Housteau Chat: Feb. 3 Archive

Here are excerpts from Gary Housteau's Chat from Thursday.

Palmer (Feb 3, 2005 1:09:10 PM)
Gary, Ohio state has made offers to about 7 juniors for next year, what do you think the chances are that we nab these guys? They all seem to like OSU a lot

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:09:10 PM)
Hi Palmer...it's really early for speculation but I think Rob Rose will be a Buckeye no doubt and probably Ray Small as well. Again, it's Small without an 's' on the end. I like the fact that Conner Smith's father played for OSU so that bodes well for us. I don't know enough about the others made yesterday if there was more than Aaron Brown. If Chris Wells had to sign today...IMHO...it would be with OSU.

kdog (Feb 3, 2005 1:12:03 PM)
How do you feel the talent is stacking up in Ohio next year?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:12:03 PM)
Hi kdog...I like the talent a lot in Ohio in certain positions. Quarterback and Offensive Linemen are really solid as far as I can tell. Wells, Elzy and Lance Smith, among others make the running back position well stocked right now. I'm still learning the talent in the state right now but that's a real preliminary view from my perspective. Spotty talent on defense but there is talent there.

wwt (Feb 3, 2005 1:15:27 PM)
Do you think they will switch someone to RB since they will only have 3 schollie RB's on the roster?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:15:27 PM)
Hi wwt...my biggest disappoint of the recruiting season is that we weren't able to land another quality running back. I think Lenix or maybe Russell could be moved to running back effectively but neither are proven commodities on offense right now. I'm asked about Shaun Lane all the time and I think he was a tremendous running back in high school but I'm not certain he could stand up to the pounding on offense. I think he could be a pleasant surprise on offense as a change up back in a spread offense. Not really sure what their thinking is/was there when Ringer and Sutton was readily available to them.

David (Feb 3, 2005 1:18:06 PM)
Hi and good job...... What is up with Aaron Pettrey and why would OSU not honor his greyshirt. If OSU screws this kid it can kill greyshirting at OSU in the future.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:18:06 PM)
Hi David...again another bad policy type move on the staff's part...very unTresselike. I personally don't know the immediate status of Pettrey right now...they waiting on Huston I guess... but it just screws with the integrity of the initial offer.

scribeohio (Feb 3, 2005 1:20:56 PM)
Gary, thanks for the pics - sure it was fun but exhausting! Loved the smiles on the kids faces. Any stories/comments on being with the kids/families?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:20:56 PM)
Hi scribeohio...thanks for the nice words...much appreciated. What a joy it was to be around those young men yesterday. I have a recorder full of interesting stories to be written at some point. I'm writing a story on Jamario O'Neal for one of our magazines and I almost have to rewrite it now because of the interview I had with him yesterday and Mrs. Ginn. Also Freddie Lenix had some interesting things to say as did the others.

JohnnyBuckeye (Feb 3, 2005 1:23:48 PM)
Who would you compare Ross Homan (LB) from Coldwater to? I've heard people say he reminds them of AJ Hawk.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:23:48 PM)
Hi JohnnyBuckeye...I'll go with that comparison. I've only seen a couple of clips with him thus far. I made an attempt to hook up with Homan in person during the state finals this past year but couldn't pull it off. I think he will be someone I will be seeing this spring. Yesterday I stopped at Euclid to meet Thadeus Gibson but I picked the wrong day because he wasn't in school. I'm looking forward to meeting him as well. I'd take both of those guys right now.

redondo (Feb 3, 2005 1:27:57 PM)
Hi Gary - I loved the pictures of signing day. Any great stories we should know about to go with them? For example, who won the "Happiest to be Buckeye" award, or was it a multi-way tie? Thank you.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:27:57 PM)
Hi redondo...boy did you see all the smiles on those young kids yesterday. I couldn't get over it when I was going thru my photos to pick ones to post in the photo gallery. I think I saw 6 really happy young guys who officially became Buckeyes yesterday but Boone went out on limb because he told me yesterday was better than ......, well I don't want to get him in any trouble. And obviously it's not that three-letter word that most of you are thinking of right now! Smile! All of the guys were great yesterday.

