Housteau Chat Transcript - Mar. 4

Gary Housteau stopped by Bucknuts premium chat today to talk recruiting, Clarett, the 2005 Buckeyes, and more. Read on for a transcript of the chat.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:07:45 PM)
Good afternoon to everyone that is on board this afternoon. I've been under the weather a bit this week but I'm stepping up to the plate and I'll do the best I can with any questions you might have for me today. I've missed a couple of basketball games this week that I would have liked to have been at and I'll probably stay in tonight as well but maybe tomorrow night I'll catch a good one. And maybe next week as well before the state tournament. Fire away when ready.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:10:40 PM)
Had a nice chat with Tony Gonzalez last week and I asked him about the reported 40 times and he said he hasn't ran 40 times. That was last Saturday. I also asked Ted Ginn Sr. about the reported 40 times last week and he said that Teddy hasn't ran any 40 times. I know where ytown11 gets his information from so I don't he was told that but something isn't jiving here. I heard the same times as well that's why I asked about them. Go figure!

fotownbuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:15:37 PM)
Kinda slow this time of year. What are the top 5 things we can look forward to during spring football (position battles etc)

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:15:37 PM)
Hi fotownbuckeye...the top five things to watch for this spring are 1) the QB battle...2) the running back battle...3) the cornerback battle...4) the place kicking battle...5) how the offensive line sets up. A lot of subplots to watch overall this spring. Should be fun and interesting.

DaytonBuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:17:45 PM)
What is the word coming out of Winter conditioning?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:17:45 PM)
Erik Haw and Bobby Carpenter are two big names I keep hearing about this spring from my people. T.J. Downing told me last week that he thinks or he hopes to be moved to the right side next to Kirk Barton. That's two nasty guys on the right side. Got to like that a lot. Gonzo also told me that he's planted the seed to play on defense next year but he thinks it will be to no avail. IMO he was a pretty darn good cornerback in HS. Great closing speed on the ball.

fotownbuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:21:34 PM)
Ok so who wins each?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:21:35 PM)
Coming out of spring I say that Zwick wins the QB battle; what people are forgetting is that the offensive personel at the end of the year was much better than what he had in the beginning. Haw may edge out Pittman in the spring but Pittman has a ton of ability. I'm not sold on Whitner at corner but we shall see. I personally would like to see a whole lot of Ginn at the position in the spring. Josh Huston should nail down the PK duties. And I think Mitchum will win the other guard spot opposite Downing while Person will make a strong case for himself as well. I also would love to see Skinner make a strong push for playing time this spring.

DaytonBuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:23:31 PM)
Gary, In your opinion, who will be starting on the OLINE come Sept 3rd against Miami?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:23:31 PM)
Sims, Mitchum, Mangold, Downing and Barton. Very solid and veteranish. Person, Datish, Skinner and Schafer as solid backups early. Boone may indeed be able to redshirt and take over LT next season. Cordle will redshirt I assume.

DaytonBuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:25:51 PM)
Gary, With Coach Haynes now on staff, what is going to be his objective for the next few weeks before Spring Ball? I would have to imagine this is going to be a big adjustment for the Defensive Backfield.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:25:51 PM)
He's got to get his know his players well and his responsibilities well and understand what his expectations are from JT. From talking to a few people that know him or have met him already, I've been told that it's all a positive situation thus far. Recruiting is a major issue for Haynes as well and I've been told by someone who knows that he will be in good shape in that department.

fotownbuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:29:20 PM)
Also who surprises us this spring with there play?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:29:20 PM)
I would like to see guys like Devon Lyons and Devin Jordan make a positive impression on us this spring but I understand both have been limited thus far on the conditioning side of the work outs. Jordan has been hurt since he came here at least it seems like it and Lyons needs to have a great spring but he's still trying to recover from that foot injury. I think both guys have a lot to add to the receiving corps next year and could allow TGII to play more on defense where there is a hole at CB. Most people want to ignore that or think a first year guy like O'Neal will be the answer there. Even Whitner has very little experience at corner.

fotownbuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:38:16 PM)
What percentage of defense do you see TGII playing?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:38:16 PM)
It's me and you fotownbuckeye... I would guess a great deal no matter how much he plays on defense or doesn't play on defense. He's really special as we all know and he needs to be utilized to the fullest. Like LeBron...he can play the entire game every night...that's the way the special ones really are. Remember TGII is gone after three years.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:39:25 PM)
Track has officially become an afterthought already. Ginn Sr. is glad that Ted is not running track so that he can become a complete football player now. Track may resurface but it's not the main priority or a main priority at this time.

rbuck (Mar 4, 2005 1:40:45 PM)
Is your brother the one from Hamilton?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:40:45 PM)
Hi rbuck...well the one from Hamilton is a great guy but he is clearly of the gay persuasion and my brother is not. He's the one from Youngstown on the show. You might have heard him say "Suck it up" to his fiancee a couple of times on the show. Ray Housteau is his name.

fin (Mar 4, 2005 1:42:54 PM)
What do you know about the new AD? Why him and not one of the people with previous Buckeye ties?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:42:54 PM)
Hi fin...I don't know much about him other than the fact he's a Domer that went to St. Peter Chanel HS in the early '70s. I admit that I would have loved to have seen a tried and true OSU guy get the nod but I'm sure this guy is more than qualified to lead the program. Let's give him our total support and watch what he does.

Dingbuck (Mar 4, 2005 1:47:44 PM)
Cumberland from Columbus. Do you know anything about him?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:47:44 PM)
Hi Dingbuck...I saw Cumberland play on two occasions last season and I was impressed with him. First of all he has really good size. He struck me more as a athlete/type finesse player at the tight end position and that seems to be what Ohio State might be searching for...that Irizarry type who can stretch the field from that position. I'd like to see OSU land someone from Brookhaven to get us back in good stead with that school. I myself was pretty impressed with Mark Jackson, the behemoth at the center position. I'd be real interested in him as well. Would like to see OSU offer him.

redondo (Mar 4, 2005 1:52:47 PM)
Hi Gary - Hartline made some comments about academics in the recent interview. What's your take on the "between the lines" of those comments? Should we view it as augering negatively about OSU's chances as OSU may be stressing items of lesser interest to him? Thanks

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:52:47 PM)
Hi Redondo...Hartline was simply being honest and I would say those comments were directed mainly toward his feelings about ND than any other school. To put it in its proper context he basically told his mom that when they were coming home from the ND visit. He just meant really that he knows school is important and he will approach his studies that way but he doesn't want it to be the most important part of his college experience. He aspires to do great things on the gridiron and that's his main focus. His feelings about OSU are very strong and positive but his eyes are wide open to everything out there. He's not going to be the top choice to play QB at every school so he has to prepare for everything. MSU is his biggest offer to date and Kent is his only other offer right now.

DaytonBuckeye (Mar 4, 2005 1:55:58 PM)
Gary, where do you see us right now with Boren and Brown and Smith? Would love to grab 2 of these guys come next fall! Do you think Brown could be influenced to go and play somewhere else by all the attention he is receiving?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:55:58 PM)
I'm getting positive feedback about all three of these guys from a lot of directions. I would say we got have a really good chance getting two of the three and I would not be surprised at getting all three. I will make my attempt at getting to know them all better this spring and I'll be able to formulate a more accurate impression then. I'm really looking forward to talking to Brown or his father down the line. We have to keep our very best players at home. I'm sure they all would like to block for Chris Wells down the line.

redondo (Mar 4, 2005 1:58:29 PM)
Hi Gary - Hartline also mentioned the new look ND recruiting image. Are you hearing anything similar from others? Is ND seriously improving its chances with the top tier recruits? Thank you.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 1:58:29 PM)
Yes I think things are going to change drastically when going up against Notre Dame in a recruiting battle. They will no longer be as passive as they obviously were under Willingham and even Davie. They are going after recruits very aggressively, even when they're already committed to another school. I know of at least a couple OSU signees who were badgered by Weis staff almost till the end.

