The Little Lyons Would Be A Big Catch For OSU

He has no scholarship from Ohio State at this time but Wesley Lyons has his big brother's school right at the top of his list at the very beginning of the next recruiting season. It's up to Ohio State now if they remain there as other big-time programs will be on him to be in their 2006 recruiting class.

Everything is relatively quiet on the recruiting front right now for Wesley Lyons of Woodland Hills High School in Pennsylvania. But Lyons is likely to be atop the wish list of many schools across the country over the course of the next recruiting season.

"I've just been getting some mail from some different colleges now," said Lyons the younger brother of Ohio State wide receiver Devon Lyons. "None of the coaches are calling me yet."

Naturally Ohio State is one school at the very top of his list right now. He's obviously more familiar with them than any other school at this time.

"I like the fact that my brother is there and he'll be like a comfort to me. I really like that," Lyons said. "I like all the coaches there, all the coaches seem real nice. Coach Tressel seems like a great head coach. And it looks fun up there and I think I could have a good time up there."

Lyons, whose cousin Ryan Mundy went to Woodland Hills and attends Michigan, has actually been interested in the Buckeyes ever since they began recruiting his older brother.

"I liked (Ohio State) even more once he went up there but I liked them before when he started being recruited by them," he said. "I thought it was a nice school and I thought they were a great team, and when he went up there I saw it was a nice school and they were a great team. It just seems like it would be nice up there."

In addition to Ohio State, Lyons intends to look at schools like Miami, Michigan, Penn State, West Virginia, Virginia and Purdue. Lyons did not attend Ohio State's recent Junior Day on Saturday.

"I was asked to come but my father went out of town (on vacation) and I was a little busy," he said. "I would have went if I had the opportunity."

Lyons is extremely proud of his brother and certainly wouldn't mind following him to Ohio State if things work out that way.

"He's doing well up there, he just tested really well and he's doing good up there," Lyons said. "Me and my brother always hang around together, we play games and do every thing together. So it would be fun to go to Ohio State with my brother being there."

And he'd love to be on the same field playing with his big brother again.

"It is something that I've thought about," Lyons said. "I was on the field with him at the same time in my sophomore year for Woodland Hills and I don't really want that to be the last time that I'm ever on the field with him."

At 6' 6" and 195 pounds now, Lyons is already hard at work training for his senior season on the gridiron.

"I'm lifting right now and working out. Whenever it's warm outside, whenever I get the chance, I'm running the hill," he said. "I'm always lifting. I'm always in the weightroom."

He'll likely play both ways again in his senior year for the Wolverines but offense is the side of the ball that he thinks he'll play at in college.

"At the next level I think I'll play wide receiver or I would like to play wide receiver," Lyons said. "That's where I'm best at. But I'll still play some at safety and corner on defense this year."

Lyons has a 3.0 GPA and will take the SAT in March.

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