Behind_Enemy_Lines (Feb 3, 2005 1:32:56 PM)
Not New Recruits..but concerning last years Redshirts, .....who are we going to be talking about going into the 2006 season. Who makes an impact this year and benefited most from redshirting?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:32:56 PM)
Hi BehindEnemyLines...Right away I think of Kyle Mitchum. I've heard many good stories about him. I will say that Erik Haw will come on like gangbusters this year. Recently I've been hearing many good things about Haw. Haw and Pittman should provide a dynamic duo in the backfield this year. I also hear that people are raving about Curtis Terry but he didn't redshirt. I can't help but think that Devon Lyons will not be a major player, this guy is the bomb but he didn't redshirt last year either. I also hear that the staff is high on Nick Patterson. Hows that for a few names?

homesickbuck (Feb 3, 2005 1:34:33 PM)
Any cool recruiting stories that can be revealed now that signing day is over?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:34:33 PM)
Hi homesickbuck...I can reveal one that I know of...the staff was already to pounce on McCarthy when he returned home from his official visit to Notre Dame but they aborted that mission when McCarthy committed to the Irish on his visit.

Palmer (Feb 3, 2005 1:38:43 PM)
Gary, how do you see our O'line shaping up for next year? I have to imagine that there is gonna be some significant improvement!

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:38:43 PM)
Hi Palmer...I see Jim Tressel having a smorgasboard of options on offense at his dispol next year and it will all center around the much improved play of the offensive line. There's quality depth all over the place. I'll start with Sims, Downing, Mangold, Mitchum and Barton left to right. Datish and Cordle can play center. Person can be solid at either guard. And Rhering and Boone and Skinner are quality tackle prospects. I would love to play mix and match with this group. Whether it's smashmouth or spread we have the talent accross the board on offense next year to be a juggernaut.

wwt (Feb 3, 2005 1:42:56 PM)
You mention Lane as a "Change up back" on O. What do you mean by that? He seems to be the same size as a Maurice Wells.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:42:56 PM)
Hi wwt...about Lane...give him a crease and he's gone first and foremost. Secondly he's pretty aggressive for his size. We're talking about a chip of the old Garcia Lane block who was named after Shaun Gayle...There's a lot of Buckeye in him. You got to like that. He hurt his shoulder in high school because he's so aggressive and doesn't back down from contact although he would prefer to elude you. I can see him in the single back in the spread formation picking any hole to run through on a draw. Don't see him carrying it 30 times however.

buckeyeots (Feb 3, 2005 1:47:08 PM)
Looks like we will need linebackers in the class of 06. How good are Homan and Gibson from Ohio.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:47:08 PM)
Hi buckeyeots...they jury is still out on both of them right now. I give Homan the early edge but Gibson has the bigger upside it if gets here soon enough. I'm disappointed right now in the quality of our linebackers in Ohio for the second straight year. I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I think Joe Underwood and Jerome Jones from Ursuline are two potential studs but at linebacker but I could be reaching with that statement. Jones might want to play hoops instead any way. I'm sure Duane will tell us about a few more prospects at LB in Ohio to look for next season but right now it's not a bumper crop by any means.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 1:52:27 PM)
Do you think the offensive staff will look at the Utah offense--or, given the success of the OSU offense in the last two games, ignore that offense.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:52:27 PM)
Slow down there platinum5 ...no I don't think you'll see any replica of Utah's offense in Columbus but I am encouraged by the way JT let his hair down when it became painfully obvious later in the season that Ted Ginn was the only straw that was going to stir that offense last year. Spread it out and let the playmakers make plays. I think we will be able to smash it up in there a little better next year and that's something that JT will always yield to. All those years of smashmouth football at YSU are hard to throw by the wayside. I'd like to see the offense continue where it left off in the bowl game and add some smashmouth to it with more two tights and one back in addition to the I-formation.

