Lamb Chat: March 9 Archive

Here are excerpts from Wednesday's Chat session with's Kyle Lamb. We will be working on a Chat with's Dave Telep in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for details on that.

fotownbuckeye (Mar 9, 2005 2:14:29 PM)
Jon Diebler, how good can this kid be in your opinion and do you see him staying a Valpo committ with his brother?

rbuck (Mar 9, 2005 2:14:29 PM)
I know this is an impossible question, but please give me a top 7 players on the 06-07 team.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:15:35 PM)
As far as Diebler, I do see him sticking ultimately. He really wants to play with his brother. If he gets stronger, and continues growing, I see him being potentially very good. He's got a nice shot, and is real smart

buckmark (Mar 9, 2005 2:16:26 PM)
steve, we all have a few pyschopathic tendencies! look at our buckeye obsession!

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 2:16:29 PM)
Hello Kyle

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:16:34 PM)
The 2006-2007 team will start with Ron Lewis and Sylvester Mayes, obviously. If Daequan Cook, or better, Cook, Conley, and Oden were Buckeyes... you can piece together a starting five right there rather easily. I think Brayden Bell and Matt Terwilliger have high ceilings as well

buckgrad (Mar 9, 2005 2:16:42 PM)
NBA comment real quick...I've heard rumors that M. Redd maybe going to the Cavs next year, any of your sources saying anything?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:17:31 PM)
Hello, Bucks

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:17:41 PM)
I'm hearing that Redd is attempting to negotiate a contract with the Bucks first. He's really intrigued by the Cavs, however. Right now, I see him sticking

fotownbuckeye (Mar 9, 2005 2:17:46 PM)
NBA potential or a solid College player?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:17:55 PM)
(On Diebler, we assume)

fotownbuckeye (Mar 9, 2005 2:18:06 PM)

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:18:30 PM)
Diebler could be a solid college player, but he doesn't have the quickness or penetration abililties for the professional level

JAYZBUCK (Mar 9, 2005 2:18:36 PM)
wait, who is diebler??

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:19:16 PM)
Diebler is a 6-7 (depending on who you talk to) forward from Upper Sandusky. He's committed to play basketball for Valparaiso

drderm (Mar 9, 2005 2:19:21 PM)
Kyle, if it has not been said, best Schott article yet.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:19:48 PM)
Thank you drderm. I would like to think that was a lot of info for one to digest at once

buckmark (Mar 9, 2005 2:19:51 PM)
kyle, i was asking about seem pretty positive about our chances. what makes you believe we may be over the hump of keeping the best Ohio talent home?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:21:09 PM)
It's a culmination of things, Mark. For starters, I feel this new staff has worked very, very hard with these top players and made a significant impression on them. They are very energetic and personal, and that has reflected well with the recruits. With Cook, staying home is important, he's a big Bucks fan, and he loves the coaches. That gives Ohio State a very good chance, if nothing else.

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 2:21:23 PM)
Kyle, How long until OSU is cleared by the NCAA, I hope they don't drag this out like they did against Michgian. I am ready to break the chains next year and we don't need the NCAA holding us down!

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:22:20 PM)
I could see the NCAA cloud hanging until this fall. However, the good news is, from the staff's perspective, it looks like they feel the worst is over and it should get better from here

Buckinut (Mar 9, 2005 2:22:35 PM)
With transfers Lewis and Mayes and the incoming recruting class do we have a shot at the big ten next year?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:23:51 PM)
I feel Ohio State's chances at winning the Big Ten will come from two things: 1) The improvements Jamar Butler can make as a point guard next season and 2) How well they rebound next season. Sylvester, and especially Harris have to play the PF position tougher... or Brayden Bell if he gets a lot of PT

buckmark (Mar 9, 2005 2:24:05 PM)
matta seems to prefer an uptempo game. dials is great in the halfcourt. with the addition of more athleticism in lewis and mayes, do you see dials as effective in a faster pace as he is in the halfcourt?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:25:29 PM)
That will depend on his conditioning. In some games, he was still getting a little winded at times. I think Dials gets up the floor relatively well for a big guy, but he still tires a little playing so often. If Terwilliger can spell him for quality minutes, absoultely, he can be effective

