Hello from San Antonio

I've spent most of this first day in San Antonio learning the ropes as well as all of the things that the media is allowed to do and all the things we're not allowed to do. The players have been following a strict schedule today and access to them has been hard to come by. Overall it's a great atmosphere here and everyone is excited for the 1 p.m. (est) kickoff that will be televised by NBC.

May day began at the airport in Cleveland early this morning when all of the sudden I was surrounded by a group of Glenville Tarblooders who were on the same flight to San Antonio as I was.

Daven Jones and Bryant Browning missed the group photo so I got them before we all hopped on the plane.

When I made it to the media center at the Sheridan Gunter in down San Antonio, I was able to catch Rico McCoy and Brian Cushing being interviewed by Scout.com's Chril Pool (The players were on their way to a pep rally to promote the game so I didn't have a chance to speak with McCoy before he had to leave).

After I met Chris Pool, I then had a chance to meet Jamie Newberg. Those of you who follow recruiting on this network know that Pool and Newberg are recruiting analysts.

With no access to players any time on the horizon, I took a pleasant stroll over to the River Walk where a pep rally was slated to take place.

And just as I got there, the players were arriving on the river.

Both sides briefly entertained those in attendance at the rally. Here Jamaal Charles (21) and Martellus Bennett (44) pump up the crowd.

While Earl Heyman sang a mellow tune.

Jamario O'Neal is healthy and ready to go.

And Alex Boone has been wooing everyone down here this week.

They're both proud to be representing Ohio State in the game.

On Saturday, we'll finally find out where Maurice Wells will go.

And Rico McCoy as well.

Trey Stross is proud to be an Iowa Hawkeye.

Adam Myers-White will announce his official on Saturday.

There were cheerleaders at the pep rally.

And there was a band as well.

And then the players loaded their boats and went to an awards banquet. Then it'll be time for a good night's rest before the game in the morning.

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