Weekend Recruiting at a Glance

Let's take a quick look at what the current skinny is recruiting-wise and what is in store this weekend.

We're heading down the homestretch for this year's recruiting class.  It's been an eventful and exciting recruiting season, but it is not over yet.  Coach Tressel showed last year he can close strong... can it be done again this year?  Let's take a look at the prospects left on the board, their status and what to look for in the coming days...

DT Quinn Pitcock and LB Bobby Carpenter - Quinn and Bobby are two of the biggest names remaining from the state of Ohio, and some fans have even posted on message boards that it doesn't matter to them who OSU gets with the other spots... just as long as they get these two.  Both of these guys seem to be in the same situation -- they are done with visits and are in the process of sorting everything out and making a final choice.  Will it be Ohio State?  Or will the Bucks lose one (or both) of these players?  No one knows for sure as they haven't given many hints, so we will just have to wait and see!

DE Bryan Andrews - A stunner came down this week as there was supposedly a report on a Lima news show that OSU had told Bryan (left) that they were not going to offer him a scholarship and told him to look elsewhere.  Let's still not jump to conclusions as to what this is all about and what will come of it. The Dispatch reported that OSU is still interested and are waiting to learn if he will be qualified. 

QB/DB Troy Smith - Troy will be visiting this weekend.  With the transfer of Rick McFadden, many fans would like to see Troy added to this class.  He still says WVU leads and his academic status is unknown to us.

DB Nate Salley - It was a surprise to see OSU leap up towards the top of Nate's list, but he will be on a visit to North Carolina, which seems to be Ohio State's major competition for Nate now that Miami reportedly dropped out.  We will have to hope that the Tar Heels won't sway him and that old friend John Tenuta won't take one from the Buckeyes.

OL Derek Morris and OL Max Jean-Giles - Derek sounded very high on OSU on last week's Bucknuts Radio Hour, but reports have been conflicting recently as to where he might be leaning.  OSU is still on the list, but Derek is still taking visits, one of them to Boston College.  Don't count out the Eagles since Massachusetts is where Derek is originally from.  Also, Max Jean-Giles still has OSU on his list, but most feel he will wind up at Miami.  He visits the Canes this weekend.

LB Buster Davis - Many people seem confused right now with Buster's situation, including Buster himself.  Buster has not given a leader to most reporters recently and seems to be debating which way to go.  He has a visit to Florida State this weekend, which is one that many OSU fans are worried about.  Buster told us a while back on the radio that he would decide around the 31st, but he has said that he may wait until after signing day to decide.  It's too hard to predict which way he will go.

WR/DB Brandon Mitchell - Brandon's name is one that OSU fans are just getting to know, and we might want to continue to become familiar with him since he seems real high on OSU and could commit on this weekend's visit to Columbus.  What is known about him is that he is a great student and a fine athlete who could play on either side of the ball.  There have been conflicting reports as to if he has been offered, but if he has, it looks like he could be the next commitment to Ohio State.

WR Santonio Holmes - The more info that Buckeye fans read about Holmes, the more enamored we become.  Everyone who has seen him play unanimously agrees that he is quite a player.  Holmes is visiting this weekend, and he will apparently decide between OSU and NC State.  He has often said in the past that OSU is the leader.  He would be a nice addition to the class and we could find out what his intentions are soon after the visit.

RB Duane Coleman - Duane's stock shot through the roof this year after a tremendous senior season.  He had a good visit to OSU and the Bucks are still in the mix, but he still has visits to Miami and Clemson left.  Clemson was scheduled for this weekend.

DB/QB Vince Gliatta - Vince is one of the remaining Ohio standouts and it's down to Penn State and Ohio State for this talented athlete.  OSU has not yet offered, but Penn State has... how long will Vince wait?  We will see, but it looks like PSU might have the edge.

Others: We assume that OL Davin Joseph is still a long, long shot after he mentioned last week that OSU was no longer in the running... The same assumption of a long, long shot applies for blue-chip DB Darren Williams from Mississippi and ATH Nate Schiccatano from PA... WR Larry Fitzgerald enjoyed his visit to OSU but it might be too soon to tell with him... DB JoJo Walker, who once said OSU was the leader and took a visit to OSU, committed to Maryland.

The coming days should be event-filled and exciting for those of us who follow recruiting. Stay tuned!

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