Daniels Reaffirms Minnesota Commitment

Linebacker Alex Daniels recently stopped in at Ohio State to talk with OSU coaches, but the meeting was just to clear the air. Daniels says that Minnesota will be his college destination.

Linebacker Alex Daniels of Columbus (Oh.) Brookhaven made a commitment to Minnesota earlier in January, but a recent visit to talk with Ohio State coaches caused a bit of a stir. Alex, however, is firm in his commitment to the Gophers.

"Yeah, I went over and talked to (the OSU staff)," he said. "Everything's cool. I really did just want to go over and clear the air about everything.

"I just wanted them to understand why I made the decision I made, and I wanted to make sure we understood each other. Everything's cool... I had a good relationship with those guys, and I wanted to keep it."

Daniels already has his plans laid out for getting things going at Minnesota.

"I'm going up to Minnesota. I'll be a Will linebacker," he said. "I'm going up early, as soon as school's out. I'm going to come back to play the all-star games and then go back to school."

Daniels also emphasized that his choice was about what he felt was best for him.

"This has nothing to do with Ohio State," he said. "This is just a better fit for me personally. I really like those guys over there."


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