Schlichter Hopes To Decide During Summer

Quarterback Miles Schlichter hopes to make his decision sometime before his senior season. Schlichter attended Ohio State's Junior Day over the weekend and enjoyed the trip. caught up with him for the latest.

Miami Trace quarterback Miles Schlichter attended Ohio State's junior day on Saturday and came away impressed.

"It went real well," Schlichter said. "Just the whole atmosphere was awesome and the (Ohio State-Michigan) basketball game was real nice. It was sold out and it was pretty exciting. Just seeing everybody and talking to all the juniors in my class and everything was pretty neat."

Schlichter had a chance to hang out with Akron Garfield running back Chris Wells while at OSU.

"Yeah, I talked to him for about 10 minutes while we were eating," he said. "He was pretty high on Ohio State that day."

Therefore, Schlichter wasn't surprised when he learned Wells had committed to the Buckeyes Sunday.

"No, and I also talked to him later Saturday night at the Touchdown Club banquet and he was kind of asking me where I liked and what camps I was going to and I told him I wasn't sure, I didn't know yet," Schlichter said. "And I asked him what school he liked and said, ‘Basically just Ohio State.' I said, ‘You really like it here, don't you?' and he said, ‘Yep.'"

The 6-2, 205-pound Schlichter might attend OSU's football camp this summer, but as he told Wells, he hasn't finalized anything yet.

"I'm not real for sure," he said. "I've been to Ohio State a lot lately. So, I don't know if I'm going to camp there. Probably, but it's not for sure yet. I really don't know what camps I'm going to this year. It really depends on where I get invited. Probably I'll go to Penn State and Michigan, and Purdue maybe, because I was invited to their junior day."

Schlichter is considering at least four schools at this point and says he has no favorite.

"It's early, so I really can't say who I like the most," he said. "A lot of schools are contacting me that I'm interested in: Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan."

Schlichter had 1,720 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and four interceptions as a junior. He added 740 rushing yards on 100 carries.

His passing statistics would have been even better, but he often did not play in the second half of games because the Panthers were blowing out so many teams.

Miami Trace finished the regular season 10-0 and qualified for the Division III state playoffs. However, it lost in the first round to Chaminade-Julienne.

"The season was great," Schlichter said. "Any time you go 10-0 in the regular season, it causes a lot of excitement, not just for your team, but your community. Everybody really got into it and it was pretty exciting.

"It was a little disappointing, the first round loss to Chaminade, but they're an awful good team. They have a lot of team speed. But other than that, it was a great experience. Not many teams get to go 10-0 in the regular season."

With 18 starters returning, Miami Trace could be even better in 2005.

"Yeah, we have a lot of starters coming back," Schlichter said. "We lose a couple good players: our middle linebacker, our punter and kicker, our offensive center, but other than that, we're pretty strong returning. It's looking good for next year."

Schlichter has a strong arm, he's accurate and he's poised. But if you watch him play, one of the things that immediately stands out is his ability to run the football.

However, he says he doesn't look to run all that much.

"To tell you the truth, if it was a pass play and they called a pass play, you buy time for the pass," Schlichter said. "Usually I would run around back there and something would come open. But I usually didn't run unless they called a running play."

We've hit on Schlichter's strengths, but what are his weaknesses?

"Everything is a weakness," he said. "You can't have all strong points. Weakness really would probably be, if I had to pick, there's really nothing that stands out, but maybe my speed. I mean, I'm a fast kid, but I'm not a blazing 4.4, 4.5."

As for his size, or lack there of, he might not be done growing.

"I don't really know how big I'm going to be," Schlichter said. "My dad is about 6-4, 6-5, so hopefully I'll get up there. But if not, 6-2 is good enough. I mean, Steve Young is in the Hall of Fame now, and he's 6-0."

Schlichter would like to make his decision sometime before August.

"I'd really like to get it out of the way by the end of summer, before the season starts," he said. "Well, unless I don't have the right offers; unless people want me to wait and see what I can do during the year. But I'd really like to get it over and done with before the season starts."

Schlichter says he grew up rooting for the Buckeyes.

"As a kid, I was an Ohio State fan," he said. "But really, teams are teams. I always liked players when I was little. So, it's one of those things when you see all these teams, you're kind of a fair-weather fan of everybody. But I was always kind of rooting for Ohio State to do good."

Schlichter says he's impressed with OSU head coach Jim Tressel.

"Coach Tressel, he's a great guy," he said. "Just a first-class guy. He's one of the best. That program he's put together is absolutely great. But he's just a real nice guy. We talked this weekend a little bit and when we talk it's just, ‘How's everything going? What's going on lately?' He doesn't try and hassle you about football, he just wants to get to know you."

Schlichter has a 3.3 core GPA and has not taken the ACT or the SAT yet.

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