Q&A With David Lighty

Five-star junior David Lighty of Cleveland VA-SJ recently underwent surgery for a torn ACL. Kyle Lamb caught up with Lighty yesterday to get the latest on his status and talk a little recruiting as well. Click the link for more.

Friday afternoon, Bucknuts caught up with Cleveland Villa-Angela /St. Joseph's star David Lighty to get the latest on his recovery from a torn ACL, and how the recruiting process is going for him. Lighty had surgery on Thursday evening to repair the ACL and was resting his injured right knee when we spoke with him.

The 6-5 junior wing averaged 24 points and 10 rebounds a game this season in earning first-team All-Ohio in Division III. His season was cut short after tearing his ACL in the district championship game a few weeks ago.

Here is the interview with Lighty, where he discusses his rehab, recruitment, a discussion he had with Daequan Cook, and a lot more.

BN: "So how's the leg doing? Is it feeling all right?"

"It's feeling good. It's a little swollen, but it's fine."

BN: "So what are the doctor's instructions for healing?"

"I have to go back on Wednesday, and he will tell me when I start my therapy. "

BN: "Do you have to stay off it for the next week or so?"

"I'll be on my crutches for the next two or three weeks from what they said. "

BN: "When are you hoping to have a full recovery—in five or six months?"

"I'm hoping to be back by early to mid August. "

BN: "So basically, by the time basketball conditioning starts up you should be ready to get back on the floor?"

"Yes, I should be. I'll be full-throttle by December. "

BN: "So what's been the reaction and response from all the coaches recruiting you? Your mother told me last night that it's been pretty good."

"It's been real good. They have just told me that the recovery will be fine and everything and that I'll come back even stronger. "

BN: "Does that make you feel pretty good to have that support?"

"Yes it does. "

BN: "What are the schools that you're looking at the most?"

"Ohio State obviously. Syracuse called me. Michigan called me. And Arizona. "

BN: "You originally were looking to decide on a school some time in your senior year. How does this injury change that, and does it move up your timeframe a little?"

"I might decide a little bit earlier, but it's really about the same. "

BN: "Of course, Daequan Cook committed to Ohio State this week. What was your reaction to that?"

"It was really exciting to me. I was glad that he wanted to go there, and things like that. The coaches called me and told me. Coach Matta let me know that Daequan had committed and it was great to hear. "

BN: "Daequan had talked to you since then from what I hear, how did that conversation go?"

"It went pretty good talking to him. He was telling me that if I come there we would try to put something together like a North Carolina and have one of the best freshmen classes around and win a lot of games. "

BN: "Is that tempting to you to have a player like that committed knowing that if you went there, you would be part of a great class potentially?"

"A little bit. I mean, I already like Ohio State an awful lot so with him there it makes it even more tempting. But I like them anyways, so it only helps. "

BN: "Did he persuade you any or have any luck with his attempts to get you to join him?"

"He did a little bit. It helped. "

BN: "What's the plan for you since you can't play basketball this summer? Do you plan to take any trips to colleges for visits?"

"I'll probably take some visits whenever my knee gets to the point where I can walk on my own. Once that happens, I'll probably start deciding on schools a little bit more. "

BN: "Are you going to travel with your AAU team and watch them play?"

"Oh yes, I'll still watch them play. "

BN: "I was talking to Coach Hewitt and he said you are real close with Dallas (Lauderdale) and David Jackson, and all those guys. Do you all talk a lot?"

"Yeah, I just talked to them yesterday actually. They had a practice and I just talked to them. Dallas and I were just talking the other day. "

BN: "How often do you get to talk to David Jackson?"

"I talked to him a little bit during the season, like on the weekends. "

BN: "What schools is he interested in?"

"He likes Syracuse, Penn State, Pittsburgh, and I think N.C. State too. I know he mentioned Ohio State also. "

BN: "I haven't got to talk to you since the Illinois game. What did you think of Ohio State's upset?"

"It was a real good upset. It proved the team was focused like they knew they would be. That was like their championship. It was a big time win for them. It's pretty cool."

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