DuluthBuckeye (Feb 3, 2005 1:55:26 PM)
Gary, besides Boone, Oneal, and Wells, which incoming freshmen, if any, are physically ready to play D-1 football right now?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:55:26 PM)
Hi DuluthBuckeye...I haven't seen them all enough to know that for sure but Doug Worthington will certainly look like he's ready to play D-I football as soon as he steps on campus. I don't think there is going to be a lot of room for many true freshman to actually contribute this year because we are so relatively young and veternish at the same time. There's already a lot of depth everywhere before the freshmen even report to camp.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 1:57:41 PM)
How would you rank this class in terms of character?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 1:57:41 PM)
If my experience yesterday was any indication...all high quality character kids...then this is really a super group overall. As someone pointed out about my photo gallery...all guys in ties and smiles yesterday. I think Robiskie is going to be such a pleasant surprise. Really happy about what I saw yesterday.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 2:03:03 PM)
Do you think O'Neal could start at corner next year? Or would he have to be a safety? Did it surprise you that OSU recruited so many safeties (relative to corners) given the relative depth at safety relative to corner?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:03:03 PM)
The debate about which position O'Neal will play could go on forever...that will be determined by the staff next year. I can tell you that J.O. will play either position he's asked to play with no problem. I can also tell you from watching him play that he comes up from his safety position and hits like a cannon blast. Very loud and damaging. I would hate to waste that ability at corner. Sure he's talented enough to play corner safety but he made me say 'wow' quite a few times this year watching him play safety. He's a ball player with great size, great speed and he wants to do really well.

Susan (Feb 3, 2005 2:05:17 PM)
Ha, Gary. The reader's imaginations are gonna run wild with that Boone comment. LOL. I agree. Boone was ecstatic yesterday

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:05:18 PM)
Hi Susan...as you know from being there Boone said that bad things might happen to me if I quoted him verbatim on that comment. All kidding aside, Boone was beside himself with happiness about being a Buckeye. Folks, Boone is almost too good to be true I kid you not.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 2:06:56 PM)
Do you think Doc Tressel is a top RB coach?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:06:56 PM)
I don't have enough data to make that call. Sorry. I can tell you that according to some recruits he's certainly a hard working recruiter.

BuckeyeDave (Feb 3, 2005 2:11:26 PM)
Sorry if this has already been addressed -- Could the loss of J Gwaltney actually help us get Chris Wells? Are you surprised that Gwaltney signed with a mid-major like WVa? (Smile)

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:11:26 PM)
I was very surprised about Gwaltney's choice to attend Wva. Good for him! It will help some because he definitely knows that Ohio State is still without that big bruising running back of which he fits the mold of. It just depends what day of the week it is with Wells really. Right now he's on this Adrian Peterson kick because Oklahoma planted this thought in his head that he can be the next Adrian Peterson. I can tell you that I had two guys that came along with me yesterday and they both seen Wells for the first time in person and almost had a bodily accident. And he's only 16 years old. I saw his mom yesterday too and she likes Ohio State. Smile!

BuckeyeDave (Feb 3, 2005 2:16:48 PM)
Was it you or Steve that spoke with Gwlatnet at the AA game and thought that he had slipped and had given a indication that he was signing with the Bucks? IF it was you, what was the slip?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:16:48 PM)
That was me and I had more than one good reason to think he was going to pick Ohio State at the time but he was obviously telling every person he spoke to what they wanted to hear. He told a well-respected person that he was going to Ohio State when he was down there. The comment I was referring to was made when he was posing for me flexing his biceps. He said something about he was going to be the next Maurice Clarett at Ohio State to come in and take over the position as a true freshman but when he realized he used that name he said maybe he should take that back.

Mr. February (Feb 3, 2005 2:18:11 PM)
Who do you think wins the corner job opposite Youboty next fall? Seems like the biggest question mark on the team, IMO.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:18:11 PM)
Hi Mr. February...if the most talented player actually plays the position it will be Ted Ginn Jr. His talent level is on another stratosphere.