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 2:25:39 PM)
Kyle, How do you feel about TD getting hosed and not making 1st team. How could that have happened to him?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:26:45 PM)
I just don't know. I'm not sure what the writers or the coaches were looking at. I guess you can make a case for the Illinois trio, but to look at Dials' numbers and watch him carry Ohio State at times, and argue Bracey Wright or Mike Wilkinson deserved it over him completely baffles me

drderm (Mar 9, 2005 2:26:53 PM)
There was an article in the PD this past weekend about Delvon Roe. Very talented, head straight. The head coach said he is the best he has coached at his age including Clancy, Logan, and Jawad Williams(said all he wanted to do was shoot threes). Definately want to keep an eye on him.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:28:24 PM)
Absolutely. The St. Edward's coach is Eric Flannery. He has nothing but encouraging things to say about Roe. Roe is close with the other three freshmen (Mullens, Gates, and Goins), and will be playing most likely with the King James team. There's an outside chance he could play with the other three on the CBC, but either way, folks will want to watch Roe

redondo (Mar 9, 2005 2:28:58 PM)
Hi Kyle - If Coach Matta has just now signed a contract, to what extent and how was he compensated up until now? There are a variety of compensations articulated in some articles from sponsorships, to salary, to sigining bonus, etc. Can you walk us through this please? Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:29:04 PM)
I can answer that ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:30:11 PM)
The coach operated under a letter of agreement, or a letter of intent, if you will, that he would one day sign the formal contract. It contained all of the things they had agreed to on compensation. So he was getting paid everything due him from July 8 or 9 on. I have no idea what sticky language was in there that took so long ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:30:37 PM)
Possibly buy out or some other clause. Didn't think to ask. The OSU attorneys have had their hands full, you must admit.

buckgrad (Mar 9, 2005 2:30:51 PM)
your 2006-7 team didnt include Harris. He will be a senior, right? Do you see him falling behind due to a numbers thing? This kid was supposed to be great?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:32:00 PM)
Harris has as much *potential* as anyone on the roster. But quite simply, until he learns the role the coaches have in mind for him, it won't do a lick of good. If he toughens up (which he showed signs of at times) and improves his defense... I feel Harris has as much ability as anyone on the roster

JAYZBUCK (Mar 9, 2005 2:32:08 PM)
About how long will it take for some of the guys like Cook and Lighty to make their college decisions??

Guest (Mar 9, 2005 2:32:12 PM)
What are the bucks chances of landing 2 of the "big" recruits Cook/Lighty/Conley etc

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:33:08 PM)
Cook could be coming sooner rather than later. By that, I mean possibly before the summer months. As far as Lighty, or most of the other players Ohio State is in on, it will probably be mid to late summer... if not stretching into early fall

Buckinut (Mar 9, 2005 2:33:19 PM)
The Illionis game was GREAT a big win for the Buck's. The one thing that I think we lacked was defensive rebounding. Is there any help from Bell or is he more offensive minded.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:35:07 PM)
Bell rebounds pretty well, but in the past, there was a question with his toughness. It will be a little tough to say until he gets to Ohio State and into the college environment to say how he will react with that part of his game, but I think he's got the frame and the smarts to get 6, 7, maybe 8 rebounds a game down the line. For now, he will contribute heavily offensively, and be a solid option to pick up a board or two. You're right, though, rebounding needs to be improved

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 2:35:25 PM)
Wonder how many scholarships the Bucks have available and who are the primary targets? Any hope of adding one late for next year? Thanks

Buckinut (Mar 9, 2005 2:35:48 PM)
I hear that the Jr. and So. in Ohio this year are very good. How many schollies do we have to give out?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:36:38 PM)
As of today, there are up to two scholarships they could use in the spring, and six for the 2006 class counting those two. Right now, I consider it a 50/50 proposition for adding a spring signing.

cap10buckeyes (Mar 9, 2005 2:36:48 PM)
How much information does the new AD have about the seating dilemma at the Schott and what are you hearing about the possible rearrangement of seating to include students?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:37:10 PM)
To follow up...

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:37:13 PM)
the 2007 class as of this moment, would have about three scholarships available

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:38:07 PM)
Well, Gene Smith in his presser last week adressed that issue immediately. He seems to understand people want a change in the seating. How much he knows about it? I don't know. But he seems eager to tackle the issue, and fans can only be happy about that. I did hear he at least wanted to put students behind both baskets at very least

JDT (Mar 9, 2005 2:38:13 PM)
Thanks for all your work Steve.....iyo what are the chances OSU is ranked in the top 25 to start next season?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:40:47 PM)
I would have said last week the chances were slim, but after the win over Illinois, I think people expect Ohio State to be tough next year. It's not out of the question

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 2:40:55 PM)
How can Matta get Harris to start posting up and slashing to the basket? Those seem like 2 basics that every player should be doing.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:42:17 PM)
Sly, that question is one that has been asked by both Jim O'Brien and Thad Matta. I think both have tried everything they can try to do it. Matta has given him a much longer leash, but Matt Sylvester rained on Ivan's parade. It's up to Harris. Either he will do it or he won't

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 2:42:29 PM)
Kyle or Steve, How do you feel Illinois will do now that they lost? I feel they will possibly blow teams away possibly in both tournaments with a chip on thier shoulders. Basically, OSU awaking a "Sleeping Giant". Do both you feel Illinois will destroy teams onto a NC?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:43:58 PM)
In my opinion, I want to see how they respond in the Big 10 tourney. If they come out and play terrific basketball, I wouldn't be surprised to see them be a force in the NCAA. It's probably going to be all or nothing at all for Illinois.