Dingbuck (Mar 4, 2005 2:02:48 PM)
Don't you think too many people are putting their eggs in TSmith's basket, as if he will step right back in at QB? I mean, I understand he had a great game vs. Mich. but consistency is the key. Neither have proved a great deal yet. I recall a QB some five yrs back who had a great game vs. UCLA and we all anointed him the next savior only to endure three years of torment. Thoughts?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 2:02:48 PM)
I'm just happy to have two experienced guys at our disposal for the next two years. I like both personally so it's difficult for me to defend one over the other. I just saw a lot of Zwick in high school and I was impressed with him then and see the potential with him in this offense of finding the right receiver and then pulling it and running it when need be. Zwick can run with the football much like Krenzel if not better. Sure he's unorthodoxed at times but I watch Bernie Kosar over his entire career and he was also pretty unorthodoxed at the position. Whoever is at the helm we will be in good shape. Both guys are obviously talented.

fin (Mar 4, 2005 2:07:45 PM)
Since the new AD seems to be in place, do you think any sanctions/penalties will be forthcoming from NCAA? Also, anything to worry about with no contract for Matta yet?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 2:07:45 PM)
First off b-ball is not my forte so I have no knowledge pertaining to Matta or any sanctions from the NCAA for the hoop team. I do know Dan Peters from his coaching days at OSU and he seems to be pretty optimistic about the future of the basketball program. Very optimistic. He thinks Matta is thee guy for the program and Peters best friend is Bob Huggins. About football. JT is pretty confident, I've been told, that the worst is behind us. WYTV sports anchor in Youngstown is a good friend of mine and he just recently did a two-part series on JT and the football program and he too gets the impression the worst days are behind the football program and JT will be at OSU as long as the fans of the Buckeyes want him to stay.

redondo (Mar 4, 2005 2:09:36 PM)
Hi Gary - Any chance you'll be in Y-town when the NFL scouts bus down that way after watching Frye workout in Akron? Thanks.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 2:09:36 PM)
I live in Boardman so yes there's a good chance I'll be around but I have no idea when that will be. I have a frined on the Akron football team so maybe he can make me aware of that. Why would the scouts be coming to Y-town after watching Frye work out? What did you have in mind?

Dingbuck (Mar 4, 2005 2:15:08 PM)
Just joined in. Read an article in (another publication) about recruiting and parenting. Good article that everyone should read. We forget these guys are kids with families who have feelings. Anyway, in brief, what is the craziest recruiting thing you have ever witnessed?

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 2:15:08 PM)
I have never personally witnessed any crazy recruiting things but I have been told about a few crazy things. I know of people, other than the recruit, that have gone on plane trips for example that they never paid for. But really I don't think you see the blatant abuse in recruiting now a days that were more prevalent in years past. The scrutiny is just too intense these days.

redondo (Mar 4, 2005 2:18:39 PM)
Hi Gary - I was referring to the MoC workout. Tom Friend's latest article said that a college kid under NFL guidelines can only workout at his college or hometown. So, Friend said MoC would bus the scouts down to Y-town after the Frye workout in Akron. Sorry, wasn't trying to be overly cryptic.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 2:18:39 PM)
My bad...never registered. I have absolutely no access to my old friend Reecie and I've tried. I use to have his cell phone number and he would take my call but that is not the situation these days. I have been more than fair in my treatment of Reecie, I've always erred on the side of caution and I know a lot more about his situation than I've ever reported. Someday I hope to have a one-on-one interview with him but it won't be any time soon. If he has a public workout in Y-town and I know about it...I'll do my best to be there.

GaryHousteau (Mar 4, 2005 2:22:30 PM)
With that, we'll call it a day. Thanks for the few questions that we did have today. We followed up a poor night chat session with a poor afternoon chat session so maybe you all are trying to tell me something. I hope to be back full speed soon. Colds are nasty when they hit you at the wrong time. I hope to chat with you all under better circumstances at another time. Bye for now and thanks to those of you who did participate or took the time to read through the chat. Go Bucks!

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