BuckeyeDave (Feb 3, 2005 2:18:54 PM)
Who starts at FB next season?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:18:54 PM)
I'd like to see more and more of Dionte Johnson. And even more than that.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 2:19:56 PM)
Given our receivers (Ginn, Holmes, Gonzo, Lyons, etc.) and the lack of an established running back, do you think other teams will dare us to run next year?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:19:57 PM)
Yes and I hope they do. I really like Pittman and Haw back there. I really like them both at tailback.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 2:22:20 PM)
Do you think Boone starts the UM game?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:22:20 PM)
If you mean Michigan he might have a chance but I don't think he'll be ready by Sept. 3rd against Miami. He sort of promised his brother J.J. who's in harmsway in Iraq right now that he would start at some point, sooner rather than later, and I know that's not a hollow statement he made.

nuts4bucs (Feb 3, 2005 2:24:08 PM)
An RB question - Conridge Collins was told that tOSU was no longer interested in him because they had 2 RBs lined up. Wells was one of them, obviously. Who was the other one that fell through, Gwalney?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:24:08 PM)
Go figure on that nuts4bucs. I too thought that might have been an indication that we had Gwaltney and I don't even doubt he might have told the OSU staff he was going there at one time. I can tell you they were disappointed we didn't get him.

platinum5 (Feb 3, 2005 2:24:53 PM)
On 3rd and 1 next year, what do the Buckeyes do most often? QB run? FB? TB?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:24:53 PM)
It's about time we run right down our opponents throat...every time. First down!

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:25:32 PM)
I'll take the conventional hand off to the tailback behind the fullback please!

David (Feb 3, 2005 2:27:09 PM)
What was the situation with Haw last year, he seemed to be in the doghouse due to grades or something. Is everything squared away now?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:27:09 PM)
He sort of was and yes it is! A new and improved EriK Haw could be a tremendous addition to the offense next year.

WVBuckeye (Feb 3, 2005 2:28:26 PM)
Do you think we are now leaning towards running more of a spread offense

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:28:26 PM)
Hi WVBuckeye...the talent might dictate that but JT will always yield to his smashmouth style when the logical situation presents itself.

crazynuts (Feb 3, 2005 2:30:26 PM)
Gary, will Wilson get a look at TE or is he too talented as a DE to move

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:30:26 PM)
Wilson told me yesterday that he believes he will be playind on defense but he would be inclined to be on offense if called upon to fill that role. His best days are ahead of him as he develops and I think it will be on the defensive side of the ball.

Guest (Feb 3, 2005 2:31:36 PM)
Gary, Do you think Ginn will play more offense or defense next year?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:31:36 PM)
Marvinbengals asks about where I think Ginn will play more at next year... just play baby... offense, defense or special teams. Just be on the field.

wwt (Feb 3, 2005 2:34:16 PM)
You hear good thinks about Schlichter & Hartline as QB's next year in Ohio. Do you think OSU would take two QB's next year? Do either of the above two stand heads above the other?

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:34:16 PM)
I really don't see them taking two QB's next year. And I don't think there is any chance Hartline and Schlichter would want to be on the team together next year...too many bodies at the position. Right now I say Hartline because I'm more familiar with him. I also like Nate Davis a lot. Very impressed with his skills when I saw him last year. He's a great athlete. He told me he wants to play hoops at the next level.

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:36:42 PM)
Sorry there are a ton more questions left but I have to call it a day here. There's this other job that I have to tend to right now. I wish I was able to spend more time because the questions have been great. I appreciate you taking the time to either read this chat or send in questions during this chat. I think we did really well yesterday regardless of whatever the "experts" have to say. Here's to the class of 2006. Go Bucks!

GaryHousteau (Feb 3, 2005 2:37:41 PM)
My email address is h2hsports@zoominternet.net if you have any follow up questions for me. Thanks again!

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