:47:26 PM)
Lot of variables there. Do they get Wells or Gwaltney or Collins? Do they get 2 of them? If they get 2 of them, the staff will have to work harder to get Chris Wells. Michigan will sell him as Hart's one-day replacement. Should be a great battle.

darrenconrad (Jan 7, 2005 1:47:33 PM)
Steve, Hello from JAX FL. With the Red-shirt and new recruits on OL do you feel that Pittman and Haw or whoever will get better results with a big beefy o-line that we've been missing?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:47:37 PM)
Hey bud ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:48:53 PM)
My feeling is the improved OL that we saw down the stretch (particularly with Downing and Barton in there) will help create better running lanes for the RBs. They will look better by osmosis. Ross had one of his best games as they wore down Oklahoma State. Somebody needed to tell them he had 99 yards so he could get his 100.

NYCBuck (Jan 7, 2005 1:49:19 PM)
although...would someone want to come in to clean up this NCAA mess ?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:49:51 PM)
They got Geiger in the middle of the Randy Ayers NCAA mess, didn't they? (Of course, I think you have to multiply that by 5 or 10 now ... ha ha).

marksgforce (Jan 7, 2005 1:50:01 PM)
How long do you think ESPN will keep after the Buckeyes? Will they let up after/if the NCAA clears us of violations? After another school gets caught doing something? Or is this going to be a perception they keep after for the next couple years?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:51:36 PM)
This is the perception they will have for the next couple of years. Ohio State needs no more black eyes. That's the biggest thing. They will cover any future developments as they warrant. Don't feel pooped on. When Colorado went through their thing, they climbed inside their operation and all but asked for Barnett's resignation. But they survived and had a halfway good year. OSU needs to stay off the front page.

hulk52 (Jan 7, 2005 1:51:47 PM)
Steve, with the emergence of tony gonzales and Ginn Jr., where do you think that Roy Hall's head is at right now? do you think that he will move to tight end and become like a Kellen Winslow jr. type guy?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:54:25 PM)
Great question. His plays were cut down quite a bit by Ginn and Gonzalez. The handwriting is on the wall. Roy showed he has a place in this offense. He just has some consistency issues. He'd be a great play making tight end, no doubt. But if his heart isn't into it. Maybe he could be a flex TE.

marksgforce (Jan 7, 2005 1:54:32 PM)
Has Ted Ginn I weighed in on the Smith situation? Any of Smith's teammates?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:54:56 PM)
No, not really. They're all sad for him and feel for him. But no "inside details" if that's what you're angling for.

volbuck (Jan 7, 2005 1:55:02 PM)
Steve, It just seems to me that something is going to happen even if all the allegations etc stop today. What is you opinion?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:55:14 PM)
It is a volatile climate. Things need to calm down a little bit.

rossram (Jan 7, 2005 1:55:28 PM)
Steve, I just got on and have no idea if this was addressed. On the local University of Cincinnati forums, a discussion is going on about EJ and Brandon Underwood transferring to UC. Do you have any information on this subject?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:55:52 PM)
Well there is a fresh rumor on the Underwood(s). As I said earlier, I have no new info there.

daytonbuckeye (Jan 7, 2005 1:55:57 PM)
How do you feel about the late scholarship offer to Mooney's McCarthy? The coaches must have seen something in him for the scholarship offer.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:56:46 PM)
As I said, I'll go with the coaches' gut feeling on this. At face value, people will wonder why they pull the plug on a "national recruit" like Adam Myers-White and go after this kid from Mooney. But they must have their reasons.

bukweat (Jan 7, 2005 1:56:56 PM)
Steve,with OSU offering Russell,Tucker,Thomas,Robinson and Kearney,is this the most active we have been in Georgia in recent memory?Also,wouldn`t Georgia be a nice state to pick from once in a while?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:57:36 PM)
They've gotten some guys there before like Mitchell and Jacobs and Jamal Muhammad, etc. But it is a talent rich area. Easily accessible by cheap direct flights to Atlanta, etc.

