O.J. Mayo -- Video Highlights And Interview

There's no doubt that the next basketball sensation to come from Ohio is Cincinnati North College Hill sophomore O.J. Mayo. Already rated as the No. 1 prospect in his class, Mayo is one of America's best regardless of class. Today, we have a special look at what Mayo can do on the court as we have video clips of the D-III state title game, courtesy of Ohio News Network. In addition, we have a video interview where you can hear his thoughts on college and more. Click the link for the videos.

Who's the best basketball player in the state of Ohio? Most would say that it is sophomore O.J. Mayo of Cincinnati North College Hill. Mayo is currently rated by many as the No. 1 prospect in America among his class, and it's possible there may not be a better player in America regardless of class.

Today, we have special clips of Mayo's highlights from his team's state championship victory over Ironton, courtesy of the Ohio News Network, as well as a video interview after his team's state semifinal victory. Mayo is No. 32 in the clips. Commentary is by Jeff Phelps and Ohio high school hoops legend Jay Burson.

Each video is around 5-6 MB. To watch these videos, you will need Microsoft Media Player. Click here to here download the most recent version of Media Player.

Click on the link to access the video:

 Postgame Interview (Part 1) | Postgame Interview (Part 2)

Championship Highlights (Part 1) | Championship Highlights (Part 2)


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