redondo (Mar 9, 2005 2:44:06 PM)
Hi Kyle - Could you break down the tourney opener for the Buckeyes for us, please? And, does the story have a happy ending?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:45:55 PM)
On paper, Penn State is a team they should beat. Of course, this game isn't played on paper. I think they should come out and do well riding their confidence, but that could have an adverse effect. Last time they played Penn State, they couldn't hit shots, and Terence didn't play a great game. Look for them to play much better, and move on to Wisconsin on Friday

buckgrad (Mar 9, 2005 2:46:02 PM)
Kyle, who do you like to win it all? UNC looked good!

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:46:42 PM)
(By the way, my Big Ten tourney picks and NCAA seeds will be in the next Buckeye Grove, if I can ever get it finished .... ha ha)

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:47:45 PM)
I'm not convinced UNC can play away from home. They make their living off of cherry picking, more or less. That kind of thing can catch up with you against a good basketball team. My pick is Illinois, Wake Forest if Eric Williams plays with a chip on his shoulder, or Kansas

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 2:48:01 PM)
Was at the Schot for the Michigan game and like the positioning of the students behind the one basket. There are big bathrooms for the ladies and a couple small one for the guys. What can Smith do about that? :)

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:49:10 PM)
Change gender alliances for the restrooms!

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 2:49:26 PM)
Who are the starting guards next season? Is it Butler and Foster due to experience or do Mayes and Lewis come in and start right away? Or some combination?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:50:51 PM)
I will tell you what, the competition for starting spots should be interesting. I think Butler will start at point, but after that, in one way or another, I'd have a hard time imagine Lewis, Mayes, or Sullinger not starting. One of them will be the odd man out, just not sure which. I tend to believe Lewis will come off the bench as the super sub playing all three spots for 30 minutes a game

Guest (Mar 9, 2005 2:50:56 PM)
Kyle or Steve, Will IU get a shot to go dancing? They could be a tough out and a beast next year.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:53:48 PM)
Indiana in most years, would be in trouble with the resume they have (including only one win on the road). However, it's looking a lot like as long as Indiana beats Minnesota on Friday, they will get their dancing shoes on

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:55:00 PM)
Indiana is 69 in RPI at, what 15-12 overall? Georgia got in at 15-12 or 16-13 or something obscene like that because they were No. 1 in strength of schedule. IU played some doozies with UConn, Ky. and UNC. But even with that they are 18th in SOS. They need to beat Minnesota, but then comes Illinois. Egads.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:55:03 PM)
I say not.

buckgrad (Mar 9, 2005 2:55:10 PM)
...Steve is Illinois a 1 seed lock even with a 1st round Big Ten loss?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:55:14 PM)

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:55:31 PM)
Definitely so

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:56:33 PM)
Yes, as well 29-2 is still damn good. You're talking about a loss to NW or Michigan, by the way, at the United Center. That's not going to happen. Remember in 1991, OSU lost to Iowa and Purdue, I believe, in the last week on the road and still got a one seed. There was no conference tourney then.

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 2:56:55 PM)
Will Lawrence Wilson suit up for the basketball team or do you think he will strickly be a football scholarship player?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:57:56 PM)
I'm not sure what Wilson's intentions are. Initially, he wanted to play both, but i'm not sure if that's still a priority. If he does play, he probably will never play meaningful minutes

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 2:57:59 PM)
I have heard nothing to indicate that.

buck66 (Mar 9, 2005 2:58:02 PM)
Sorry, late arrival today, has anybody asked if there are any potential seniors that could still become Bucks in the spring signing period?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 2:59:19 PM)
Right now, there's no one really likely. They seem to love Jared Carter, but he's all but signed and sealed for Kentucky

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 2:59:25 PM)
Kyle, Matta obviously wants to win a NC here at OSU. However, every coach before him has had the same goal and as you can see hasn't happened since the dinsours roamed the Earth :) Does Matta talk about winning the NC, I mean does he believe it and do you believe he will be able to it. I am ready to see a major golden age here at OSU where both Football and Basketball wins NC very close or same years. Is Matta the one who will get us there or will he be just like the past coaches who fail to grab the golden ring that we have been waiting for?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:01:29 PM)
One thing about Matta, is that he seems to really embrace that kind of an ambitious goal. Whereas Jim O'Brien certainly wanted to win, it was almost like he wanted to do that his way, and he wasn't willing to adapt to some of the intricacies of modern day big time college basketball. Everything about Matta screams of dedication and willing to go out, do the recruiting, do the scouting, spend a lot of time motivating, etc. I think he has the chance to put this program into the position that could finally happen

LivinginMason (Mar 9, 2005 3:02:00 PM)
Kyle or Steve. If there is one question I would like for you to ask Matta, it would be about Ivan Harris. What does he think he has to improve on. O'Brien got on him alot as a frosh because he wasn't playing defense or rebounding and he didn't do either one very well this year. Could you ask him about Harris if you get a chance.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:03:47 PM)
I definitely can answer that.... defense, toughness, and the desire to go inside more often are the things they expect out of him. If he does one or more of those things consistently, he will see a lot of PT

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 3:03:50 PM)
When will the NCAA come back with a final decision on a penalty? Do you think the one year self-imposed post season ban, is good enough?

