Gary Housteau Chat Transcript (2/24)

In last night's club chat, Gary Housteau touched on several of the big issues surrounding OSU -- the DB coach spot, recruiting, Clarett, and more. Read on for a transcript of the chat.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:04:35 PM)
Hi everyone...It's time to talk recruiting and OSU football and just who might replace Mel Tucker. If you can read me now...then fire away with questions. I'll get to as many as I can as long as they keep coming. Go Bucks!

scribeohio (Feb 24, 2005 8:09:55 PM)
Hi, Gary. Your thoughts on Mr Palmer from Glen Oak and OSU offer and OL/DL? Thanks my man.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:09:55 PM)
Hi scribeohio...thanks for getting the night started with a solid question. I was told that Ryan Palmer went to Michigan's Junior Day but I haven't spoke with him about it. I know Mike Hartline from GlenOak enjoyed his day and he will be going to Purdue and Notre Dame this weekend. I like Palmer a lot. He's big and versatile, he's a tackle body but I think he can play some guard as well. Moves well. Obviously OSU has some interest but they have to hope that Palmer can be patient with them while the Big 3 linemen in Ohio know where they're likely to go. Thumbs up on Palmer.

DuluthBuckeye (Feb 24, 2005 8:15:35 PM)
Gary, I know many people feel that T Smith will be under center as soon as he is eligible but I just don't see it. I think JT will stick with Zwick based on character. What do you think?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:15:35 PM)
Hi DuluthBuckeye, I tend to want to agree with you on the selection but not the reasoning. For the most part...character will have little to do with who starts and plays the most next year. I think as a pure QB, JZ is ahead of the game. As a pure athlete...with the ability to do tremendous things i.e. Michigan game, TS is your man. I think the situation isn't any different than last year except both guys have experience and confidence this year. The battle lines will be similar as last year and JZ will get the early nod and probably keep it for a while. I like both so I can't lose out. JT has the tough decision. Both guys are leaders.

loverbuck (Feb 24, 2005 8:20:27 PM)
who will replace tucker?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:20:28 PM)
Hi loverbuck...great question thank you. My sources are telling me that it could be one of three guys. One we all know and I'll protect the identity of the other two for now. Tim Walton is a likely consideration but in the end, with him being from Georgia, he'll not get the nod and stay in Miami. The next guy is a Big Ten assistant with roots in Columbus and the other guy is an NFL assistant with roots in Cleveland. Personally I think it will come down to a choice between the two unnamed guys here and I think having roots in Cleveland could play a factor but won't necessarily win him the job. Afterall, the Cleveland area has been good to OSU of late and will continue to be. I'm sure whoever it is will have to establish a strong rapport with TG Sr. rather quickly if they don't have that relationship already. We will probably know soon. That's what I'm hearing.

Guest (Feb 24, 2005 8:22:19 PM)
Gary, great job you do for all of us. A little off the normal subjects but, does your brother represent us with some fine tOSU garb on the Amazing Race?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:22:20 PM)
Buckeye59 asked about my brother Ray Housteau in the Amazing Race on TV starting next week. No I don't believe he flashed the Scarlet and Gray as I personally would have but he is indeed a Buckeye fan. Thanks for asking! Tune in and watch.

scribeohio (Feb 24, 2005 8:27:37 PM)
Gary, any Youngstown area kids who may get an OSU offer? Are the Mooney boys ND fans?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:27:37 PM)
Possibly Jerome Jones from Youngstown Ursuline may get some interest from Ohio State. He could play tight end or OLB. Lance Smith from Howland will get a look but he'd have to really have a great season. Howland runs the ball a lot so that bodes well for him. I heard PSU may be the inside favorite with Smith. Tony Elzy is as good as any back in Ohio with the possible exception of Chris Wells. Elzy told me early that he favors Ohio State and Notre Dame. Tony Reed from Harding is another name that gets mentioned but he needs to have a really good offseason. At Mooney Desmond Marrow has potential as a tall rangy DB and Nate Burney is a bit on the smallish side to be a big time prospect. The transfer from Campbell to Mooney is another potential D-I player but his academic work needs some attention. I don't know if he'll play QB at Mooney or not. He's a great athlete. I was told he's the real deal but I haven't seen him play yet.

buckgrad (Feb 24, 2005 8:29:43 PM)
whose the next 2006 football commit? Thanks

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:29:43 PM)
Hi buckgrad...I would love to sit here and tell you that Thaddeus Gibson will be the next commit but I have no inside on that at this time. Him and Homan are the two backers I had pegged for early offers and both received them. Homan is in the fold and Gibson could be next. When? I'm not certain. I don't see Small or Rose committing any time soon however.

