Helwagen Chat: March 18 Archive

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SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:05:34 PM)
I don't know where you are ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:05:41 PM)
but it is almost 60 degrees in Cols.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:06:00 PM)
I wouldn't mind being on a golf course with a portable TV to follow the tournament.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:06:15 PM)
Plus, I was at the state tourney with NCH today. This is the best time of the year.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:06:43 PM)
Moderation on now, send questions when you like.

mjw1200 (Mar 18, 2005 2:07:57 PM)
i played golf yesterday, and had a radio it was nice, but my question is about our linebackers, D'Andrea won the job last year, you think he has a shot at winning the middle backer spot again?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:09:45 PM)
Sure. He did enough in the coaches' minds to win that job last fall. Schlegel proved he is also a nice player. He fits in OSU's system really well. This is a great problem to have. I look for them to rotate the LBs and get everybody on the field. But I think it's Schlegel's job to lose right now.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:11:26 PM)
Tough day for Ohio U. Minnesota holding tough, down 4 with 9 to play. I love the score line across the top.

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:11:29 PM)
I read the "Mr. Football Jinx" article. It really struck me that Robert Smith and maurice clarett were very similar froma football standpoint. Your comments?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:12:57 PM)
They were each pioneers that marched to the beat of a different drummer, that is for sure. Smith made it plain that he didn't just want to be a number. I think over the years Smith matured and realized he could work within the systems that were set up for the greater good. Clarett hasn't figured out yet how to make the system works for him. When he does, he will finally maximize that enormous potential.

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:15:31 PM)
Steve, Are there any offers coming in the immediate future or are they waiting until camps? Im still wondering why they haven't offered guys like Wes Lyons, Lee Tilley and Bryant Browning.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:16:59 PM)
No, they will offer players in March as they visit spring ball and bring tapes, in April as they get accurate Nike Camp data and in May as they traverse the country during the evaluation period at high schools. It may not be a lot of guys, but there will be 3-5 probably each month ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:18:10 PM)
Regarding the guys you mentioned, they have at least 3-4 OL already offered with Brown, Boren, Smith and anybody outside the state (the Maryland guy, name escapes me), They won't be over-offering to other guys until they know where they are at with the one that must be on the top of their list. Still 10-plus months to signing day and things can and will change.

mjw1200 (Mar 18, 2005 2:18:29 PM)
i was kind of thinking about it and it seems like we have a legitimate first day pro prospect at every position on defense, (DL, LB, S, CB) and definately WR too, I think years like this kind of hurt us with recruiting when we only have one sure fire first day prospect, we can get away with it this year i think cause of the 14 draftees last year, but prospects come to Ohio State to play at the next level, of the starters or heck even the reserves, who do you think goes in the top three rounds in the next couple of years

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:20:33 PM)
The draft can only help you. Kids aren't aware enough to note that you DIDN'T have a bunch of guys drafted. Next couple of years, first day draftees probably Sims on OL, Holmes and Ginn at WR, Pitcock at DT, maybe Green at DT, Hawk and Carpenter at LB, maybe D'Andrea, Schlegel probably second day, Youboty, Salley, Whitner.

fotownbuckeye (Mar 18, 2005 2:20:47 PM)
Any news from workouts that would be of note? Position changes? players stepping up, falling back....etc? sorry if this has been asked just got here.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:21:12 PM)
No, the workouts are closed. Spring starts in 2 weeks. We'll know everything we need to know then.

mjw1200 (Mar 18, 2005 2:21:18 PM)
whats your thoughts on kurt coleman from northmont, thats right down the road from me, i hope to check him out in person this fall, but i am just wondering if you had any first impressions from video/conversations/etc. I like that recruit a lot of multi-position speed guys.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:22:26 PM)
I talked to somebody who saw him play last year or so and he liked him. This is almost like a Mel Tucker guy after Tucker is gone. But it's hard to argue with what's been a good formula.

