It's Official: Lenix Commits To Ohio State

Good things come to those who wait and Lenix waited forever for a scholarship offer from Ohio State. He got the coveted offer right after his season came to end and he committed himself to Ohio State this morning. His dream to represent his state and be a Buckeye has come true.

The long-awaited and much-anticipated announcement from Freddie Lenix of Glenville High School can finally be made...officially.

"I committed this morning," Lenix said. "Like I've said before that was my big dream to go to Ohio State."

Lenix was in Columbus this weekend on his official visit to Ohio State and he committed to Jim Tressel at breakfast this morning.

"I pulled Coach Tucker to the side and told him I was ready to commit," Lenix said. "He took me to Coach Tressel and I told him. Coach Tressel was excited because I guess he didn't know that I was going to commit today. He said it would be a pleasure to have me on board at Ohio State."

Right now, exactly where he'll play at Ohio State has not been determined, even after his official visit.

"They're still talking linebacker, safety and running back," Lenix said. "I'll just wait until I get down there to figure out which position I'm going to be at."

Lenix saw more of Ohio State on this visit than he ever has before and he came away really impressed.

"I got a chance to see all around the campus for the first time and I got to meet a lot of the players," Lenix said. "They all showed me a great time like I had been there with them for years. We had dinner at the stadium last and it was real nice."

Fellow Tarblooder Curtis Terry was his host for the visit.

"We went to the ice-breaker party that they had and that's where I mostly met all of the players," Lenix said. "They were just showing me a nice time, introducing me to a whole bunch of people. Even my mom had a real nice time on the visit and she enjoyed herself. She had a nice time talking to all of the coaches."

The wait is over and Lenix's dream of being a Buckeye has now come true.

"Like I said before I was being patient and I wasn't going to jump on anything too quick," he said. "It feels read good. The biggest thing is that I wanted to represent my state and I wanted to be a Buckeye. I'm real excited. I can't wait to get down here. And I'll be close to my son."

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