osufan26 (Feb 24, 2005 8:32:09 PM)
Gary, Have you heard any news as to when Brown, Boren or Smith might committ?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:32:10 PM)
Hi I haven't heard anything about when or even if any of those three will commit. From asking around, I've heard we're in good shape with all three of them so that's a good thing. I was told Boren and Smith went to Michigan last week but don't know if Brown did. I would two out three would be really good and all three as Buckeyes would be fabulous.

silvrbullets7 (Feb 24, 2005 8:34:16 PM)
Who do you think Tressel will pick to replace Coach Tucker? AND . . . What are your thoughts on Erik Haw, and his potential for the upcoming season?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:34:16 PM)
Hi silverbullets7...I've already commented on Tucker's replace if you'll scroll up later you can revisit that. My thoughts on Erik Haw from talking with some people who know...he's getting really serious about his opportunity and the expectations of the staff on him are really high and he knows what is expected of him on the field and off. I expect big things from Haw sooner rather than later.

buckgrad (Feb 24, 2005 8:36:55 PM)
Gary I read somewhere that Jamario and and Freddie still have some academic issues to work out, can you expand on this?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:36:55 PM)
From what I know about Jamario and Freddie...both guys are already eligible when looking at the clearinghouse standards or they will be eligible...but I don't know what shape that puts them in with admissions. I don't know of any impending academic peril either of them could be in at this time and I believe those are the only two that are considered to be questions at this time if they even are.

DuluthBuckeye (Feb 24, 2005 8:39:47 PM)
Assuming the talent is equal, you don't think JT will weigh each guy's character in his decision? It's tough to win when your QB's actions outside of football are in question. I'm sure Smith is a great kid but how can you trust him.? I agree that Zwick won't win on character alone but he will have to play very poorly in the spring and summer to not win the job.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:39:47 PM)
Again, I think the character issue will be left outside the locker room door when it comes to making a football decision on who plays and who doesn't. It has to be that way. Either he's on the team or he's not and if he's on the team then he's going to be a strong candidate for PT. So I think the character issue is not an issue when picking a QB next year. Decision making and turnovers are the real factors that will be weighed heavily this spring and summer.

JohnnyBuckeye (Feb 24, 2005 8:45:05 PM)
Are you getting any indication how OSU has the QB's ranked in order of priority (Hartline, Schlichter, Kirbus, Tebow, Hakes, Davis)? Also, how would you personally rank them?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:45:05 PM)
Hi I have no indication of how the QB's will be ranked...Kirbus and Parris were also at Michigan this past weekend I was told. I personally think you can throw Tebow and Hakes to the side as a pipedream, although I was told tonight by someone who knows that Schlichter and Tebow are pretty good friends now. Having seen them all of the instate guys, I would say Hartline, Davis, Schlichter and Kirbus are the way I would rate them in relation to who excites me the most. I say Hartline and Davis are neck and neck and neck and Schlichter and Kirbus are pretty close as well. Kirbus just reminds you so much of Nate Szep...he'll be a great QB next year but I'm not sure he'll jump out at you as a big-timer. We shall see next year. I love the Kirbus to Parris combo. The best in Ohio no question next year.

Guest (Feb 24, 2005 8:48:36 PM)
Gary. Always wanted to ask you this question about Glennville. With all the talent they produce for Div 1 colleges, how do they ever lose a game? Do they have too much talent?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:48:36 PM)
LivinginMason asks a fair question about Glenville. Why don't they win it all. Well they were close last year and they're building. The road map from the inner city of Cleveland to winning a state title has never been drawn yet and I believe they will continue to knock on the door until they get there. I think this year could be their best all around team and I said last year was better than the year before and they proved me right. They don't have the mega stars on this team like the past two years but the overall talent is very good and very deep. Very Deep! I expect them to have an even better and dominating season next year. They're learning how to win still but next year it might all come together for them.

