Elzy Vs. Jones On The Hardwood In Pictures

Youngstown Ursuline's Jerome Jones and Warren JFK's Anthony Elzy are both top performers for their school's football team in the fall and the basketball squad in the winter. Jones is already a highly-regarded hoop player and he could become an even better player on the gridiron. Elzy's better sport is clearly football where he had two games over 400 yards and scored 7 TDs in both of them. Both guys should be two top-rated prospects on the gridiron in Ohio in their senior season.

Ursuline's Jerome Jones is one of the top basketball players in the Youngstown area this year and he will be a top recruit in football in Ohio next year.

Other than Chris Wells, there might not be a better running back next year than Anthony Elzy in all of Ohio next season.

Elzy has said that Ohio State and Notre Dame are already his top two schools.

He's right around 5-11, 190 pounds and he's really fast.

Elzy had 2,640 yards and scored 30 touchdowns this past year.

Jones hasn't decided if he wants to play football or basketball at the next level.

He's an athletic big man on the hardwood at 6'6" tall.

And he plays tight end and outside linebacker on the gridiron.

He's got the long arms and the big frame that can easily add more weight as he develops in either sport.

Jones had 9 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists as his Irish were too much for Elzy's Eagles.

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