Bill Walker Championship Game Video Highlights

Yesterday, we gave you a look at perhaps Ohio's top overall basketball prospect, O.J. Mayo of Cincinnati North College Hill. Believe it or not, Mayo's teammate Bill Walker may be number two on the top prospect list. Courtesy of ONN, we have a look at Walker today. <p><B>To get your copies of the 2005 state championship games (boys and girls) on DVD, check out <A HREF="" target="blank"></A></B>

Yesterday, we had a clip of Ohio's top sophomore basketball player, O.J. Mayo. Right behind him is his teammate and friend, sophomore forward Bill Walker

Today, we have special clips of the high-flying Walker and his highlights from his team's state championship victory over Ironton, courtesy of the Ohio News Network. Walker wears No. 15 -- if you are a fan of fancy dunks, you should definitely check this clip out. Commentary is by Jeff Phelps and Ohio high school hoops legend Jay Burson.

The video is around 5-6 MB. To watch these videos, you will need Microsoft Media Player. Click here to here download the most recent version of Media Player.

We apologize for the video quality; due to an irregularity that occurred during taping, the video came out in black and white. Click on the link to access the video:

 Bill Walker video

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