Guest (Feb 24, 2005 8:52:24 PM)
Gary. Have you seen the Thoma kid punt before? Think he has a chance to start this year?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:52:24 PM)
LivinginMason asks about Thoma and no I haven't seen him punt before. But I met him for the first time last week and was very impressed with him as a punter and an athlete. An unrefined talent with a cannon of a leg. I also know his coach well at Aquinas, he played for JT at YSU and I covered him as a quarterback at Ursuline High School, Tim Tyyrell. He knows the importance of the punt game with JT and he thinks Thoma will be a "huge diamond in the rough"...but we would expect him to say that right??? Tyyrell thinks he has a strong enough leg to compete for the job next year but admits that is an unknown right now. B.J. Sander had a cannon of leg too out of high school and it took him five years to win the job. I like him. High character kid.

osufan26 (Feb 24, 2005 8:56:25 PM)
What are our chances of landing Konrad Reuland and Chane Moline. Both could fill needs at FB/RB and TE. I think Reuland would fit nicely into our blocking schemes.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:56:25 PM)
Hi osufan26...I was told a while back that we stand a very good chance of landing Reuland if OSU indeed pursues him. He's an Ohio kid and a Buckeye nut much like Ryan Williams. Because of Williams and even Bemoll and Reuland...we at least have a shot with Moline but I just don't see that materializing. He'd probably want to play with his brother at UCLA I beleive it is or stay on the left coast anyway. Will get a tease with Moline but no real bite from him to come to OSU. A game or a visit of any kind from Moline would suffice. Williams could be a great ambassador and Fickell has made a great impression recruiting out there from what I've been told.

JohnnyBuckeye (Feb 24, 2005 8:58:10 PM)
Any word on Thaddeus Gibson of Euclid? The combination of losing the LB corps after next year, combined with his speed makes him definitely seem like an impact player at OLB.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 8:58:11 PM)
From what I was told, Gibson is going to be nasty and we have a real good shot with him. He has the most upside of any LB in Ohio from what I know right now. That's not a knock on Homan it's just a testament to Gibson. Fast and aggressive. When he fills out...he could be a monster.

Guest (Feb 24, 2005 9:00:48 PM)
Gary. Any predictions how Clarret will do this weekend at the combine?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:00:48 PM)
LivinginMason asks about Clarett this weekend...I saw a video clip of him tonight on our local sports cast and he looks pretty good and he was saying all the right things. It's just sad. Sure I'm hoping he redeems himself at the next level and I wish him well. It's just sad and disappointing from my perspective. I had such high hopes for him at OSU and he showed that he could have been all that and more. It's sad.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:11:41 PM)
I was knocked out of the chat...that was interesting. I think!

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:12:26 PM)
Is there anything else out there for now or did we all get knocked out? Any more questions tonight or shall we call it a wrap?

buckeyechat (Feb 24, 2005 9:13:42 PM)
Hi Gary, do you think there is any chance they use AJ Trappaso for RB depth in the spring? Or will he only be focusing on winning punting job.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:13:42 PM)
Hi buckeyechat...that is a new perspective about Trappaso that I wasn't aware up to this time. I would guess however he will stick with the punting game next year.

yooperbuck (Feb 24, 2005 9:15:01 PM)
How does Boeckman fit in with his near miss at the Alamo and the fact he could be the backup or starter(who knows) against Miami?

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:15:02 PM)
Hi yooperbuck... I see Boeckman as nothing more than the third wheel for the next two years. Having Zwick play thru his injury in the Alamo Bowl was the best thing that ever happened to Boeckman. He will have his chance in two years against Schoenhoft and maybe Hartline to be the man.

osufan26 (Feb 24, 2005 9:18:18 PM)
Can you talk a little bit about Wes Lyon, Troy Pascley and Daven Jones. Will OSU offer all three? I'm suprised Wes Lyons didn't get an early offer.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:18:18 PM)
I too am surprised that Lyons hasn't gotten an early offer. You just don't grow em with that much potential. With the family connection...I think the early offer would have sealed the deal. Now Miami and everyone else has their hand in the pie. Lyons likes OSU but he's not stupid and will be flattered by interest shown to him from all over the country. Daven Jones is a pure burner...needs to work in the class room. Pascley is a wait and see what you have kid now that the spotlight is shinning down on him. I like Robbie Parris a whole lot. Maybe the best of them all. He's a playmaker with tons of potential and size for a wideout.

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:21:25 PM)
For the guys remaining, it seems like we lost a few after I got knocked off, I'm going to call it a wrap for tonight at this point. Thanks for participating with me on the chat. Someone asked earlier about any players making a favorable impression at OSU's early workout and the name Bobby Carpenter keeps being heard. Stud of all studs. Have a great weekend and Go Bucks!

GaryHousteau (Feb 24, 2005 9:23:09 PM)
See you next week! I hope Kirk can piece the two sections of questions together before I was knocked off and after. Either way I hope you found something interesting in the chat if you tuned in or are reading it at a later time. Thanks again!

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