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:22:26 PM)
What are our chances with Aldridge, Brown, Boren and Smith, Gibson, Smalls, and Rose?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:24:51 PM)
Aldridge would be coming in as a second RB, I guess, in this class. That may be a hard spot to fill if Chris Wells is playing the TB. (I heard at the state tourney he is now well over 230 pounds ... egads). I like OSU for Boren and Smith. Brown has a ton of great offers and may look around. Small and Rose are likely to end up here as part of the Glenville contingent (they would make 8 on an 85-man team). Thaddeus Gibson, we'll have to wait and see. I sense he wants to test the waters, but OSU has to be the team to beat.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:25:23 PM)
Uh oh, OU down to 9 with 6 to go ... O ... H ... I ... O... O.H.I.O OHIO OHIO Ohio!

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:25:42 PM)
Justin Boren sure sounds like he's going to be a Buckeye! Did he say when he might commit? I read both articles but don't remember that info.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:26:36 PM)
It seems to me it would be during the summer. The sense I have always had and that Gary kind of reinforced is he needs to make the cursory look at Michigan out of respect. Maybe they can try and swing him, but I think we'd all be surprised.

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:26:40 PM)
Is Coach Snyder gone? If so, who replaces him?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:28:27 PM)
I think that's 50-50. My source says Marshall is in the middle of spring ball with the assistant in the interim job. They may not want to upset the players or staff during spring ball. So it may be 2-3 weeks before they decide. The Chad Pennington people want the assistant/interim guy. Tressel made a call on Snyder's behalf and he is a grad. I wish the best to him. That would be a great, great place to be a head coach for the first time, moving into C-USA and the commitment they have there.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:29:15 PM)
Regarding his replacement, I heard Maryland assistant (and former OSU assistant and BG coach) Gary Blackney. That's exactly what they need. A steady hand to guide them through this. But again, let's get Coach Snyder hired first (ha ha).

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:29:35 PM)
Do you know how many tickets prospects are given to games, when they're invited?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:30:31 PM)
My feeling is they get one and then I've seen kids bring a mom, dad and maybe a sibling or girlfriend. So I'd say as many as 4-5. There is probably a rule about it. I wonder if beyond 3 the family has to buy them, but all can still sit together. I just dunno.

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:31:00 PM)
How would you rate Rob Parris and Troy Pacley as wide receivers?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:31:57 PM)
I think they are both outstanding prospects. Duane Long will likely have them both in the top 30 in Ohio overall if not higher when Ohio High comes out in May. I think they are both big, strong and fast. Great combo.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:32:11 PM)
And Parris plays such great competition at CSI: Cleveland (ha ha).

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:32:22 PM)
I'm going to try to catch a couple of Merrillville games this fall to check out Aldridge, what should I look for?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:33:24 PM)
As I look at a running back, I want to know how he does breaking tackles. Does he fall down on the first contact at the line. Does he have a burst, meaning when there is a hole does he explode through it and get 7-8 yards. I want to know how he does in the fourth quarter. Is he the one dishing out the beating or taking it.

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:33:28 PM)
In the "News Links" listing for 3/15, there was an ABJ article called " A Ginn-Ginn Situation Brewing for Ohio State". I don't subscribe to that site. What was the gist of that article?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:34:34 PM)
No idea. Only thing I can think of is they're speculating about him playing both ways. ABJ is not a subscription site. Just sign up for it and it's free with your password. Dispatch you have to buy a web subscribe or subscribe to daily paper delivery and punch in your address.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:34:41 PM)
OU down 3 and they blew a jam ... poop.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:35:04 PM)
OU TIED WITH 2 play!!!!

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:35:11 PM)
Raftery: "Onions!"

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:35:20 PM)
Where have we heard that before?!

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:35:32 PM)
Steve, what is the easiest way to find tickets to OSU home games?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:36:49 PM)
Go down to the stadium and take your chances. That's the best advice I have. For most games, particularly in Sept. before the students arrive, you can get tickets for face value. N.C. State was a face value game in 2003 for that very reason. Too many tickets on the market.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:37:56 PM)
Texas will be a special thing. That may be a $100 game or more. Ditto for Iowa. But the others should not be that bad. You just need to go down to St. John Arena and walk around and see what happens. Work the tailgates ask for extra tix, etc.

rbuck (Mar 18, 2005 2:38:12 PM)
What do you see happening if Snyder takes the Marshall job? How do you see the coaches shifting? Will they promote from within or hire a new Coordinator?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:39:58 PM)
I answered that. I think they go outside and get a DC. Not sure Haynes or Fickell would be right today for that, not sure Heacock would want it (he must not have a year ago when Snyder got it). The name I heard immediately was Maryland's Gary Blackney.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 2:40:06 PM)
Do you think our running game will finally be back this year?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:41:31 PM)
Good question. I like the way the line played at the end of the year. Downing and Barton bring the nastiness. But they also have not been solid at RB, either, since Clarett or maybe even back to J-Dub's last year in 2001. That's part of the equation, too. Haw or Pittman have to step up and show 25-carry-a-game durability.