JAYZBUCK (Mar 9, 2005 3:05:03 PM)
After all, what OB did wasnt half as bad as Michigan.

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:05:29 PM)
It's more likely that after some more clarity, it will be Ohio State making the final determination and the NCAA will likely approve whatever that may be

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:05:36 PM)
Yes, I think it will be good enough

buck66 (Mar 9, 2005 3:05:44 PM)
We never hear much about this years freshman JJW, does the kid have the talent level to be a serious contributor some day?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:06:41 PM)
He has the talent, and he has the work ethic and desire, but right now unless he gets the shot and the perimeter skills, he may never get the chance

Guest (Mar 9, 2005 3:06:48 PM)
Steve. Did you get a chance to see Dials after the Illinois game. I wonder if he collapsed from exhaustion. He needs some help next year, or he isn't going to make it all year playing 40 minutes a game in the Big Ten.

buckgrad (Mar 9, 2005 3:06:51 PM)
We are already hurting down low and on the boards, then with Dials leaving after next year, ouch! Who do we have waiting for their time to bang down low?

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 3:06:54 PM)
Kyle, Do feel TD will be an 1st All-American next year . Could he be the POY in the Big Ten?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:08:30 PM)
The coaching staff seems very open to Matt Terwilliger being a very good player in the future. As far as Dials, I think it's unlikely he would be a 1st team AA-- he doesn't have enough flash for that. But he's a very good player who can dominate and I think POY in the Big 10 is possible

SlyShooter (Mar 9, 2005 3:08:44 PM)
OBrien tended to recruit kids that would stay 4 years. Will Matta open up the recruiting to kids that might only stay one or two years before going pro?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:09:51 PM)
I think he's doing it right now, which lends proof to what he's willing to do. The very fact they are recruiting Greg Oden very, very seriously tells me everything you need to know

rbuck (Mar 9, 2005 3:09:55 PM)
Do you think tOSU leads for DQC?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:10:39 PM)
I will say this... I don't wand to use that dreaded "L" word... but I think Ohio State ultimately is in the best position to land him when it's all said and done

Guest (Mar 9, 2005 3:10:45 PM)
Steve. As our team improves in the coming years (hopefully), do you see us scheduling some better non-conference games. Maybe so we can get on ESPN or CBS more in Dec. I think it helps you come tourney time if you do play tougher opponenets.

buckgrad (Mar 9, 2005 3:11:04 PM)
Kyle, who do you feel is the most athletic player on the roster right now?

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:11:40 PM)
Ronald Lewis and Jermyl Jackson-Wilson. I would say overall, it would go to Lewis just because of everything he can do

redondo (Mar 9, 2005 3:11:44 PM)
Hi Kyle - What do you think is the likelihood that the basket-Bucks may lose any schollies over the NCAA investigation? Thank you.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 3:12:21 PM)
That will be the last ??? for today (at least moderated). After he answers, I will turn off the moderation and you can feel free to discuss among yourselves (ha ha).

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:12:24 PM)
I could see them losing two aggregate scholarships over two seasons, but I tend to believe that's unlikely

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 3:12:36 PM)
Thanks everybody and thanks Kyle ...

BucksDominate (Mar 9, 2005 3:12:41 PM)
Kyle, Doesn't it hurt coaches now to recruit kids who leave after 2 years because of the academics issue the NCAA has passed? Before that you would want Players who would leave after 2 years because they were good. However, doesn't it come back to haunt coaches if those players leave and you lose scholarships?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 3:12:48 PM)
One last ??? (ha ha)

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 3:13:28 PM)
As he answers, I'll say that I'll be here at 1 p.m. Friday. We have a SPECIAL GUEST CHAT Monday at 2 p.m. And we'll be working on Dave Telep as well for next week!

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:13:33 PM)
Bucks, it very well could. Right now, I just don't know how much it hurts, because I haven't studied the system enuogh. Right now that's a work in progress and it will remain to be seen how much it effects the system

Kyle S. Lamb (Mar 9, 2005 3:13:44 PM)
Thanks Steve

redondo (Mar 9, 2005 3:13:47 PM)
Thanks Kyle. Great job!!!

SteveHelwagen (Mar 9, 2005 3:14:24 PM)
take care

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