Augustin Is Favoring Four

Five-star guard D.J. Augustin of New Orleans has a top four -- did the Buckeyes make the cut? Kyle Lamb has an update on where Ohio State stands with this prospect.

As one of the top point guards in the entire country, D.J. Augustin could conceivably pick nearly any school he really wanted to attend. However, apparently four main schools fit his fancy.

Bucknuts spoke with the talented 6-0 point guard, from New Orleans (Brother Martin HS), La. on Tuesday evening, and he updated the latest in his recruitment as well as how his season is going.

"North Carolina, Wake Forest, Texas and LSU, those are my main four right now," the junior guard who is averaging nearly 21 points and seven assists a game said on Tuesday. "There are still others involved though, and by no means are those the only schools I'm considering."

For instance, Georgetown, Duke, and Ohio State amongst others are still at least involved, although how seriously remains to be seen.

Augustin, however, says he is in fact still showing interest in the Buckeyes, and they haven't stopped recruiting him.

"Oh yeah, they still send letters and all that," he added. "I'm still interested in them."

Although he was reluctant to really call it a preference, Augustin couldn't help but admit the ACC was an attractive conference to play basketball in for college, hence the rationale his top two schools are from the ACC.

"Everybody grows up watching North Carolina and Duke, and other rivalries like that," he said. "I guess I don't know if it's a preference, but then again it's a great conference and with the rivalries and tradition, maybe it's really attractive so in a way you could call it a favorite."

It's been a very busy basketball season for Augustin.

Aside from all of the attention he has received from college recruiters, he has helped lead Brother Martin to a 38-2 record, and just Tuesday evening, a District Championship.

"It was a great feeling, and I had a real good game," Augustin said. "I had like nine assists and 20-some points."

He also has been watching his fair share of basketball on television, namely some of his favorite schools and some of the top games.

"Oh, I've watched a lot of basketball this year. I've seen the Duke-North Carolina game, the Wake Forest-Duke game, and last night, Texas Tech and Kansas was a great game. I'm sure there have been several others I'm forgetting," Augustin explained.

Given the busy time for the class of 2006, Augustin, ranked as the second-best point guard in the country by Scout Hoops, has decided to put off any possible visits until after the season.

It's up in the air as to which visits he will end up taking.

"I'm going to wait until after the state championship is over with, and until I sit down to actually think about my visits, I just don't know yet," Augustin concluded. "I will sit down with my parents and figure that all out."

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