DaHawg (Jan 7, 2005 1:58:00 PM)
Do you think OSU has to have TS at the helm to compete for the NC next year. I do not. I think he should be punished harshly, it will be better for the team.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:59:01 PM)
I don't know if they HAVE to have him to win the NC. But it would definitely be a big help. 386 yards total offense against the University of Michigan -- one of the great performances in the series' 101-year history -- says it all.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 1:59:41 PM)
But yes, I'm of a mind that he needs to be penalized as the crime fits, nothing more and nothing less.

labsbeabmm (Jan 7, 2005 1:59:47 PM)
Can you give me one good reason for Geiger to announce before recruiting was finished?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:01:46 PM)
Some would say his "retirement" begins the healing process. I don't know if that impacts recruiting or not. The coaches are on the front line and, as Coop used to say, "Nothing keeps us from victory." There are no excuses. There is never a good time for some things to come down. They happen when they are destined to happen. I think he and President Holbrook were tired of fielding questions on it and decided to set the process in motion with a finite timetable. That is all they've done. ...

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:03:05 PM)
Does this create instability in the department? Possibly. Jim Tressel's security blanket will no longer be in place. But the way they are doing this with 6 months to get a successor, etc., they will get a great person to take this job and they'll get it cleaned up and move on.

NevadaBuck (Jan 7, 2005 2:03:10 PM)
Steve..If you were AD at tOSU what would you do differently than AG??

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:04:35 PM)
About the only thing I would have done differently was not bury Maurice Clarett publicly like he did. That served no purpose. He needed to be as apologetic and caring as possible publicly, even if he didn't feel that way. When they buried the kid, that's when Clarett was out for revenge.

bukweat (Jan 7, 2005 2:04:40 PM)
Steve,do you like the Savage choice by the Browns?Oh,wrong forum.(haha)

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:05:00 PM)
They need somebody competent, that's for sure. Six years of this crap is enough.

hulk52 (Jan 7, 2005 2:05:24 PM)
Steve, lets talk OSU vs. Texas next year. Obviously Vincent Young provides match up problems, but I for one think that we will do much better against him than M*ch*gan did. The real story, I think is what other ways they are gonna attack us. Their receivers dont scare me, (unless they get Fred Rouse) what do you think?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:07:57 PM)
The big difference between the offense Michigan faced and the one Ohio State will face will be the absence of Cedric Benson. Michigan had to defend against a 1500-yard back and let Young get loose (over and over and over). I guarantee you they will spend the whole off-season figuring out a way to counter what Young/Troy Smith did to them. But Texas will be formidable. They have a lot coming back. OSU will have to get after Young, no doubt. Those LBs should be the key.

michibuck (Jan 7, 2005 2:08:48 PM)
Steve, it sounded like McCarthy will go to ND, if offered, and would not be committing to the Bucks this weekend in any case. What's your take on that? Maybe he's a lot better than anybody realizes. By the way, great in-depth article by Gary on McCarthy.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:09:41 PM)
Gary does a great job with those in-depth stories. It's hard to predict the future, certainly. Let's let him visit this weekend and see where they're at.

redondo (Jan 7, 2005 2:09:44 PM)
Hi Steve - Any word on Wilson from Akron? Is ND back in front or is that just Tom Lemming being Tom Lemming? Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:10:15 PM)
We had a report on him last Sunday or Monday and OSU was still No. 1. He is visiting Florida and ND is trying to get back in. Again, wait and see.

scribeohio (Jan 7, 2005 2:10:22 PM)
Steve, there are those (ESPN, Jason Lloyd, etc) who feel that AG took the hit and that JT should get some blame. Obviously, AG did poop the bed in the media but overall he's been great. JT gives an impression of 'not being aware'. Your thoughts?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:12:29 PM)
He plays the "unaware" card very well because he's now had a ton of practice. You want to think the best, but when things just keep mounting and mounting. The problem is you have 105 people going in every direction and a million people who want to get their hands on them. You can't police each kid 24/7. All you can do is preach the danger. It's my belief Tressel, his coaches and the compliance people have adequately done that, but too many of these guys aren't getting the message. When warranted, they need the boot. Only way to get people to understand they are blowing a $100,000 educational opportunity.

labsbeabmm (Jan 7, 2005 2:12:36 PM)
Don't forget Kevin Grady at Mich would also be in front of Wells

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:12:52 PM)
Good point, Michigan is not going to stop recruiting RBs, either.