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:41:46 PM)
What do you expect out of Devon Torrence from Canton South. I heard he's really hitting the weight room hard. Do you think he gets an early offer next year?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:42:40 PM)
Duane and Bill Greene really like him. That will be interesting to see. I would think OSU will keep a close eye on him this fall.

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:45:47 PM)
What do you think the odds are that either Chris Wells or Russ Homan decommits and goes elsewhere? Given that Mister Simpson is going from Colerain to scUM, what are the odds that other recruit will follow?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:46:36 PM)
Wells and Homan sounded as solid as could be when they verbaled in early Feb. I'd say barring something cataclysmic (coaching change, probation), those guys are coming here.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:47:02 PM)
Florida over OU 67-62, well done Ohio U. Gave up a three-point play when it was tied and that was that.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:47:15 PM)
Regarding Mister Simpson ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:48:25 PM)
Ohio State did not offer him (for some reason). Colerain has been strong for Michigan with B.J. Askew, etc. I don't see a storm of players going to UM because of that. The fact is, though, UM has to recruit Ohio to be successful. One of the GBW.com analysts said UM has one early offer -- count 'em, one -- to an instate kid. ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:49:18 PM)
Think about the Ohio players on last year's team alone -- Reid, Woods, Massey and Massey, Bihl, Crable, Burgess, etc. Then their last 2 Heismans (Woodson and Howard), Grbac, etc. They need Ohio, so they'll be here working hard.

osufan26 (Mar 18, 2005 2:50:14 PM)
Who do you think wins the QB schollie offer? What order would you put them in?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:50:50 PM)
That's tough. My view is Hartline or Nate Davis, then Miles Schlichter. I could be wrong and I am not speaking for anybody at Ohio State.

labsbeabmm (Mar 18, 2005 2:51:13 PM)
If there is not a decent running game in the next three years Tressel may be gone. His coaching style is most efficient when he runs the ball.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:51:38 PM)
Yeah, they're going to can a coach who has a national title and is 3-1 against Michigan and 3-1 in bowls.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 2:54:58 PM)
Do you think they will get back to the I-formation this year and do some more point of attack running the football. They haven't been very successful at that the past few years.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:56:50 PM)
Yes, that is what they will work hard on this spring. When it works, that is still the most efficient and reliable way to move the ball. The spread is pretty, but the Purdue loss shows that the margin for error can be pretty slim. The Big Ten is a hard hitting league and with the ball flitting around it can sometimes end up on the ground or in somebody else's hands. The percentages are higher in griding people into submission, if you can.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:58:08 PM)
They need to be able to run the ball when they want to run it. They have not been able to do that since Reecie scored that last TD against the Canes.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 2:58:12 PM)
It seems like they tried to put an emphasis on that last year. But obviously that didn't work.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:58:54 PM)
Yeah, the line play, the play calls, the passing game to offset it and the RB play -- none of those things were where they needed to be. Defenses commited 8-9 men to the box.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 2:59:02 PM)
They didn't run the ball well against the canes either.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:59:06 PM)
Duly noted

BuckeyeDave (Mar 18, 2005 2:59:10 PM)
Coach Tressel always syas that there are 3 things that can happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 2:59:23 PM)
And Woody said that as well 30 years earlier ... ha ha.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 3:00:16 PM)
This is OHIO STATE! We shoud be able to run the ball against teams with 8 and 9 men in the box. At least mediocre teams anyway. We couldn't even do that the last two years.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:01:10 PM)
I agree, but I'd submit that maybe around here we overrated Ohio State and underrated some of their opponents. Mediocre kind of cuts both ways.