NYCBuck (Jan 7, 2005 2:13:27 PM)
we have traditionally done well against mobile QBs even with solid RBs (K State, Ok State, NC State)...Texas doesnt bother me one bit...Iowa does!

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:14:37 PM)
Tate is a biatch. That Cap One Bowl ending makes him an Iowa legend. I knew before OSU played them, the Bucks were in trouble because of the way he loved to roll out. OSU never got pressure on him and he came of age in that game. He was the best QB in the Big Ten, better than Orton and Henne, this year.

bucks79 (Jan 7, 2005 2:14:45 PM)
Any feel for DB Thomas? Would love another 3 way player - OFF, DEF and returns. Glad Daniels didn't come to OSU for 2 reasons. He appreared to be looking at the most attention he could get for himself and I saw him play a couple times and was not impressed. I like Lenix MUCH more than Daniels. What did the staff think of him?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:16:37 PM)
Great to get a kid of Thomas' caliber on campus like this. Now they need to work their magic. Hey, Daniels makes plays. He played great in the title game. I like Lenix as well. No words from staff on any prospects until signing day, by rule.

michibuck (Jan 7, 2005 2:16:43 PM)
Steve, right now the only recruit I feel "sure" about is Freddie Lenix. Any others you feel "sure" about?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:17:13 PM)
As close to sure as possible about Mo Wells too. I think they'll be fine if they get these 2, keep Worthington, snag Wilson and 1 or 2 others.

wells20 (Jan 7, 2005 2:17:17 PM)
Steve, I watched the Alamo Bowl again on Wed. and paid particular attention to the details of the conversation (missed the first half live on the 30th). I was wondering during Herbstreits 'concerns' with May and Alberts if Herbie has owned up to his own ignorance to the facts and punishments relating to all his comments (the A.J. Hawk signing one was a killer). We can't get 1460 over here so I haven't heard any interview with him.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:18:01 PM)
Herbstreit is hardly on the radio in Cols. I know he has been conflicted about ESPN's treatment of OSU and does not condone some of the things said.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:18:17 PM)
Any last blasts because I've got to get going?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:19:59 PM)
If you are within 30 minutes of the Schott, you need to be there tomorrow at noon for the Iowa game. They had plenty of tickets for $13 and $18, I understand. This team deserves the support of OSU fans, in my opinion. They swapped paint with the No. 1 team for 30 minutes Wed. night. Would be a big win if they can get it.

marksgforce (Jan 7, 2005 2:20:02 PM)
any staff changes? Bollman to Dolphins?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:20:17 PM)
Had not heard that rumor, but obviously he and Saban are acquainted.

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:20:41 PM)
No changes that I am aware of. Tressel would have made assistant changes by now if he thought any were warranted, I'm sure.

marksgforce (Jan 7, 2005 2:21:03 PM)
will JT keep the offense open all next year? start closer to the vest again?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:22:32 PM)
They will go back to trying to run the football, I'm sure, and should have much more success with that. They went with Troy/Ginn because it was their only avenue to win. Should be a healthy blend. Perhaps unlike throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks, maybe a few things will stick. The OL play will be much better overall. They finished the year on a great note (no sacks vs. UM, the crappy OSU).

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:22:59 PM)
Anything else???

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:23:55 PM)
Hey guys, it's been a slice. Thanks for your support of Bucknuts.com. We will do the best we can to keep you informed as the days count down to signing day.

NCBOUND (Jan 7, 2005 2:26:16 PM)
Steve, lots of rumor flying on the college message boards that "the hammer" is about to come down on OSU football. Do find any truth to it or is it a way to try to scare off potential recruits?

SteveHelwagen (Jan 7, 2005 2:26:33 PM)
I honestly have no idea. If there is more to come, I'm waiting for it.

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