AnotherBuck (Mar 18, 2005 3:03:48 PM)
Could you see Ted Ginn returning kickoffs next year?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:05:30 PM)
He can do anything he puts his mind to, but I think they may use returns as a chance for him to take a break. Let's think about it: If he plays offense, defense and punt return, when does he get a break? I'd rather have him on the field for 30 defensive plays than 3-4 kick returns. You can't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Potential for injury may be higher on kick returns with the type of violent collisions returners can have. He's still just 175 pounds. I'm not sure he is suited for that.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:05:55 PM)
Just because he returned one in the high school all-star game, everybody wants to see him do it at OSU. I'm not as sure, though.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:06:11 PM)
Maybe for special ones, like Greg Pruitt used to do with the Browns, when they need a big one.

rbuck (Mar 18, 2005 3:06:20 PM)
Do you consider it a big loss the WR from Glenville committing to the Badgers? Do you think he can / will get an offer from OSU at any point?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:06:58 PM)
OSU can't sign everybody in Ohio or even everybody from Glenville. This illustrates that.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:07:17 PM)
Maybe with a big year, OSU comes in on him and that influences him to at least visit.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 3:07:23 PM)
Look how big are line was in 2003, we couldn't run the ball against San Diego State. Two of those guys started in th NFL last year.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:08:39 PM)
Yeah, as I said, it's line play (are they physical AND nasty, not just big), it's play calling (some of the play calls against these defenses have been absolutely abysmal), it's the passing game (Krenzel never scared anybody and neither did the guys last year, so they could play 8 in the box) and the RB play (OSU has not had an NFL caliber back).

DaytonBuckeye (Mar 18, 2005 3:08:49 PM)
Steve, Good Afternoon. Next yeat, can you see Ginn lining up behind center again. Most teams know he is going to run the ball, simply put, who cares. The guy has more moves and shakes than James Brown. I would love to see them put this in there offensive scheme. Thank you

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:09:33 PM)
Yes, Michigan uses Breaston there (see OSU-Michigan 2003) and he runs the option. I'd also like to see him draw the defense and throw it, maybe back to Smith. Hmmm.

palmer (Mar 18, 2005 3:09:43 PM)
I agree, maybe next we cah have Ginn perform with the band during halftime, just so he can stay busy!

twodegrees (Mar 18, 2005 3:09:47 PM)
Who do you see starting on the o-line this year (assuming no incoming freshman start)

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:11:17 PM)
Probably Sims LT, Downing LG, Mangold C and Barton RT. That leaves the RG spot for Datish, Person, Mitchum, Cordle, whoever. The competition should be great.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 3:11:22 PM)
Do you think Boone will get a chance to start this year. Icertainly think he is good enough.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:12:12 PM)
That is rare that a freshman would come in and start. If he comes in and shows he can do it, maybe they work combos with him in place of Barton or in place of Sims with Sims at guard. There is no urgency to push him right in there, though.

twodegrees (Mar 18, 2005 3:12:38 PM)
What about Steve Rehring (and moving Sims to guard)

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:13:18 PM)
I knew I was missing somebody. They are tripping over talented OL all of a sudden. Like last year, if somebody is struggling they will be able to pull the trigger.

diehardbucfan2004 (Mar 18, 2005 3:14:17 PM)
Hopefully that equals a dominant run game.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:14:29 PM)
Without hope, what do you have? (ha ha).

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:14:40 PM)
Anything else before I go enjoy the sun?

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:14:52 PM)
and 12 more NCAA games

twodegrees (Mar 18, 2005 3:15:14 PM)
This may have already been covered, but do you truly beleive tha we will will be able to get a pass rush from th ed-line. If so, who will be our best pass rucher on the line.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:16:21 PM)
Yes, everybody but Fraser is back. This is now a veteran group. It's amazing how guys get incrementally better each year in a program like this. They need Jay Richardson with the Spellman-like wingspan to come up big. I think they'll need Gholston, Barrow or Doug Worthington or Lawrence Wilson to also come through.

AnotherBuck (Mar 18, 2005 3:16:47 PM)
Where can I find a booster to give me money? Need cash.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:16:51 PM)
Ha ha.

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:16:57 PM)
Going ....

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:17:01 PM)
going ...

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:17:07 PM)

SteveHelwagen (Mar 18, 2005 3:17:31 PM)
Look for Bill Conley here on March 28 to help preview spring ball. Take care and have a GREAT weekend.

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